ta-65-and-bonus_256I am not going to rehash all of the things I have said about telomerase activation and cancer in the past because there is too much new stuff to tell you about.

But I will remind you that cancer has a nasty and unique ability to amplify telomerase expression in just about every way you could imagine, recombination, gene amplification, mutation and more. This is “cancer’s fault”! It does not mean that telomerase causes cancer as I have said a thousand different ways and a thousand different times.

I will also remind you that this has absolutely nothing to do with TA-65!

Currently studies from Maria Blasco’s lab suggest that we can amplify telomerase more or less continuously for at least a year at a 10 fold level without increasing the incidence of cancer. That particular study showed a 25% increase in the life span of middle aged subjects (mice) and 13% in geriatric mice that were basically already hitting their maximum life span. Remember Dr Blasco disabused the world of a myth- that mice do not age like people e.g. they do not age by telomere loss. That in fact is not true as she showed- they DO age by telomere loss specifically the accumulation of higher and higher percentages of short telomeres.

Her studies were ground breaking because they showed mice as ideal models for human aging surrogates and, that telomerase activation was the only current way to extent life span in mammals.

This came in the wake of the calorie restriction studies in monkeys being shown as flawed which ultimately undermined the stance that CR works in mammals at least for the moment. And of course there was the DePinho study where mouse aging was actually reversed by telomerase activation.

Because Dr DePinho used a common trigger, the drug tamoxifen as the off on switch some anti-aging docs wrongly interpreted this to mean that bioidentical hormone replacement lengthens your telomeres. There is not one study that shows that although there are lots of reasons to consider hormone replacement! Same thing for men and testosterone.

Earlier( 2010) there was the peer reviewed TA-65 study in Rejuvenation Research which showed multiple improvements in health parameters in real live free living people, and as I have mentioned before there is a study that was started this past May in Barcelona which is randomized double blinded placebo controlled in people taking TA-65.

There is some interesting research though on telomerase and cancer, sort of. By sort of I mean that it is not directly relating to telomerase but to cancer.

First a study identified the specific region or “protein motif” where telomerase binds to the telomere. This is for all intents and purposes the “gate keeper” portion of telomerase that allows it to bind directly to the telomere and start making it longer. Of course the first words out of the researchers mouths had to do with the Big Pharma payday they expect to get if they can exploit this by “making a drug that might inhibit cancer”.

I will say this much: That drug better be very very specifically targeted to cancer cells only or its going to play havoc with the rest of the immune system and the stem cell population. Geron’s drug Imetelstat while brilliantly conceived by some very smart people has not panned out and actually looked like it made the cancer worse. Now a lot of this may have been due to poor patient selection when choosing who got the treatment but the sad fact is cancer figures out lots of ways to tenaciously survive these kinds of things while non cancerous normal cells do not. I stand by my original statements: non targeted telomerase inhibition is a bad idea!

The good news is that it (the  telomerase binding domain) can be used in the reverse and when the enough momentum and public desire for anti-aging telomerase activation happens and the profit margin gets big enough without the financial risk ( in other words when someone else does the hard work) Big Pharma will surely swoop in and capitalize. Then we will have the world’s first telomerase activating drug. Unless Google’s new anti-aging company beats them to it!

Another thing that you may be aware of is that some viruses cause cancer.  Recently an inherited Herpes Virus (HHV6A +B) was found to integrate into the telomere. When it “comes out” it apparently destabilizes the telomere and the rest of the genome and at the very least shortens the life span of the affected cells.

This is the first time I have ever seen documentation of a specific virus integrate directly into telomere DNA which is very different than the rest of the genome where other viruses often hide. While no one is sure what this means and there is not a direct relationship to cancer, there is a spectrum of associations of HHV6 with childhood Roseola or “6th disease” being the most common. There is speculation about Chronic Fatigue and MS as well.

The bottom line is something you already knew: destruction of telomeres and shortening thereof can have serious consequences.  Sickness aging and death are among them!

That is why I am constantly harping on you to “Take Care of Your Telomeres!”


