Two Keys to Aging Well and Updates

First a few updates. Fish Oil is back in stock but going fast. Young Life Daily is due to be available mid July without hopefully any more delays so keep your eyes out for it!

Telokynase is due the 3rd week in July just about the time I will be heading to our stem cell clinic in Guadalajara to start catching up on delayed treatments as people travel to see us again.

Now on to aging and the “aging presets”

I will be taking a text book worth of stuff and putting it in the simplest forms here.

Telomeres are the biologic time clocks. As they shorten the cell ages plain and simple. Also, plain and simple is its loss of the ability to repair itself – repair ability as opposed to repairability. It’s the ability of repair versus the possibility of repair. If you lose the ability which we do as we age, you lose repair ability. Then repairability is not possible.

One way to combat this is to keep your telomeres longer. While studies have suggested various life style behaviors result in “longer telomeres” those studies did not show lengthening in the people who engaged in those behaviors. What they showed was the subjects that did the right things had longer telomeres than those who did not.

That is not true telomere lengthening, but rather slowing down the loss. Trust me that is a good thing! The 2 drivers of telomere loss are cellular replication and oxidation. Life style modifications ala The Immortality Edge book will reduce oxidation. So will the Immortality Edge Packs.

True telomere lengthening requires a telomerase activator such as Telokynase. As I mentioned there is a long waiting list for that product, we should be able to fill by August 1. If you are not on that list you want to be. Not just because of the telomerase activation effect on telomeres but because of its effect on the immune system. Who knows if Covid will really make a return but why take a chance.

If you lengthen telomeres and reduce overall oxidation on them and the rest of the body will have combatted the 2 big drivers of aging.

The benefits of living longer healthier and having a stronger immune system are literally beyond comprehension and represent a true delaying and even turning back the clock.

I call this “buying runway” so we can discover and invent the next big thing.

Trust me I’m working on it!


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