A Fast Start to the Fall

I have to admit I’ve been a little self centered lately. Traveling a bit more than usual learning and growing a bit more than usual and doing a LOT more than usual.

But I wanted to expound on something that is not talked about a lot.


We are supposed to be adults and be serious. Lord knows I spent the bulk of my adult life in very serious often life or death situations at least caring for others in that realm. It can affect you in a way that makes you cynical, depressed and lethargic. After all, Why Bother!

I’ve seen it a lot in the past 2 years with so much news being about death and illness and fear based destabilization. But we forget the resiliency of the human spirit and the desire to make the most of our lives!

The current program is to bow down and bend over while the “experts” tell you what to do.

NO FXXXing thanks!* I am my own expert and I continue to evolve and morph in that direction – with the help of genuine experts!

Life mastery and in fact any mastery requires us to lighten up and play occasionally and that is what “covid” has done for me and I hope you! Beyond the seriousness, the grief over loss of pretty much everything that once was and the experiencing of a “reset” of reality. I use the term reality loosely.

Our stock market friends have coined all kinds of terms to soften the blow when the market drops. Reset, equilibration, stabilization and many others to explain boom times can’t last.

Those of you in my coaching programs know how I feel about that but I can tell you THIS: Play more and you will not only enjoy your life more but you will create more.

In my opinion creation is the closest thing a human being can get to divinity so long as its positive, from the heart and not taken, stolen or unacknowledged from someone else!

Again, stay tuned for the next coaching announcement over the holidays!

Ok back to PLAY!

When you play at something you love you just plain get better and create your own signature.

I play the guitar and while I might not be the most facile, I am actually quite musical I’m told by the “experts”. And these are experts I trust! I play at creating new compounds and without going into detail I have recently affiliated with a like minded group of people and have rapidly manifested several new compounds. This was a group effort; a mastermind and it has led to some rapid manifestation. Currently we are in testing phase and I can tell you it’s amazing and a TOTALLY new avenue for me and of course soon enough for YOU!

I’m also in various stages of 3 new books one of which is with a new found friend Dr Dan Pompa- the King of Cellular Detox. Dan and I agree on 90% of everything and that makes for a kickass book!

Stay tuned!

So where do I get all this energy and positive creative force?!

  1. MY Fish Oil. No Joke! For the past 20 years I’ve been running on this self made product and will continue to do so. There is nothing else like it on the market.
  2. Energy X Maxx and the Daily Energy Pack. If you give this 6 to 8 weeks your life may very well accelerate in the direction you want instead of some other direction that is being programmed for you. I kid you not – In spite of actually eventually getting Covid I have NEVER stopped thriving! I wish that for you!
  3. Telokynase. Much more than a telomerase activator/immune booster (as if that weren’t enough) this patent pending compound has contributed to my evolution as a person physically, mentally and spiritually!

And finally, 4!

I have mentors and coaches – several of them but one main ‘life coach” who is reading this now and knows exactly who he (yes, this one is a he although I have more than one female coach as well). Over the decades of our friendship, we have contributed to and enriched each other. I know I can trust the insight and the experience to give me an honest assessment of what the best way to handle things is.

That is why in spite of some short breaks from time to time I always go back to this mentor and the few others. These are my tribe and I can trust and co create with them. Now to be clear it did not come easy. I spent a lot of time trying to be coached and to coach the uncoachable. ** There is value in that as well although it is not often clear for months or years!

I want to make my coaching even more available because to be frank, it improves and refines ME as well. So, in a few short weeks over the holidays, I’m going to launch a less expensive less intense program to reach as many of my readers as possible. The higher level coaching will still continue but I understand these times in spite of relatively smooth sailing for me. IN point of fact, I’d like to share that with you.

Meantime store up some energy for the coming year because you are going to need it and love it!

Time to Thrive!

Dr Dave

*I said almost the same thing verbatim in February of 2020 when it was decided the world should change.

**Very, very few people are actually uncoachable. I am however not always the right coach. There are people who appear “normal” on the outside but have underlying personality and developmental disorders that are central to their existence and hermetically sealed such as the “Cluster B” disorders.

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