And Now For Something Completely Different

In attempts to uplift I have felt the “collective energy” floundering. How you deal with things is not up to me, only you. I like to inspire as in to take a deep breath in and “fill up” people but of course Yin and Yang says expiration must follow.

But hey! You can always take another deep breath no?! Fractal Cycles are the stuff of Life!

So today I want to tell you a little bit about some fun stuff I have been doing during this enforced vacation we are all hopefully making the best of.

As you know I have a book that is in final layout. Originally it was going to just be a value add on but since my co- author, Dr Zagorodna reminded me that HER name and reputation are also at stake I’ve decided to invest in a professional layout person to “put the pretty” on the book. Simply put it kicks azz and it will be worth the wait.

I mean Keto is not exactly at the top of most people’s bandwidth right now so what a blessing to be able to spend some extra time on it. In the long run it will be an epic achievement!

Speaking of Keto have you checked out my podcasts on the website?!

I just did one with long time friend Dr Luiza Petre MD on Keto and nutrition and health in general. We’ll be carrying her Bone Broth any day now as an adjunct to our KETO GEN.

And I have the fabulous interview on “How to Use Essential Oils to Stay Healthy” with the Godfather of Essential oils, M.A. Cisneros!

And that is not all! I’ve got Coralie Moses, the Queen of Hydrosols on a fantastic 2 part journey into Skin Care Essentials. Anyone who is thriving in this environment has some serious magic. Coralie has and is!!!! Don’t forget to listen into that one and also check out her website!!!!

You WILL FEEL it!!

And rounding out the mix is long time friend and fellow peptide wizard Edwin Lee MD who has just recently written a book on the near magical properties of peptides. As an aside I have been on Thymosin B 4 to regenerate my thymus gland for several months now. This plus the Immortality Edge Packs <<<Link>> Telokynase and of course my multiple doses of our stem cells in Mexico has made me 1000% bullet proof!

What a great time to be Younger Stronger Faster and More Immune!!!!

And as I mentioned I am thinking about bringing back a new Improved version of Immune Boost- a blast from the past but the issue is of course supply. No point in getting 20 bottles and then having the rest on backorder. It might be better to wait a bit till all the nonsense settles. If things change, I’ll let you know.

I am back to home distilling essential oils and hydrosols, something I used to do 15 years ago or so. My kitchen looks like a cross between Dr Frankenstein’s lab and Santa’s workshop. Enormous fun but my mom always told me I couldn’t eat in the living room. Sorry Mom!

My outdoor garden is beginning to take shape and I have the lumber to extend my deck and I think I’m going to build a kind of “tree house observation deck 8 to 10 feet off the main deck. Probably freak out the neighbors but they are far enough away not to worry, I think!

I am re-certing on my Physical Trainer thang- something I let lapse a few years back but it seems like a good time.

And as always, I am devouring the literature about stem cells, telomeres and telomerase activators.

Back in February I had a little Shamanic session and the image I was given was an inverted Etch- a-Sketch. If you are not old enough to remember this it was an amazing artistic toy where you draw anything you can imagine using 2-D knobs.

Then when you are done, you invert it and shake it and everything you created is gone for good. You start again from scratch.

It turns out that image was apparently from my Source so that is what I am doing- at least with the stuff that no longer serves me.

As I serve me, I serve you as well so its good news!! Lots of new creative energy has been released!

Speaking of energy, a lot of people refer to me as “high energy”. It’s too much for some but it’s the way I roll and I don’t tolerate low energy stuck people for long.

Most people want to know where I get the energy from. Well some of it is just plain old hard wired but I do have a secret.

It’s this! Energy X Maxx, a seemingly inexhaustible source of energy for me to create, manifest and change as needed. Its come in super handy during Social Isolation.

Frankly I’ve barely noticed I’m so busy doing the Dr Dave Thang.

If you could use some energy to do YOUR Thang and stay positive and fun in the process, I can think of no better supplement to help!

Do Your Thang and Thrive on High Energy.

Given the above if I happen to go “radio silent” for a few days its either that the hit list got to me or, hopefully more likely I am just plain old busy with the above!

I know you’ll understand- you always have!!!


Dr Dave

PS A Lot of people have written in to say they are worried and saddened by the state of things. Honestly, I find it impossible to be down for long when I have personal solutions for all these issues that I can create and manifest in my life FAST! If that sounds like a good thing to you, you owe it to yourself to try my secret.

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