Secrets of Creativity

People often ask me how I keep track of so many different things in my head, and how I create especially when there is so much uncertainty in the world. I cheat!!!!

I can relate to those questions on a personal level because like you, I feel discordant energy if and the key word is IF I allow it in. That is my choice as it is yours. Of course, no one has it wired 24-7 but as they say in many things – the first step is awareness.

Put another way by one of my favorite self-help authors, Napoleon Hill, “The creator gave us complete control over one thing only- our thoughts. Remember it. That does not mean you should not have negative thoughts nor does it mean you should lie to yourself when you do something wrong as so many “self-love” devotees do. What it does mean is all emotions and feelings are guideposts and you have a choice on how much, how long and how deeply you allow them to affect you and whether you TAKE ACTION to correct them.

Sometimes even more important, are they “Yours” or is this something someone else has decided to unload on you.

So, in the above paragraphs there are 2 secrets and below there are a few more!

Secret 1) Take Action – Whenever I am stuck or wallowing or losing focus and direction, I take action. Sometimes the action has little or even nothing to do with the problem or issue I may be facing but it always works because it gets me out of “powerless” and into “powerful”! A visit to the gym, a brisk walk, a yoga session or tweaking a recipe (yes that is creative!) are some simple examples.

Secret 2) Limit the amount of “news” you internalize. I actually lead a boring self centered life. My circle of friends is small but true. My family is even smaller. If I want, I can reach out, drive out, or fly out to somewhere else and visit with someone genuine and special. That is worth the effort. Or I could turn on the TV watch a bunch or negative “news” designed to keep me in fear and doubt and walk around carrying the woes of the world on my shoulders. When I learned about my empathic traits one of the things that showed up was, I am a “Carrier” Empath. That means I carry the burdens, needs, and responsibilities of others on my back as a natural tendency. Other than children and immediate family neither you nor I are responsible for the chosen fates of others. This does not mean you don’t help people! It means you allow them their paths, their choices and their responsibilities no matter how “wrong” they may appear!

When my cable fell in the yard due to high winds in November 2018 I elected not to re up for regular television. I have missed nothing in those 2.5 years that I “needed” to know!

OK the above gives you some strategies to avoid the current and seemingly ubiquitous programming that “The world is a terrible place” right now. It will always be up to you whether you believe and internalize that.

I wax long on this because “A negative mind cannot create anything positive”! That is a DD quote by the way.

Nor can a mind have filled with other people’s stuff! So, practice emptying your mind by action, meditation or playing music or painting or exercising and then you will be in the second phase.

Going back to 2018 I had an epiphanyl moment. Coming home from the great white north (bay) of Canada on a long drive I asked myself, “How comes I always stop playing guitar when I start getting good at it?!” The answer was, “Because You have not allowed yourself to think of yourself as good.” When I got home that day, 9 months after I had sent an email to guitar virtuoso Michael Angelo Batio – I got a return “Sorry for the delay Dave, I don’t normally take students, but if you are still interested, I will teach you!” Manna from heaven. The rest is history. In case you are wondering I still do not consider myself “good” but I sure am better and will be playing as long as there is life in my fingers and music in my heart. When other creativeness eludes me, there is always the fretboard!

Secret 3) Allowing! The above paragraph is an example of how simply changing your view of yourself and acknowledging your ability can change your life, your loves, your hobbies and your world. It may be the most important secret yet!!!

Secret 4) I Cheat!!!! Well, it’s a little more complicated than that but those of you who have followed my career as a supplement designer know that I have had several “brain enhancement” formulas.

The latest Brain Force 1 was designed to enhance my memory, creativity and thinking power by using brain active substrates. The lemon balm has become particularly useful in these chaotic times for its gentle calming effect. Remember I said a negative mind cannot create anything good? Well neither can an anxious mind and believe me there is a lot of anxiety in the air – if you choose to internalize it!!!

Brain Force 1 has undoubtedly helped me to also remain intensely focused when I need to be as well as to “let go” and let my subconscious mind solve problems – again a form of allowing.

During the past 6 months while we were all waiting through the nonsensical shortages to produce my one-of-a-kind fish oil which is now in stock, I created an amazing permutation of my stem cell exosomal hair growth formula by nano particulating it and making it room temp stable and easy to ship as well as prolonging the shelf life. That is creative.

I am working on 2 books, one on remaining centered and energy work and the other on how to recognize and maximize empathy in a world that is breeding more narcissists.

Then there is the “hummingbird” peptide and the liver protectant to address both alcoholic and nonalcoholic fatty liver. You will hear more about this in time.

But here’s the thing. I love what I do, I allow myself to stay centered in who and what I am and I derive my identity and meaning from helping others.

I would be equally joyous for you to harness your abilities and I’ve made something super helpful

Start creating a better world and keep me posted!!!

Love! Dr Dave

P.S. Right now Dr Dribble aka Yogi Darren Weissman and his wonderful doggy Tilak are staying at my house for 5 days for a Deck Yoga Intensive. I created this moment in the middle of a traffic jam on a winding mountain 2 lane highway in Costa Rica in 2019 on my way back from a 200-hour Yoga intensive. I told Darren I was going to hire him for private lessons. Since then, we done a retreat in Miami, several Skype lessons and now the Deck Intensive. 2 weeks from now I will be at an Ariel Yoga Boot Camp in Sayulita MX. Create it, Allow it, Manifest It and then most importantly SHARE the good from it with the world. My upcoming coaching class will certainly benefit!!

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