In Search of Perfection

Last night during my weekly guitar performance I managed a perfect delivery.  The song sounded great, the vocals decent and no mistakes.

I went to bed feeling this was a milestone and a big confidence builder.

Then the cold light of day arose and the playback went up on the site. When I listened to it, it was still good but no where near as good as I thought.  I had some minor timing glitches and on occasion, especially when the guitar parts were a bit more challenging my voice fell off.  Overall, not bad but no where near the perfection I heard.

Now Zoom is not actually made for recording music and Iphones are certainly not but still it wasn’t what I had heard in my head the night before.

Ah yes. We search for perfection and strive for the best.  But sometimes the best is the best at the moment.

I consoled myself by saying I sounded a LOT better than a few months ago and the universal congrats I got from my fellow performers were real and heartfelt.

But there was that gnawing feeling it wasn’t perfect and I SHOULD be able to deliver a perfect performance at this point in my musical hobby.

In truth we never attain perfection unless maybe its right before we die!

So, I’m in no rush for that. I can indeed be happy with the moment, build on it and look for better and better in the future,

Provided I stay healthy physically and mentally.

Last week I wrote to you about how distracted many people have become. I have people reciting a litany of what’s wrong and why they can no longer afford to take vitamins or go to the gym etc.

Honestly! What is more important to you and the ones you love than self-care and self love!

If you wind up in the care of a doctor (unless its and anti-aging doc like me!) you are already behind the 8 ball.

So, a simple reminder:  Take your fish oil and your daily dose pack everyday without fail. That is the way it works best and you deserve the best.

Then you’ll have plenty of time to seek perfection!!!

Dr Dave

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