Amygdala Hijack Part3

I won’t rehash too much of the science behind how we respond to certain emotional triggers except to say that there are basic emotions that bypass the logical part of our brain and go straight to the instinctual and emotional centers and lock us into predictable response patterns.

Now of course we live in a world of perfect free will and choice so no one would ever actually figure out ways to use those emotional triggers and patterns to get us to behave in certain ways.

Or to spend our money in certain places.

Or to overlook the big picture and get roped into a divided divisive culturally appropriated battle that ultimately doesn’t concern us.

I have traversed this planet for well over 6 decades now and I have to tell you I am still astounded at how the past few years have absolutely and unessesarily changed so much in our society.

Most of all I have see a rise in fear of all kinds including fear of each other and our future.

I have seen pathetic acceptance of the “new normal” which quite simply is unsustainable and moronic.

So how do you and I combat it?

Actually its not all that hard!

No one can give up your power but you!!!

For various reasons I saw the writing on the wall several years ago and while surprised at how easy it is to hijack behavior and program people, nothing has really changed for me.

I suspect that most of the people reading this would say the same thing other than adding they might be more worried and fearful.

Now it does help when you take a stance and that stance pans out to be 100% spot on!

But my life didn’t change because I was right. It stayed the same and I do everything the same because that is who I am and have always been. I bet you are pretty much the same way.

While I am disapointed in the state of affairs I am hopeful that as the truth comes to light and the spewers of fear are forced to back track or lose their grip on control people will again find their centers, reclaim their power and their future.

I didn’t and don’t plan on losing mine in whatever nonsense is concocted to adjust the “agenda”.

I have my own agenda and my mental and physical health are at the center of it.

So here are a few personal tips many of which you’ve heard before.

  1. Skip the media and especially “social” media. An entire generation has already been poisoned by isolation and digital reality. The image of digital reality to me conjures up visuals of the digital rectal exam that was part of the yearly physical exam. Honestly that is pretty much what digital reality does to people who have no experience with real reality!
  2. Skip brain washed people. Now that does not mean hang out with only people who agree with your point of view. If you close your mind you close it to solutions as well as everything else. Your center is yours, does not need to be shared with a whole lot of others, and can remain intact in the presence of disagreements. Just don’t hang out with people who are amygdaly hijacked. How to tell? The presence of a different opinion becomes an existential crisis…. the need to be “right” supersedes the need to get along. Don’t waste your time and energy getting sucked into what eventually deteriorates into an emotional (amygadalal) battle
  3. Prioritize YOUR HEALTH and the health of the ones you love. As far as general health the Daily Dose Pack is unbeatable. As far as mental health Brain Force One is tops.
  4. Find a new goal. I always say “Sometimes a Goal is Just an excuse for a Journey!” what I mean by this is that setting and attaining (or even sometimes not attaining) goals leads to new experiences, new ways of seeing thing and above all maintains curiosity – the elixir of youth next to Telokynase of course.

I’ll give you a personal example. Right now I am in Tampa with guru Matt Furey learning energy and breathing patterns, stretching secrets and frankly a whole lot more. But it is the ideas and downloads that are even more important. 3 weeks from now I will be same guru undertaking a Yin Yoga certification with the founder of Yin Yoga, Paulie Zink. Can you imagine actually learning from a live master and founder. So many systems founders are long gone. This is a privilege I’m not going to waste. 3 weeks after that I will be near Puerto Vallarta doing an arial Yoga training.

It’s hard to be programmed and fearful when there is sooooooo much positive stimulation to be had.

One final secret: I am not made of money. I am stretching myself thin with all this travel to acquire knowledge and skills because in my personal life, nothing satisfies me as much and keeps me curious and YOUNG!!! Except of course for Telokynase!

Now it’s YOUR TURN. I’d love the hear how you are hijacking the hijackers and moving ahead with your own personal development and health.

Yours in maintaining our center and staying Younger!

Dr Dave

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