I wanted to start off today by addressing the “mysterious” cardiac damage that is being described in some (elderly and co morbid especially) Covid patients. You may be hearing about this in the news media.

As usual don’t believe everything you read. It’s not that this complication does not happen. It does. It’s the use of the usual hyperbolic descriptions. It is likely that the cytokine storm I described in prior emails is part of this picture.

Also, it is a clearly known and well described phenomenon in Influenza and even bacterial pneumonia. Hardly Mysterious!

As a matter of fact, if you look at percentages where it is described in Influenza, they are quite similar. And viz a viz above it is an inflammatory myocarditis (inflamed heart muscle) and pericarditis (covering of the heart sack) consistent with cytokine induction. But remember according to the gods of the CDC only dumb people and dumber doctors would dare bring up an Influenza comparison!

And, remember me saying I thought they should use IV Omega 3 purified fish oil to treat the more extreme ICU complication? Wanna guess what fish oil would do to inflammatory conditions of the heart, lungs and liver?

And then I got to thinking… words are very powerful especially when you are wanting to attack the root chakra- a person’s center for basic needs such as food, water, shelter, safety, as well as their emotional needs of interconnection, and being fearless etc. There is that “F” word again!!!!

If you want to throw that into imbalance and mess up the rest of the (especially lower) energy centers you would use words that threaten the basic needs and stability of a person.

So, I did a little impromptu counting.

Here are some commonly used words/phrases I found in my little anecdotal experiment along with how many times I have seen them in the past 72 hours.

  • Devastating 18 times
  • Disaster(ous) 15 times
  • Fear(s) (62 times!!!!)
  • Rampage 12 times
  • Ravage 16 times
  • Deadly 27 times
  • Threatens 36 times
  • Collapse 22 times
  • Fight(ting)41 times
  • Terror 13 times
  • Speculate 18 times
  • Believe 32 times
  • Unemployment 17 times
  • Staggering 28 times

Hope 0 times. Love 0 times. Recovery 6 times. Improve(s) 4 times. Better 0 times

I think you get my drift here.

Turn off the BS and just take care of yourself.

Eventually even the media will tire of itself and its negative hyperbole and make note of some of the amazing selfless work that is being done to help those in need, the reconnection of families and inner circles (although as I mentioned this can go the other way as rises in domestic violence and child abuse cases rise and of course, alcohol consumption).

Speaking of which right before this mess happened, I acquired a case or 1 liter 190 proof Grain EtOH. Hint it was NOT for drinking!!! It goes into the cleaners, gels and inhalers I showed you how to make on my Instagram page!

I mentioned I see the plus side of this thing as a great activator to get people to understand one of my favorite quotes from Bonnie Rait: “Life Gets Much more Precious When there is less of it to Waste!” I consider myself blessed to have accompanied so many patients, loved ones and family in their transitions.

Each one left a mark and stands as a solemn testimony to “Get Your Shxt Together!” and not waste this precious time we are given. People who haven’t “figured it out” and wander through life aimlessly without knowing their mission really, really piss me off. Not to be judgmental of course because maybe it’s just their “journey”!

No matter how much people lack initiative it behooves them and you to protect yourself and the ones you love.

My Initiative? I’ve Got Your Back.

Spread the Word Not the Virus!


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