Citation: Michael Harkisheimer, Mark Mason, Elena Shuvaeva, Emmanuel Skordalakes, ‘A Motif in the Vertebrate Telomerase N-Terminal Linker of TERT Contributes to RNA Binding and Telomerase Activity and Processivity’, Structure September 19 2013 DOI:10.1016/j.str.2013.08.013

Ok you’ve seen me beat up on the QPCR as a tool for accurate assessment of telomere length in the recent Ornish study. To my mind that was the absolute worst use of that technology and it invalidates much of what the authors concluded primarily because the study was so small and did not correlate well with telomerase activity. If you haven’t read that blog it’s here .

But another recent study that used this technology was exactly the kind where QPCR might actually be useful… sort of. You’ll see why I am qualifying it.

Keep in mind as you read this that the vagaries of these studies are not even in the consciousness of the people writing about them. They just look at the study and parrot back the conclusions as if they were fact. Apparently most people want exactly that with very little consideration for “the truth” because if the study supports their agenda, they are not going to want to hear anything that raises questions. Again if you read my blog on the Ornish study you will see that is not my way either.

Now onto this new study out of Holland. The gist of it is: if you are significantly neurotic you are shortening your telomeres and probably your lifespan and your health span more rapidly than you should be and more rapidly than someone who is better emotionally balanced!

This study had all the things the “Ornish” study did not. It had an “n” of over 3300 people. It used the telomere measurement over long periods of time between measurements, 1, 3, and 6 years. The combination of the large number of participants and the long delay between assays especially the 3 and 6 year gaps helps make up for some of the inaccuracies in this kind of test because the numbers give it more ability to predict trends and the time gives more chance for REAL changes in telomere length that are within the detection of the tests ability to actually happen. To the statisticians in the audience you know I just simplified the heck out of that explanation but most of the folks reading this will understand it and would not get the terminology you like to use!

Now would have HTQFISH been a better choice? Absolutely! It would have actually looked at the telomeres and seen the percentage of short telomeres as well as mean telomere length.  And it would have delivered the data in almost exactly the same time frame with more accuracy allowing the authors to have a shorter and potentially cheaper cost to the study while giving more information.

Why didn’t they do that instead? I can only guess but they weren’t looking for individual information only large group and mostly because scientists have not caught on yet to this technology!  You can experience it yourself if you want to at ADL Tests.

Now comes the critique part of the study e.g. what is wrong with it. Mainly that they had to use a questionnaire to access neuroticism. Questionnaires are a necessary evil in things like nutrition, exercise/injury study and psychiatry but they are fraught with potential errors mainly because people don’t always tell the truth when they talk about themselves!

Still if you look at some of the better studies that Epel and Blackburn have done in the past it fits with the findings. Mental stress whether self inflicted or related to “the others” in one’s life shortens our lives and can wreck our health almost as surely as some physical disease.

So what can you do if you are stressed, neurotic or carrying around harmful mental wounds?

Well you can start by forgiving yourself and valuing yourself. Then you can forgive and value others!

In the process you might read our little book The Immortality Edge – but hurry even Amazon is running out of them! You will find there several ways to achieve physical and mental balance that have worked for many people. Some are expensive (TA 65) and some cost nothing.

Only YOU can decide how much you are worth!



Parallel_telomere_quadrupleI am not sure how many times I’ve said that longer telomeres protect against cancer. Probably almost as many times as I’ve had to refute someone saying “telomerase causes cancer therefore TA-65 might cause cancer.”

Back in December 2010 JAMA a very drug centric Big Pharma supported journal published a study that associated short telomere lengths with more cancer and worse cancer and vice versa. Conclusion: short telomeres are associated with cancer and long ones are not.  Then came the attacks

“What about those tumors that have longer telomeres like glioblastoma?”

Answer: those tumors use the ALT mechanism to lengthen their telomeres which does not involve telomerase. This mechanism, ALT, is however associated with the same genetic (or if you prefer genomic) instability that is caused by short telomeres because the recombination of ALT ruins the integrity of the genome, similar to the way short telomeres allow the genome to become unstable.

The common pathway is genome instability.

