What Costs $168 Billion A Year And Kills Millions of People?

Yep, that’s right it’s a cupcake here; meant to represent the ever increasing sugar intake of our population and our ever increasing chances of developing diabetes.

The Center for Disease Control estimates that by 2050, 1 in 3 Americans will have diabetes. They are “skeptical” that any of the current attempts to reduce this epidemic will work. They are talking about drug and food industry sponsored initiatives as well as government recommendations and they are right: it won’t work!

Now the sugar lobby would point out that the almost logarithmic increases in sugar intake over the past few decades have nothing to do with the epidemic of diabetes.

They would of course be wrong.

They might point out that the medical authorities of the recent past are complicit as well in recommending low fat diets and not explaining to the world that this did not mean Cart Blanche for eating carbs. They would not be totally wrong there sadly.

I would point out that if you eat something close to a Paleo diet as we recommend in our upcoming book “The Immortality Edge” you would solve a lot of these problems of insulin sensitivity, obesity inflammation and over acid production in the body and of course overweight and over fat.

But that is not likely to gain the traction we’d love to see. It’s more likely to become a fad that comes and goes like Adkins or any other diet.

Again sad because it’s genetically correct and it works.

Here’s what else works.

Fish oil.

I have bombarded you in the past week with studies on insulin and blood sugar and lean body mass and fat reduction. Simply by increasing the amount of fish oil in your body. Now you won’t lose 50 pounds in a week but you will by all accounts from the literature get healthier and lose some fat. I can’t come out and tell you it’s a simple as popping a few pills because the FTC and FDA love to put people in jail who say that but you can at least be aware of the research!

Here is something else you can take that will help you… Ultra Strength Fat Furnace and Secret SlimDown Capsules… thermogenic appetite suppressant. Nothing like boosting your metabolic rate and squashing your appetite to help get rid of body fat and improve your health. Again the alphabet agencies will not let me say “take this and get thinner” but you can look at my pictures and see what happened to me when I did.

I want you to live longer and healthier than any generation that has come before us.

That is why I incessantly preach fish oil and telomerase activation and exercise and the proper diet and so many other things that I write to you about. I want you to get better, feel better and look better as you get older.

I can give you the tools (Fish oilTA-65Ultra Strength Fat Furnace) but the rest is up to you.

But the tools sure do make it easier!

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