So How’s Your Summer Going!

Its hard to believe it’s already July!

Seems to me once we hit the solstice everything accelerates.

Not to bore you with me me me talk but here is an update on my end.

I’ve been asked by specific people to re-open coaching programs so I am doing that on an as requested basis.  I’ve always enjoyed direct contact with my supporters and friends immensely but to be honest with you up until now the response has been underwhelming.

Up until now that is!!  I’m not sure what it was that triggered this flood but I am guessing it’s a realization that the invisible man is not invisible or should ‘t be.  Its nice to be wanted of course but in the long run I believe in what I do totally even if I am the last man standing!

Next as always seems to be the case, I am traveling a lot more than anticipated.  I will be in the greater Toronto area next week finally catching up with old friends that were barred from contact by the wonderful policies of that great nation.  Fortunately, like us, the nation is the people not the government!

Soon after I will be Montana visiting Glacier National Park before all the glaciers are gone.  Also doing more Yin Yoga with Master Paulie Zink and working on additional projects there.

The new book “Navigating You” is now in its 3rd proofing.  Basically, I have AI to thank for all the delays.  Each time I make corrections the AI program the printer is using decides to make unauthorized changes making more work each time!

Don’t forget Like it or not the AI revolution is here so suck it up buttercup!

I continue to do a lot of bodyweight training via Ariel Yoga (no its not the stuff on a swing- its hand balancing gymnastics!).

The lab in Mexico continues to make improvements in Telokynase and as you may know I was just down there to the Sential Clinic in Guadalajara for personal cell therapy and of course patients!

On top of all that there is the warehouse and my own property to continue to maintain.  It’s a full-time job but I consider myself blessed on all counts.

So, its your turn.  If you have a moment let me know what you are up to. I always love to hear my peeps kicking ass taking names.   Or maybe just chilling out and enjoying life.

After all that’s the name of the game!

Stay cool and make sure you have fun and joy in your life!

Dr Dave

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