So over the past 5 years or so I’ve been fighting a slowly winning battle to convince more and more people that having longer telomeres or more specifically fewer critically short ones is a good thing associated with better health and potentially longer life.

Along with this I have been saying that because the immune stimulation, something TA-65 does really well, having healthier telomeres may turn out to be cancer protective.

I have also been asked, “If you got cancer would you keep taking TA-65?” My answer is: I would take more!!! Or more specifically I would take high dose (4 a day) more frequently that once a day.”

Now here is the disclaimer part:

I am telling you what I would do, not what you should do. If you are worried about cancer or have cancer, the usual advice must apply- talk to YOUR doctor! Do not interpret what I have said here to mean that TA-65 is in any way cancer protective or a cancer treatment, and know clearly that what I have said here is contrary to the advice 99.99% physicians in advanced countries with advanced Pharmaceutical Industries would tell you.

But while you are at it read this:

It basically says that cancer cells try to keep their telomeres short because it facilitates their “cancer like” behavior. It also says that lengthening telomeres would increase the differentiation of the cell into a less cancer like form that may not have the immortal and aggressive characteristics of a cancer.

And finally think about what I’ve been telling you for the past 5 years and watch for more and more supporting evidence.

Stay well and have fun!



DNA StrandScientists are by nature skeptics.  Usually it takes more than one positive result and one positive study to convince them.  There is no set number of studies you need to do to sway scientific opinion and quiet naysayers. More often than not, it depends as much on opinion and bias of the so-called scientific community.  This has been proven over and over again with things as diverse as the “earth is flat” to telomeres are merely “markers of aging”.

Well recently another big study showed a direct correlation between telomere length and survival.  It was adjusted for age, disease and other lifestyle factors, yet the correlation still held.

I have often referred to my two favorite tests, Omega 6/3 ratios and specifically short telomere testing as offered by as the “BS detectors”. What I mean is there is no hiding from these two tests.  If you think you have a healthy diet, then you should have a good level of omega 3 fats in your blood and tissues and your telomere lengths, again, specifically your percentage of short telomeres, should be better than your actual age.

This is how we predict “biologic age”- how old your body really is, independent of the number of birthdays you’ve had.

I encourage you to look at these tests because, if you are not actually living as healthy as you think, you still have time to do it. It’s easy to fix a low omega 3 level, just take more fish oil.

It’s also easy to help your telomere length but so far there is really only one choice for that as well.  TA-65 remains the only telomerase activator with human data, human cell data, and mouse data. More is on the way, specifically human studies.

While it may take another 100 or even 1,000 studies linking telomere length and telomerase activation to longer and healthier lives, there is enough data right now if you are willing to look carefully. And it may take years for another 100 or 1,000 studies to actually be completed.

While you are waiting, Father Time is eating at your vitality.

I chose not to wait to do something proactive.



centurionIn my most recent blog, The Monster is Not Born Immortal, I discussed in real time the results of Dr Maria Blasco’s most recent paper using both telomerase over expression and Calorie Restriction.

As usual, I got a bevy of comments, many of which were nasty grams and did not get published for that reason, on the blog.

People do not like to see their belief systems attacked.

The one that has come into question most recently, is based on the statement: “The only robust way to extend mammalian longevity is calorie restriction”!

Based on the recent monkey fiasco and Dr Blasco’s findings that her calorie restricted mice did NOT live longer, I think that phrase needs to be changed to:

“The only way to robustly extend mammalian lifespan is telomerase over expression!”

I honestly think Dr Blasco’s achievements in the past year warrant a Nobel Prize.

1)  She successfully extended mammalian (mouse) lifespan with the AAV 9 virus and did not increase cancer incidence.

2)  She showed how mice actually do age like people based on her assay (Life Length, following the percentage of short telomeres.

3)  She showed how telomerase over expression is probably the main, if not the only key to true life extension in mammals.

Now, let’s talk briefly about calorie restriction (CR). There are approximately 10,000 people who follow the discipline worldwide, at least to some degree.  When these people die, we should salute them since they have carried on what must be the first true human longevity experiment. That is, assuming they do not believe any of the most recent findings that point away from CR as a valid life extension method.

