Designed to Fail!

Why is it so hard to find the Truth?

Several years ago, I was approached by a famous health writer to discuss the pros and cons of fish oil.

After our discussion and my provision of science backing up what I said he stated, “Your stuff is totally contrary to what is being published in major journals!  Why is it so hard to get to the truth?!”

I then explained that the “agenda” of Big Pharma would be to negate anything related to ANY supplement because the increasing amount of money spent on supplements was a serious threat to their income and the “trust” they had build up in prescription drugs.

As far as trust goes, even some of the people I know who were adamantly supporting the
“medical industrial narrative” have been forced by the facts to admit that altruism might not be a word that exists in the Big Pharma lexicon.  Profit certainly does!!!

Do you still trust them by the way!

I also told him that things would change when B Ph, also known as BF could sell prescription or modified versions of Omega 3 that are patentable.

It wasn’t long! And while they haven’t abandoned the smear campaign they pretty much have given up.

Back to the story: Eventually he also just plain gave up and did not do any article related to the topic.

But, Just this week 2 new important articles came out.

The first showed that even lower doses of Omega 3 Fish oil could protect against dementia of ALL varieties. The reduction was 20% and more in certain cases.

The next study showed a plausible vision protection from Omega 3’s.

Remember I cannot make any medical claims but the data is growing and growing and growing!

Here’s what you can look for:

  1. A rebuttal study funded through major drug companies via major medical journals with “ad support” to make sure its picked up by media outlets in the “Fish Oil No Good For…” format. The study design will use inferior products, low doses and not use the Omega 6/3 ratio in participants to be objective.  In other words, it will be designed to fail.
  2. Soon after Big Pharma will release a modified or combo with fish oil and a prescription drug not bothering to show how the Omega 3 was responsible for ALL of the benefit.

These shenanigans have been going on under the guise of “science” for decades and as long as the monetary stakes are in the billions they will continue.

The good news is that some point people will spend as much or more on supplements than drugs. Keep in mind this dynamic is changing in spite of the extensive insurance coverage for drugs.

But BF need not fret. American still spend $330+ billion out of pocket on drugs; 10X that spent for supplements. The closer those numbers get the more the main stream media will pump out “Supplements are worthless” articles and the more medical journals will publish studies on supplements that are designed to fail.

Now here is the TRUTH: It’s actually true most people spend way too much on worthless supplements!  I know because only a tiny fraction of the world is using my products!

23 Years in the business- I’ve seen it all and I’m still here!

Glad to serve you!

Dr Dave

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