What You Are Reading About Exercise And Longevity Is Only Half True

I am going to go out on a limb here and tell you that the stuff you are reading on exercise and longevity is only half true. So to begin we’ll briefly look at what is out there.

But before we do let me say this: I have come to terms with the fact that at this moment in my life I am a runner. I am now training for my second 125 km Canadian Death Race and most of what I do centers around long slow distance endurance training. The very kind of training I tell you NOT to focus on.

Let me explain.

I do not do this stuff for the “physical goodness” of it. I do it for the mental moving meditation, the ability to still do it while my body can still tolerate the abuse and yes, it is abusive.

And this year I am doing it for charity. My website theraceagainstdeath.org should be up in 4 to 6 weeks for those of you who want to get involved.

While I don’t think I am losing years of my life for doing this, I sure don’t expect to live any longer because of it. After all it is called the “Death Race” for a reason!

Now let’s look at what is printed in the lay and other exercise press. Run run run. Runners live longer, runners aren’t injured any more than non-runners — maybe actually less — and runners are healthier.

Now I haven’t examined this data all that closely but I suspect that the info comes from very long studies. Normally I would tell you that a 20 year study is very powerful. But if you keep only the people who are still running at the end of a twenty year period you have really selected out a ton of people and left only those genetically gifted for the sport who may indeed already have the genetics for longevity as well!.

And then there is the fact that most of these guys doing the research are distance runners and especially distance cyclists.

I would love to see some power guys get into research in the same fashion.

But you look at the other side of the fence and you’ll find some articles on longevity and power generation. Interestingly enough you’ll see an almost direct correlation of longevity to things like explosive or one-rep leg strength and grip strength as well.

Now if you combine the new information on higher intensity short distance training, including running, with the fact that this leads to power generation, you get two great benefits.

First is longevity.

Second is this kind of strength and power training will make you more accident proof.

And actually there is a third benefit! Fat loss since high intensity training done right is the best way to lose fat.

So from a guy who runs 80 mile races I am still telling you, “Do as I say, not as I do!”

Next year will be the 10th anniversary of the Canadian Death Race. I will be running it but this time in a relay. I plan on doing lots of power training and high intensity cycling for my cardio. By then it will be time to give these feet and legs a break.

One final observation for you athletes out there. You do not need to do only Olympic weight lifting for triple extension (which is one of the key movements to real power!).

Check out the 4th circuit on my Fabulous Fat Burning for Everyone DVD by JC Santana and Rhadi Fergusson. You’ll see real raw power as Rhadi prepares for the Judo nationals!

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