The Immortality Edge – Changing reality; 1000 ways to die, only one way to live

So far our book “The Immortality Edge” has met with generally positive reviews.  There are of course the expected naysayers.  This is to be expected when you change reality, or attempt to. And there are the usual insane people.  That is the nature of the internet, which gives equal voice to all versions of reality and otherwise.

The paradigm shift in The Immortality Edge is a huge one: you do not have to get old, you do not have to get sick and you do not have to die of old age.  As we say in the book: the first person to live to 150 and beyond is walking among us right now.  Who knows; it might even be you or I.

But no matter what, you have to DO SOMETHING and something different than you have been, in most cases, to even be around to benefit from the results. 

I would not be so foolish to say that death is not inevitable, since there are 1,000 ways to die, as the TV show says.  We just want it to be 999 and remove old age and infirmity from the equation.

This brings up all kinds of ethical and moral and intellectual arguments.

Are we playing with forces we are not meant to?  What will happen when the world is full of old people? Who is going to make all the money from this new way of living, etc, etc, etc.

I do not know the answers to any of the questions, because I truly am not clairvoyant, unlike some of my critics.  But I do know the following: we will “cure aging” in our lifetimes.  It will happen somewhere, no matter who, or what says NO to it.  It may happen in India or China, if it does not happen here, but in truth we are already taking leaps and bounds in the direction and telomerase activation and the many other steps described in “The Immortality Edge” are part of the first real bridge to Immortality and certainly (and probably more important to you and I) far better health as we age.

As far as the arguments, generally speaking, if I ask a person, “Do you want to die?” they say no.

“But that is not the point!” is the usual response.

Yes, it is absolutely the point. Don’t make intellectual statements that do not apply to you personally!

Historically, the wave of events revolving around any huge discovery is the same.

The real reason not everyone is jumping on this bandwagon is, primarily people will generally wait for others to take the first steps, before they jump on board.  That is it, plain and simple.  Most people do not believe that it works and will not believe it, no matter how much science you throw at them.  But when a million or two million people are on telomerase activators or at least telomerase supportive agents like The Daily Dose Pack, the train will be chugging out of the station and people will then be scrambling to avoid being left behind.  Sadly, this has nothing to do with science, except for that fact that there is real science to support what I am saying and more is coming, literally every single day.

The most recent study reversing aging in mice is just one of many examples of what we will see in the coming year.

Scientists will continue to say more research is needed, because that is what they always say.  Early adopters are already on the protocols and reaping the rewards. Naysayers are saying nay as always, because it threatens their belief systems. When there finally is enough proof that even naysayers say yes, it will be as if longevity and health span where never an issue, “of course I do that and take those things!”

Basically, it’s a paraphrase of Schopenhauer: ‘All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.’

I know everything I say is true from past experiences.  Ten years ago I was being asked by my director of medicine if I needed psychiatric help because I was selling fish oil on the internet and telling everyone who would listen about its benefits.

Sadly, that individual would have benefitted hugely from fish oil, if he had started it then.

Now everyone who said “nay” is on fish oil, and conveniently forgetting the crap they put me through!  Even Big Pharma makes fish oil and more companies will be releasing more “drug” fish oils.

Is this because of science?  Nope.  There are still plenty of people who don’t believe in fish oil in the scientific community.  The “paralysis of analysis” runs their lives and their belief systems are invested (as are their livelihoods) in being “sure”.

The drug companies are making fish oil now because enough millions of people are taking it and raving about it that it is now “safe” and lucrative to present to their stockholders as a viable thing to sell. And they don’t want to be left behind by the “alternative medicine crowd”.  Funny how alternative medicine is suddenly becoming mainstream, isn’t it!?

Drug companies certainly did not prove anything new, with any of the clinical studies they did, to allow them to make disease based claims.

You and I knew what they know now, a full 10 years ago and have been benefitting for at least that long.

I was called a quack, a charlatan, a snake oil salesman and frankly, I still am, on a less regular basis.  Telomerase Activation affords people new opportunities to insult me and use those phrases, pass those judgments and defend their belief systems.

