Recent UK study: Finds fish oil is known to help people with existing heart problems, and shows “compelling new evidence” suggests it could also cut the risk in healthy people, potentially reducing heart attack deaths by 30%.

Fish oil is not the secret to living longer

OK, money and power is. Whoops, that isn’t right because the rich and powerful die every day just like the rest of us, sometimes with great alacrity.

Ok, then it must be being happy and satisfied with your life. Whoops, that is not it either and all sorts of people die with a smile on their faces like my dear Aunt Rose and Sam Kinneson (reportedly).

Well, then it must be living a good clean life right. Nope, the good die young too.

So what about what I have been telling you to do: take fish oil? Well, according to a new watch dog medically conservative lets preserve the status quo and put all or our eggs in the medical science basket we should just bag supplements like fish oil and not do anything different.

In other words you are going to die no matter what so why bother and fish oil will not help you.

Here are a few recent fish oil related headlines:

“Eating oily fish can help ensure a long life as it slashes the risk of heart failure by a third”, reported the Daily Express. It said that scientists claim that omega-3 should now be taken daily by everyone in Britain. The newspaper said that oily fish is known to help people with existing heart problems, but “compelling new evidence” suggests it could also cut the risk in healthy people, potentially reducing heart attack deaths in the UK by up to 30%.

In this particular quote we see that once again fish oil has been advanced as a preventative treatment in healthy people. Something that has not been very popular among scientists.

I wonder why?

Could it be prescription drugs have no solid data on prevention at all, kill people, cause side effects and hospitalizations.

Could it be that if we opened up the Pandora’s Box that is Big Pharma and looked inside we’d see that we have wasted billions of dollars and millions of lives on useless interventions that we call “science”.

I will let you decide on that one but I will tell you this:

Fish oil won’t keep you happy but it might help your mood.

It won’t help you live clean life but it may help you clean up your body. It won’t make your rich and powerful but it will help your mind perform better in just about any discipline you focus it on. It won’t put a smile on your face when you finally check out but I am convinced that expiration date might be prolonged in healthy fashion by taking it no matter what the opinion of traditionalists is.

Yes, I have a vested interest in you taking fish oil. It helps fund my research, my meetings with scientists and my development of other supplements and involvement in other longevity avenues like Telomerase Biology and TA-65. But I keep you 100% in the loop all the way and do my best to keep you the most updated person on the block when it comes to health and longevity.

And I believe in my actions 100% and live them to the best of my abilities. I hope you will too!

Bottom line: I will keep taking my fish oil and I think you will to!!!

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