Dr Dave Do You Know How Controversial You Are?!

Those were the words spoken to me at a recent anti-aging conference I lectured at in Mexico.

Apparently, people down there still follow me, still find what I have to say as both valuable and controversial.  It kind of reminds me of all the heavy metal bands of the 80’s that found a home among fans in Japan. 

Maybe I have to move to a place where I’m still relevant lol!

Anyway, my response was something like “Really! What makes you say that?!

Then the litany started: You support telomerase activation which has “been shown to be important in causing cancer”.  You support keto diets which have been shown to increase heart disease. You support body weight calisthenics when all the aging research has been done on weight lifting. And haven’t you heard long telomeres are NOT associated with longevity, is methylation these days.

I did my best to not roll my eyes and laugh.  Again, I am reminded of my past.  For 20 years I support “high dose” fish oil which was actually normal dose . I was slammed for that for 2 decades until the drug companies released patentable forms.  Same with hormone replacement for anti-aging.  Colleagues called me a quack until the “Is its low T commercials” came out touting the drug companies form of male hormone replacement.

I still have yet to have anyone come back to me and say, “Hey Doc You were right!’.  As a matter of fact, I hear very little from anyone any more since I switched to a research-based focus.

But no matter.

It is as I have said, also for many years, “I do what I do for me, and the people I love, YOU are welcome to come along if you like. If you want to criticize, just be aware where you are getting your information from!”

If there is one person out there, I have helped that is wonderful.  The fact that there are thousands is even better.

Staying relevant to the people who are on the cutting edge!

Dr Dave

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