No matter where you fall on the chain of events though, you will still want to read The Immortality Edge and just judge for yourself!

The good news is that most of you who are on at least some of my supplements, are probably already benefitting from their effects on telomeres and that is science, not charlatanism.

I am still giving copies away to people who spend more than $300 on any order and I am still refunding 100% of the book purchase price (less taxes and shipping) towards your next order if you buy the book following the instructions below.

My advice: don’t be left out and don’t wait to educate yourself because things are a lot further along than you may realize! Reality has actually already changed.  I should have more big news for you in a week or so, so keep your eyes on those emails.


P.S.  We blew through the first 50 signed copies of The Immortality Edge  in the sale last week, which was offered as a free bonus to anyone who bought more than $300 in supplements (not including taxes and shipping).  So I ordered more from our publisher to cover the folks who came a bit late for the immediate shipment.  You will be getting your copies as soon as we do!

But I want to continue the program for anyone who buys more than $300 in supplements.  You too will get a free book signed by me.  The book is incredible and is getting rave reviews by everyone who is sane!

I also want to tell you I am keeping up the offer to reimburse you for any books you buy on Amazon or Barnes and Noble against your next purchase of Dr Dave’s Best supplements, up to and until March 15th 2011.  Here is the deal:

It’s called “The Immortality Edge” and it’s available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites.  Yes, it’s a real book with a real publisher in real book stores, researched by real doctors; not an e-book, self-published by an in-house marketing team.

You know I have been writing about telomeres and telomerase for a long time now.  Well, the book is the whole enchilada and contains everything you MUST know to live longer and far healthier than you thought possible.  Unlike everything else before it, this book is not speculation or fantasy.  It’s for real!  It uses science to back up what we say but it’s such an easy and fun read that you won’t even realize you are learning things that will probably save your life and the lives of the ones you love.

I am literally going to “buy back” the book from you by reimbursing you for the cost!

Here is how to get your book free: Please follow these instructions or we will not be able to reimburse you for the cost of the book. Purchasing the book this way will allow you to claim the purchase price, which is between $17 and $25 off your next order or even more if you purchase several copies!

1) Go to one of two places – either or

This offer ends on March 15, 2011 — so you have until then to redeem your purchase price (less any taxes).

2) When you are ready to order (any time before March 15, 2011), scan your receipt in and email it as an attachment to with the subject line “book discount” and a short note with your name and that you have placed an order and are claiming your discount. If you order online, you may simply forward a copy of your email receipt to at the time of  your next order from

3) If it is easier, you may fax your receipt and order in to 610-916-3931, our dedicated fax line. Or send your order in via mail to Dr Dave’s Best, 1050D Maidencreek Road, Fleetwood, PA 19522 prior to March 15, 2011.

Note: your discount will not be reflected at the immediate time of your order but will be reflected as a credit card or other refund, usually within 72 hours of the order.

Please DO NOT simply go out and buy the book and send in the receipt and then order later.  The volume of orders will make it impossible for us to keep track of this and we will not be able to honor your discount!  Again, please follow the instructions above.

Also, I’ll give you every cent you paid (less taxes and shipping) for every copy towards your next purchase but the value of your purchase must equal or exceed the value of your books.

Again, the offer is good until March 15, 2011!

3 thoughts on “The Immortality Edge – Changing reality; 1000 ways to die, only one way to live”

  1. Dr. David,

    Congrats on “The Immortality Edge” I know it will top the best seller list soon. I just purchased it and can’t wait to dive in.
    I also know it will be a fantastic gift for my friends & family. Much success. Have a very Merry Christmas….Best Always, Deni

  2. I have been receiving Dr Dave Newsletters for some time now.Take fish oil without fail every day. I would like to hear about research into what dissolves plaque in the arteries as well.Does anyone have information on this.
    Have a Merry Christmas from Australia

  3. I’m about to read this book. Currently I take several otc medications, and try to stay in the know. My grandparents lived into their 90’s, my parents are in their 80’s and in great health. My genes are definitely a bonus. I plan to live to 150…

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