What is Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil?

The doctor’s reply: “Well it’s the only type I will use for myself, my patients and my fish oil customers but it depends on who you talk to. Critics of fish oil slammed the term as pure marketing hype. Ironically, if the oil is treated to the processing needed to make it as pure as possible, it removes most of the PCB’s, meets all FDA standards, has no detectable levels of lead or mercury and is consistently close to what is claimed on the label much like a drug. In short, if the FDA makes fish oil a drug, which is now much closer to reality as it is with all supplements, a real Pharmaceutical Grade fish oil would pass muster.”

What do you think of alternative sources of EPA and DHA like krill?

Dr. Dave states, “I still use only fish oil supplements. There are over 10,000 independent (not manufacturer sponsored) studies on fish oil dating back decades and more come out every day practically. Krill lost credibility with me when some of the manufactures claimed it was “better than fish oil”. They were told to stop those ads, which they soon did because that is a very broad sweeping statement with no proof. Krill has only been studied by manufacturer studies to my knowledge. It is part of a sensitive ecosystem just like fish. And just like fish it is subject to extensive farming and pollutants as well, in this case OPC’s (organochlorine pesticides).

I haven’t seen anyone testing krill. Just saying it’s clean doesn’t cut it with me. I do think the perfect solution to keeping our fish stocks well fed with Omega 3’s in their food chain is to use the krill added to standard fish meal to feed the farmed fish. That would solve a lot of sustainability issues but krill is rather expensive for the amounts of Omega 3 you get. And fish can convert other fatty acids to Omega 3 in a fashion human beings can’t so the sustainability issues can be solved with a little work and conscientious behavior. By the way, no human population ever lived on krill so there will never be any population based studies!”

Finally, he added, “For the first time in history a supplement has been so robust and scientifically grounded that even traditional medical doctors are using it extensively. I think the future is very bright for fish oil and it remains the gold standard of Omega 3’s for scientific studies and human supplementation for the foreseeable future.


It’s a question of hard science and hard marketing. The science of Vitamin D was truly “lost” for a long time. Vitamin D is actually a steroid hormone and as such is involved in so many critical issues of human health including: cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, auto immune diseases like lupus, M.S., depression and thyroid illness to name a few!

The role of Vitamin D in these illnesses has become apparent as the levels of Vitamin D that seem to improve and in some cases “cure those maladies” is found to be way higher than most people currently have in their blood stream.

To many times it appears as if we are in the midst of a “Low Vitamin D” epidemic.

As far as the marketing goes, the internet rules these days and careers are made and broken on whether or not people are looking at you and Vitamin D is certainly “the hot topic”. Someone will no doubt become famous or more famous using it as a stepping stone into the public consciousness. Read more

The Congress has passed some historic health legislation into being. Whether it works or not depends on how much it actually costs. For starters let me tell you why Pharmaceutical Grade fish oil is essential for America.

1 – Fish oil supplements do what no prescription drug can ever do.

2 – Fish oil capsules are all natural and comparatively almost side effects free even in big does.

3 – Dr Dave Omega-3 fish oil reduces death and infirmity from several major causes of aging and death in this country including heart disease, cancer, arthritis, dementias, mood disorders, allergic disorder autoimmune disorders.

4 – Pharmaceutical grade fish oil even in doses as high as 18 grams in cancer patients, improved survival and was very well tolerated.

5 – Other fish oil benefits may make people smarter and give them better memories even if they are not having problems in those areas.

6 – Fish oil capsules help the stress response.

7 – Fish oil capsules help keep the biologic time clocks, the telomeres, longer in sick people and most likely in regular people as well.

8 – Fish oil aquaculture is already on the way to solving the renewable resource issue. My suggestion: grind up krill and add it to the fish meal.

9 – Fish oil can be purified to parts per trillion.

10 – Benefits of fish oil  is that fish oil is the single most studied, most effective supplement ever and has been even shown to decrease body fat, improve lipids and insulin responses.

If I were to give an 11th element it would be that we are as a nation severely deficient in it and fixing that problem alone would probably save several million lives, reduce crime, depression, increase productivity and put us more firmly on the road to economic recovery and liberty and justice for all.

I suppose I will have to tolerate this whole krill thing, as savvy internet marketers are pushing it and frankly doing a good job by virtue of their popularity if not their science.

But here are the facts:

The company that makes Mega Red was censured for inaccurate advertising stating krill was healthier for your heart. The Council for Responsible Advertising found no evidence to support this and the company stopped that campaign although others, namely internet-based doctors that sell krill, continue to use it in their advertising.

Next, the dosage of Omega 3 in krill is far below what is needed to impact the health of many people since most have far too low an Omega 3 level to begin with.

Astraxanthan is added to krill; it is not naturally occurring and it can easily be added to fish oil. Read more