In the meantime, what about all the darlings of science: mTor, Foxo, sirtuins?  More and more it looks like these are “healthspan pathways” that have the most effect when someone, or more specifically some animal, is sick or stressed.  Remember CR may be its own stress, but ultimately, even though animals who are CR’d do not live longer, they do seem to be healthier up to the point when they die.

Does this work in people?  Preliminary findings suggest that in heart disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and other types of similar age-related diseases, CR does indeed improve outcomes.  It also seems to help Alzheimer’s and we wonder… Cancer?

Here is where the problems start to come in.  By the time you have cancer, you might also be protein calorie malnourished and CR might worsen everything. There are studies that do show it increases mortality and morbidity in some animals. And by the way, if you want to look at a free living population of protein calorie malnourished people, try the elderly.

They seem to get sick and die at a higher rate than the rest of us! So we may find that CR ultimately shortens human lifespan in non-obese populations, echoing my title for this blog.

And while I am at it, I may as well talk about resveratrol, another darling that has lost its shimmer.  Recent studies show resveratrol does not even work through the primary sirtuin system and even if it did, that system is not a longevity pathway in people. It’s an energy management pathway.

As I have said before, it’s a decent antioxidant if you want to take it but do not look to it as a longevity drug!

Over the years, I have voiced all these opinions before and taken a lot of abuse because of my stance.

But, I really don’t care because I am not going to do anything that is not well researched and reasonably proven, and I am not going to stake my health and longevity on it either.

What about TA-65; is it a longevity drug?

Again, the abuse flows both from people who do not believe in longevity as a concept and from others who claim to have a telomerase activator of their own.

My stance remains the same:

If you want to age and die prematurely that is your choice, please proceed by all means!

TA-65 is the only telomerase activator currently available that has ANY human data and more is on the way. Since it’s not a drug, we can’t call it a longevity drug.

But, we could call it a longevity compound since it mimics many of the effects of telomerase over expression by virus or genetic manipulation, including immune boosting, bone mass improvements, anti-inflammatory effects, skin aging decrease or reversal and many metabolic turnarounds.

Since this is my passion and my profession, I want to do everything that makes sense to improve my chances, while we hash out what else is super important in this quest for a better life with better health!

We may yet find that CR makes sense for some group of sick people wanting those things, but we know TA-65 already does.


P.S. We do owe a debt of gratitude to the CR folks since they are actually trying to find an answer and are willing to sacrifice their lives and some considerable enjoyment of same to get that answer.  I sincerely hope the CR society approaches Life Length to do short telomere testing, since it may provide them with an answer that doesn’t require them to die first!

twinkie pictureBottom line of this whole blog:  Supplemental Telomerase Activation is Required for increases in Longevity whether you calorie restrict or not.

There are probably three or four studies now that show one simple irrefutable fact: you must turn on and increase telomerase expression to improve longevity. Most of them have come from Maria Blasco’s lab in Madrid Spain but the first one actually came from a lab in Texas by a fellow I have had the good fortune to speak with as well: Jerry Shay.

There have been a couple of ways to do this. Originally it was done with oncogene (cancer) promoters attached to the telomerase gene to turn it on. Ironically in these cells the experiment ended not because of cancer but because of boredom and expense.  Basically the lab tech pleaded for mercy after the number doublings (effectively the replicative lifespan) exceeded 700% normal. At that point the cells were mercifully sent on into the great beyond since they had become immortal already and new studies with new cell lines were begun.

What is the take-home message from this study?

Add in enough telomerase to healthy cells and you will get healthy immortal cells without cancer.

Since that time others have replicated the data and found more or less the same thing: Telomerase activation improves healthspan and if you turn it up high enough (but not to high! Remember Goldilocks – JUST RIGHT!) you also get longevity improvements.

There have been other interesting finds that point to telomerase being one of the major keys to health and longevity.

Dr Blasco’s lab pioneered the use of a non-cancer-causing viral vector called AAV9 which has some special properties when coupled with telomerase. First, it is trophic, meaning it gets into lots of different cell and tissue types and next, it is “non-integrative” which means it does not insert itself into the DNA (genome). Two things happen because of this.

