Prostate Cancer is The Single Most Common Cancer in Men Over 65

One of the “epidemics” that plagues modern Western man is prostate cancer. Fully 70% of the cancers over age 65 are prostate. This makes prostate cancer the single most common cancer in men of that age range or any age range, by far.

Here are some tips for you that may look familiar.  They are adaptations of my “4 Pillars of Health”.

1)   Decrease the amount of saturated and man-made fats in your
diet and get the best fish oil. There have recently been discussions about Fish Oil and Prostate cancer. High amounts of saturated fat have been associated with heart disease, blood pressure problems and of course many forms of cancer.  Take note: we are talking primarily about man-made fats, not naturally occurring fats.  Even the “anti-red meat” campaign will have to admit they are talking about farm raised corn meal fed animals when it comes to cancer. Free range, while not the greatest source of Omega 3’s is still far better than farm raised because of the ratios of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fats.

2)   Eat more fruits and veggies. Green leafys are sadly missing from most diets!  And remember you can plug some nutritional holes with a great Multi and the Daily Dose Pack Another note: my Monster Multi (the best vitamin on the market)has a large slug of green tea extract loaded with green tea catechins and polyphenols for good health.

3)   Manage your weight and don’t forget to exercise. Weight loss and fat control requires a 2-pronged attack of exercise and proper nutrition and calorie limitation. Hard to do over the Holidays? Not really; here are some secret weapons for your weight loss tool box.

In an ideal world we can do everything with diet exercise and lifestyle. In the meantime there is Dr Dave’s Best!  Let me know when you get there.


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