Yet another study connects human lifespan with telomere length

DNA StrandScientists are by nature skeptics.  Usually it takes more than one positive result and one positive study to convince them.  There is no set number of studies you need to do to sway scientific opinion and quiet naysayers. More often than not, it depends as much on opinion and bias of the so-called scientific community.  This has been proven over and over again with things as diverse as the “earth is flat” to telomeres are merely “markers of aging”.

Well recently another big study showed a direct correlation between telomere length and survival.  It was adjusted for age, disease and other lifestyle factors, yet the correlation still held.

I have often referred to my two favorite tests, Omega 6/3 ratios and specifically short telomere testing as offered by as the “BS detectors”. What I mean is there is no hiding from these two tests.  If you think you have a healthy diet, then you should have a good level of omega 3 fats in your blood and tissues and your telomere lengths, again, specifically your percentage of short telomeres, should be better than your actual age.

This is how we predict “biologic age”- how old your body really is, independent of the number of birthdays you’ve had.

I encourage you to look at these tests because, if you are not actually living as healthy as you think, you still have time to do it. It’s easy to fix a low omega 3 level, just take more fish oil.

It’s also easy to help your telomere length but so far there is really only one choice for that as well.  TA-65 remains the only telomerase activator with human data, human cell data, and mouse data. More is on the way, specifically human studies.

While it may take another 100 or even 1,000 studies linking telomere length and telomerase activation to longer and healthier lives, there is enough data right now if you are willing to look carefully. And it may take years for another 100 or 1,000 studies to actually be completed.

While you are waiting, Father Time is eating at your vitality.

I chose not to wait to do something proactive.



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