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Lengthen Telomeres With Your Food Choices

One of the most vexing problems I face as an expert on telomeres and telomerase activation is the issue of diet and telomere length.  The problems come in many forms such as using vaguely related or truly unrelated studies to support an eating agenda, using poorly designed studies with inadequate measurements to claim positive results, …

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Is Spinach the New Broccoli?

I have written a lot about broccoli and its related Brassica family. Broccoli has long held true “Super Food” status. Unlike some other highly touted foods, it actually has a fairly balanced ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids (although it is extremely low in both) and contains Sulforaphane and Indole 3 Carbinol. …

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Score another one for chocolate

Over the past few years chocolate has garnered a lot of attention as a health food.  Some people have even decided it’s a “super food”, capitalizing on a category that seems to encompass everything your grandmother told you to eat when you were growing up, along with some exotic Far Eastern fruits. Well, recently chocolate …

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Monsanto and the evil empire

You may or may not know the story of Monsanto.  Simply put, they have built what many consider an Evil Empire around agriculture, exerting such corporate control over the individual farmer that, well- you are either with them or against them.  Woe unto you, if you are a farmer and are against them.  As for …

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Fish oil versus Krill – the Final Chapter

I suppose I will have to tolerate this whole krill thing, as savvy internet marketers are pushing it and frankly doing a good job, by virtue of their popularity, if not their science. But here are the facts: The company that makes MegaRed was censured for inaccurate advertising, stating krill was healthier for your heart. …

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