Doing it Daily Part 2- Reversing Inertia

In part one from a few days ago I ended with a few of my daily routines. During the discussion I mentioned that I really do believe we are the sum total of our DAILY Habits.

That bears reinforcing with this question: What is the ONE THING you know you should or would love to be doing but for whatever reason you are not doing it?

Next question: How would adding that one thing to your daily routine change your life for the better.

If you can answer those 2 questions you might then move on to the “why question”.

Or not.

Trust me figuring out why you are not doing something wonderful is less important than the adage, “Just do it!” It’s amazing how inertia can stop us and how reversing it can be as simple as “Just doing it!”

The reasons are honestly not that important but they range from, you really don’t want it that badly to time and simple overwhelment.

Scrap all that nonsense and just do it, or don’t! But don’t beat yourself up if you don’t do it…. Remove it from your list.

Energy or scarcity of energy is another big problem. I know a lot of people who talk themselves out of doing stuff simply because they think it might drain their energy.

Talk about pre paving the future! What if you actually got more energy from it? What if it helped you sleep better, focus better and made you more efficient with the time and energy you do have.

Now I do have a secret weapon for this but first a little backstory.

The determinants of energy are in my opinion primarily brain driven, then metabolically driven. A strong mind and dedicated will is almost unstoppable. I recently saw an interview with Mike Tyson who basically said he was willing to die in the ring. While that level of commitment is not needed for most of the things you and I do it does show you how strong commitment can be and sometimes needs to be to achieve something.

This is also the basis of the adage, “Live Like You were Dying!”

Which brings me to another topic I mentioned: age related muscle loss- sarcopenia, and age related power loss- dynopenia. Research is not pointing to those 2 things as major interventional points in the aging process. Reversing those 2 things may not make you live longer, but in the same way a great new daily habit may enrich your life, life may get better and easier with strength and power!

Ok back to energy. The “metabolic” component of energy is a big topic but boils down to how well your mitochondria function and what your hormone status is. I mentioned in a prior email that we found a source for the once defunct Male Maxx X which was so popular among my aging male population and used by the ladies once a week.

That is a simple way to address the hormone issues without going into a giant endocrine workup to evaluate your hypothalamic/pituitary/adrenal axis.

The Daily Dose Pack is my idea answer to the energy question. It contains my world beating fish oil to help reduce inflammation of aging and sarcopenia/dynopenia. It has Toco Q to help the mitochondrial function in healthy young fashion and it contains the newly delivered Young Life Daily to cover the entire spectrum of anti-aging vitamins and minerals as well as trace metals.

If energy and drive are slowing you down you should make the Daily Dose Pack a daily habit- Do It Daily like I do!

Then adding that great one thing you’ve always wanted becomes a piece of (keto) cake!

Stay Young Strong and Healthy! Age Well and don’t listen to people who tell you aging is a natural process. You may not stop it from happening but I am living proof you can slow it down with the sum of your daily habits Daily Dose Pack.

Dr Dave

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