The Immortality Edge- wrong then but right now!?


I recently heard one of the most amusing criticisms of my work and our book “The Immortality Edge

A dear friend of mine who finally after 3 years of watching and waiting decided to bite the bullet and start TA-65 told me about this last week. He lives in South Florida an area that is rich with famous anti-aging doctors. During a conversation with one of the more famous of our breed and a name you would recognize if I told you he related my work, the book and his decision to go on TA-65 to this famous anti-aging doctor. He made the “mistake” of adding how far ahead of my time I was in this area.

The response of the doctor was, “Well he’s right now but he was wrong then!”

Think about that for a moment. It pretty much summarizes the attitude of a lot of people when it comes to telomerase therapy and research. Basically I am being chastised for being ahead of my time and not waiting until everyone else jumped on board and said it was OK. I am being scolded for being at the cutting edge instead of on the caboose. Maybe just maybe there is a little jealousy there, who knows, who cares.

If you look at our Amazon reviews you will see one very active one from a reviewer who said I was “speculative”. Now that everything I have said has been borne out to be true and telomerase therapy seems to be the only current valid way of extending mammalian life span do you think this individual would write back and say, “Ok you were right!”? Not a chance!

Not even a “Well you are right now but you were wrong then!” Even that requires too much effort attention and follow up in this leave your opinion and forget about it world. The problem is the leaving of the opinion seems more important to most people than the actual facts and the chance to learn something.

Honestly I don’t really expect my colleagues who fight with me to change their opinion. They are fighting with their egos not their brains and it does me no good to waste the energy. I just tell it like I see and give as many reasons why I see it that way and you have to decide.

So the rest of this blog will be a synopsis of some of the more recent things you might want to know.

A reasonably large study from the University of Utah recently added yet another link between telomere length and longevity specifically,

“Shorter telomeres were linked to a threefold increase in the risk of death from heart disease, and an eightfold increase in the risk of death from infection. It looks as if telomere length is a key predictor of survival in humans, as a marker of aging and age-related disease” courtesy of

While the site mistakenly says this is the first time human longevity has been linked to telomere length it does cite another “brick in the wall” so to speak for telomeres and healthspan/lifespan.

Some of you probably have already seen the testimonial for TA-65 from Men’s Journal. Miami tight end Dustin Keller “claimed that TA-65 gave him immense improvements in his physical performance, including a beefed up immune system as well as shorter recovery times.”

Those of you who remember my long ago blog about how TA-65 improved my running so much and so fast from 4 years ago will understand this is exactly what we’d expect to see.  Bill Andrews super telomere scientist and head of the team that identified the human telomerase gene while at Geron was transformed from a back of the pack runner to a leader in his age group in short order.

I would venture that none of the three of us, me Andrews or Keller have had a cold as long as we’ve been on TA-65.

And then there was the ultra marathon runner study that should telomere lengths in these people equivalent to 5 years longer lifespan. Now that study is not conclusive in my book because it used the often inaccurate QPCR technique to measure telomere length and did not measure the true biologic age of the runners via the Life length assay.

But it was certainly suggestive.

And then of course there was the now famous Farzeneh-Farr Blackburn study that came out 2 years after my supplement chapter in The Immortality Edge made statements about the protective effect of fish oil on telomeres based on my own research with Bill Andrew’s Sierra Sciences lab.

Let’s not forget the JAMA article that happened well after the book was written and right about the time it was published where my comments about the protective effects of telomerase and long telomeres and cancer were bolstered when the study found a link between short telomere length and severity and incidence of numerous cancers.

The effects of stress smoking and obesity all detailed in the book have also been proven on several occasions.

The there were several studies by Maria Blasco showing the validity of the mouse model for human aging, extension of mammalian lifespan by as much as 25% and the significant improvement of healthspan by TA-65 with no increase in cancer in any of these studies were telomerase was turned on.

So pretty much everything we said in the book has come to pass as true.

And what have I been up to since then?

Three new products just this past year including Ultra 85 Fish Oil, RG cell stem cell activating cream, and the newly formulated Telomere Edge Packs.

Then there are the 2 new books I have been researching, and the many trips to Madrid to see super scientist Maria Blasco that have been part of that.

My next foray is to tie the knot between stem cells and telomerase as tightly as I can and help you be able to do something unique about it. In the process I will as always be the guinea pig so you don’t have to!

I may be wrong about it now but chances are I will be right about it in a few years!

In the meantime all the work research and standing behind TA-65 when few others were is making me look pretty good right now. As a matter of fact I have biologically “deaged” 7 years since I started TA-65 using the Life Length Assay as documentation.

This is the only test I will trust for any future telomere testing for myself and any individual who is following their therapy and/or telomere length.

As always you’ll hear of my adventures first hand and in most cases you’ll have the chance to do the same things I did if you want, once I have vetted everything out.

Finally you need to know something about me: I am not that smart. But I have really smart friends that I need to thank. They include Mike Fossel, Cal Harley, Greta Blackburn, Maria Blasco, Jerry Shay, Bill Lands, Joe Raffaele. JC Santana and Rafael Gonzalez all of whom help me stay on the cutting edge of what matters to you and me: staying young and staying healthy.


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