What Is The Best Diet To Lose Weight?

If there is one question that pops up over and over again its,”Doc, what’s the best diet to lose weight on?”

The simple answer: use a Paleo type diet with my fish oil and an exercise program as detailed in Fab Fat Loss for Everyone.

The complex answer? Well that could take days to answer and many emails so…I may as well start right now!

Today I am going to take a scientific look at two diets that are representative of two very different viewpoints.

The first diet, the diet touted by the National Cholesterol Education Program (you know, those lovely folks who think the entire nation should be on statin drugs, and think that cholesterol levels are the be all and end all of health!) stresses higher carbohydrate levels and lower fat levels.

For simplicity’s sake we’ll call this diet the NCEP diet for National Cholesterol Education Program Diet.

The Challenger we’ll call the “Modified Low Carbohydrate diet”. This diet is closer to Atkins and South Beach in that it stresses higher fat levels, higher protein levels, and lower carb levels (with the important diet?

It has been said that “Dieting is the price we pay for too little exercise and too much mass-produced food!”

Well, diets still hold the promise of better health, lower incidence of heart disease, stroke and cancer.


Truthfully when I ask people what they are dieting for, the bottom line is many of them say “I want to look better!” first and then “I want to feel better!” Second.

Actually that holds true for a large number of folks but I know from reading your emails most of you are focused on felling better and living longer and healthier first!

Which brings me to a point: A lot of times looking better is a short term goal. People have a certain event they want to get svelte for like a marriage or a reunion, and then they forgeddaboutit!

Clearly the long term motivations work better to keep weight and inches off.

That said who wins this diet war?

Ironically an article published recently in the Archives of Internal Medicine, a rag that would be considered ultra traditional, admitted that the higher fat higher protein diet fared a lot better in both the weight loss and cholesterol lowering department.

Put another way, the “officially sanctioned” diet of the NCEP was just not as good at achieving either of the aims of the NCEP as the MLC diet.

People did not lose as much weight and there was no change in their cholesterol levels!!!

Given that these folks represent the government, the FDA, Big Pharmacy, and Traditional Medicine none of us should be too surprised.

Have any of these agencies proven even once that they know or will tell any real useful functional information about nutrition or health.


So why should we trust them on this.

Yet this is the diet they would give you when you left the hospital with the heart attack they could have prevented!

This is the diet you would be given by a hospital or community based dietician (there are some exceptions to this but how to find them!) when you paid to see them because your insurance company does not recognize the value of preventative medicine via diet.

This is the diet so many “Health Publications” continue to print.

What do these diets say about Fish Oil?

Universally they recommend it. Even the Government is finally getting into the act when the “Dietary Recommendations for Americans” is released in early 2005.

Adkins and South Beach both recommend some form of Fish Oil.

The biggest mistake all of these bodies make is being too timid about the dosage!

You should be taking at least 3 grams a day for basic health, and 6 to 8 grams a day if you want to see moods, memory and wrinkles improve!

So don’t be timid about the health of your brain and body. Swallow those capsules with meals everyday and watch life get better and better, independent of the Government, the FDA and the rest of Traditional Medicine.

Here are a few more tools for your “Anti-Flab Holiday Campaign”.

Fab Fat Burning for EveryoneFish oilUltra Strength Fat Furnace

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