First, these little “virosomes” churn out telomerase like little telomerase factories. But with each cell division the effect is diluted out. This is important because in the past some integrative viral vectors (those that got into the genes) caused ongoing expression of telomerase from embryonic age on and did increase cancer incidence in measurable if not massive amounts. The dilutional aspect of the AAV9 virosomes allowed them to be added in mouse “middle age” and old age and the increases in telomerase were limited in amount and time compared to the mice that were genetically engineered.

The result of AAV9?

Middle aged mice lived 24% longer old mice lived 14% longer. So it does appear in mice at least that earlier treatment results in more effects. Now I have to tell you that is actually the opposite experience that I have seen with TA-65 because often the fastest and most dramatic effects are seen in older people who ostensibly would need it more. Keep in mind that younger and middle aged people also can benefit tremendously and there is value in “preventative” telomere maintenance.

The other critical thing to note is: unlike calorie restriction it appears that not only does the “average mouse” live longer than its non-telomerase-activated relative but also the oldest of the old mice gain in lifespan.

So you can no longer say that calorie restriction is the only way to lengthen life. In mice it does not seem to work that way UNLESS you add in telomerase.

That is the result of Dr Blasco’s most recent paper released just today.*

Calorie restriction did not lengthen life in her mice. It did improve neurologic parameters and decrease the incidence of cancer and metabolic disorders, but the mice still died at the typical age of mouse death.

When you added in telomerase by the genetic manipulation, which normally causes cancer, the calorie restriction appears to reduce the cancer risk associated with the ongoing high level telomerase expression back to baseline.  Only problem: the mice were only 3 months old when the calorie restriction started, which equates to about 18 years old in people.  That is a long time without Twinkies!

I hope you understand the importance of all of this work. These scientists have identified the level of telomerase, the ways it can and should be expressed and the direct effects on longevity without causing cancer.

In addition, Dr Blasco has found a way to extend mammalian life span with and without calorie restriction.

It’s called telomerase.

Dr Dave

*In case you are wondering how I got all this info the same day the info hit the presses, I spent an hour on the phone with Maria Blasco today – something I get to do more often than most!

We were in the middle of an important conversation when the call came in.  Jack, I will call him, was a middle aged business man, who had a proposition for me that was supposed to revolutionize my business and my life.  The call interrupted his presentation for about 2 minutes, but in that time I found myself pondering the purpose of the endless demands on our time and our seemingly endless connectivity with our fellow man.

As it turns out, the call was not as important as Jack had originally supposed.  As a matter of fact, I caught him in idle chit chat and shot him a glance that said, “Come on, Pal!”  At that point, he ended his call, but over the next 10 minutes there was a seemingly endless array of tones signifying texts coming in.  With each tone Jack flinched a little, unable to completely ignore the tugging of the sound on his brain.

He concluded his presentation by letting me know he had another call he had to attend.  Needless to say, Jack did not get my business nor did he get any more of my attention.  Nor will he…ever!

What was most disturbing was that Jack, like me, was in his mid 50’s. He, like me, had spent several decades in the dark ages of limited and purposeful communication, which required some forethought and action, other than pushing speed dial.  Unlike me, he had modernized his life and was attended by all of the bells and whistles that the continuing array of communications devices provides.  Out of curiosity, I checked his Facebook account.  There, in too much detail, were the details of his business day, his clients and all of the nonsensical and unimportant things he did during that day.  None of them seemed to hold any priority in his vapid endless stream of consciousness babble that masqueraded as communication.

The parallels to the minds of so many people I meet are inescapable!

I began to wonder if Jack was actually a participant in his own life or merely a scribe, jumping between texts, tweets and Facebook commentary.  The latter has managed to change the meaning of the word “like” forever.  How stupid!

