The Life Saver – Sleep Like A Baby

Recently I was interviewed on TV about things we could all do that were simple and inexpensive to improve our health and stay young.  You may be as surprised as the TV host was at what I suggested!

If you caught my recent TV appearance in Washington DC, you heard me speak about the 4 pillars of health. Of course I mentioned nutrition, specifically Fish oil, Super Omega 3 and exercise as well as stress reduction.

But the most underappreciated, under stressed and underutilized health and longevity tool is sleep and it can literally be a life saver.

Over 25% of all fatal motor vehicle accidents include sleep deprivation. For every year of shift work you do, you are reported to shorten your life by 2 to 4 months.

And of course lack of sleep makes it hard for anyone to lose weight because it slows down your metabolism.

The body only has so many responses and slowing down your metabolism is one that is common to sleep deprivation, excessive dieting and excessive exercise (yes, this includes the most popular form, interval training as well).

The chronic elevation of cortisol that happens with sleep deprivation is also a huge problem for your health, leading to adrenal burnout and contributing to metabolic syndrome.

So I invented Sleep Wizard back in 2004 to combat this problem naturally.

Sleep Wizard is all natural non-habit forming and does not have any of the bizarre side effects like prescription drugs do, such as nocturnal sleep eating, amnesia and chronic fatigue.

So if you are having trouble sleeping and want an all-natural way to solve the problem, let the Wizard put his spell on you.

It could literally be a life saver, marriage saver or career saver!

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