I am sure Jack’s children had all of the newest devices for said endless communication.  I am sure Jack lamented the cost of many things in his life, including things that would improve his health. But he did not bat an eye at how much time/money he spent lining the pockets of the telecommunications giants with his money.  I am sure his children would not think of using anything but the latest piece of equipment and felt deprived if it was not on their doorstep within 24 hours of its release. Perhaps Facebook can create a new word for that kind of addiction.

Today, our children have an endless array of freedom, information and choices. And a deficit of facts and attention. If it is said on the internet, it must be true and everyone is an expert on anything.  I wonder if they will ever realize someone is getting very rich from their addictions, while they buy into one world saving agenda after another, all spread and hyped by the information “revolution”.

To me Verizon and T Mobile are just as evil as Monsanto.

Ten years ago, I made some huge changes in my life.  One of them was to reduce the size of my medical practice by about 90%. In the process, I got rid of what I euphemistically called, my “electronic leashes”.

They were my pager and my portable phone. My pager was a one way leash.  They called and I had to answer, no matter what, when or where.  And for 18 years I did so, dutifully. My portable phone was not a cell phone. It was a 3 watt semi portable thing that ran about 1 hour on battery and weighed about 5 pounds. It was the size of an encyclopedia, a book that is, not a digital version!

So, in a very real sense, I embraced technology and was probably among the first 5% in the world to have a mobile phone.  Even then, I knew the line between tool and obsession would be blurred by too many people.

I could not have been happier to get rid of these leashes, because I discovered then, what has since been the topic of much research and writing.

Much like the human body has not adapted well to Modern foods, the human brain is not adept at handling the extended tribe that today’s modern communication devices have forced on people.

It has been said and I believe that we are geared for social circles of no larger than 150. And yet, we need to know everything about everyone, everywhere.

Do we really!?  Can it really be important or even healthy to “know everything” with no discernment of importance?

One of the other changes I made 10 years ago, was to stop watching the “news”. In the process, I cut my TV time down to about 2 hours a week, which opened up time to read about things that were related to my interests and my field.  Since then, I have not once missed a meaningful world event. And I have become a true expert, not a phony internet one, on at least 3 things: longevity, Omega 3 fatty acids and telomeres.

I am sure it is too late to stop the endless addiction to connectivity that our society has so rapidly embraced. Just like it is too late to stop the endless flow of pseudo experts on the internet. I am also sure no real good can come of it. And the saddest thing is people my age should know better. Kids I can understand- when one has it, they all have to have it. But I really don’t care how many hamburgers fit on your grill.

And trust me, neither do you!  Then again, you might miss the Groupon special on brand name popcorn that is going on within a 20 mile radius of your home.

And that missed opportunity could alter your life forever!



I have been seeing this headline circulating a lot lately – “Telomeres are the new cholesterol”. I actually know where it came from and the people who are responsible for its creation and circulation.

These people are very smart and well meaning.  But in their attempts to educate the public as to the very real importance of telomere length and its predictive value for overall health, I think they have inadvertently created a misconception.

The standard measurement of telomere length is called WBC MTL. It stands for white blood cell mean telomere length. The two ways of doing this test are called QPCR and FLO-FISH. The QPCR has an agreed inaccuracy of about 1000 base pairs of telomere DNA. This translates into about 5 to 10 years of aging or aging reversal just as a function of the test. In other words there is a pretty big error.  The FLO-FISH is a bit better with an inaccuracy of about 500 base pairs.  One way to get a more meaningful value is to wait longer to do the test.  Like 2 or 3 years!  Often studies show tests done in a few weeks or a few months after the initial intervention was begun.  They pronounce gigantic leaps in longevity in 6 weeks for things like green tea.

This is simply not possible and is a function of the inaccuracies of the test.  In other words it’s absolutely meaningless! Yet there are some pretty big names in the field still using this test to make positive pronouncements.

One of the most appealing things about TA-65 is that a group of people were tested using what is, in my opinion, the only meaningful test there is for telomere length: short telomere testing.

Studies have shown that the shortest telomere is the one that does the damage and therefore the most important- maybe the only important one in the bunch so to speak.

This is yet another reason why TA-65 is really the only thing that has been proven to work for addressing telomere length. It transcends the errors in testing and works exactly where it needs to to combat aging!

Sadly, until short telomere testing becomes a widely available test, which it is not (only one lab does it in Spain!), testing telomere length the current way will mean waiting 2 or 3 years before seeing meaningful results in the typical MTL tests.


meditation can burn fat
I got a very interesting question from a good friend, customer and reader the other day that I wanted to share with you.

“Doc, does the parasympathetic nervous system (SLUDD) use fat as fuel? Is it a stretch?

To conclude that relaxation, such as meditation uses or operates in the
parasympathetic nervous system?

If so, then does meditation burn fat?” -Peter M.

Hi, Peter. Always nice to hear from you! Remember that fat is the primary fuel for all activities except the short burst high intensity stuff… so technically sleeping burns fat!

The autonomic (automatic) nervous system consists of sympathetic and parasympathetic, which generally oppose each other in action. Most people in Western Societies have too much sympathetic tone, however, and this imbalance is a source of emotional mood and anxiety issues amongst others. Meditation invokes a higher parasymp. tone at least for a time so it is really part of the relaxation response. Keep an eye out for my book this January (I am working with the publisher to get some advanced copies), which tells how meditation can lengthen your telomeres.

In terms of fat burning (and inches you’ll loose to pounds), you’d want more energy expenditure (actually more energy wasted!) for maximum fat burning. This is why thermogenics, appetite suppressants and calorie burners generally work on the sympathetic end of things and generally give people more energy if used correctly.

By the way, the book is called The Immortality Edge and is co–authored with some famous people (far more famous than me!) who also know lots about staying young, vital and healthy … Actress Greta Blackburn (The movie “48 Hours” the TV series “V” and many others) and anti-aging guru Mike Fossel and will be available in January 2011. It will be the first and only book of its kind on real longevity with telomere biology front and center.

Published by John Wiley and Sons, this is not a self-published book by phony experts; it’s the real deal!


I wanted to let you know about a couple of areas that are truly exploding in terms of knowledge, understanding and most of all direct application to your health, well being and longevity.

These are the areas I will be writing about in my emails and blogs to keep you updated.

I also wanted to tell you about the astounding number of clueless people who are writing about these areas. Sadly the internet is notorious for “letting” anyone with an opinion or supposed expertise publish anything they want.

Most of it is misinformed, over simplified or just plain nonsense.

Nowhere is that more true than in the field of Longevity and especially Telomere Biology. Again if you haven’t been reading my stuff for the past 14 months then you might not know what the word “telomere” refers to. Telomeres are part of your genetic material and they are the biologic time clocks that determine for a large part how long you can live (emphasis on the word can; can does not equal will!) If you want the straight scoop on this topic you can read my blogs or just go to for a more concentrated look at what I have written.

You’ll see why they call me Dr Telomere!

Ok let’s look at what is brewing and what you need to stay informed on:

1) Exercise physiology. Finally, after decades of following what has worked for one individual or one genetically gifted athlete, we are beginning to get real data on the average Joes and Janes and translate it into what works. I won’t get into that here but I have written a book and sell a course on it called Fabulous Fat Burning for Everyone that has a lot of great information for you. Still any book becomes outdated before it’s published so if you want real info you have to go to the source. And that means a seminar on the topic! Nowhere I have ever been has more to offer in this regard than Great Blackburn’s famous Fitcamps.

The next one is in Malibu in November and is rife with tip top people in the fields of longevity and fitness who have been able to tie both together for you. Go to and sign up now! Each one is life changing.

2) Nutrition. This includes supplements, neutragenomics and epigenetics. Again, if you’ve been reading my stuff, you know what those words mean and why they are important. If you don’t, well then you haven’t been reading my stuff. Bottom line: in those fancy sounding words are simple concepts that will shape everything we do from now on. So stay tuned and keep reading my stuff. By the way you’ll see al lot of imitators but they can only copy so you may as well get it first here!

3) Longevity. I pride myself in being the guy who translates cutting edge science to the world at large. As such, I spoke on longevity and its newest, greatest and “here now” field, Telomere Biology at two major anti-aging conferences in 2009 and 2010. Again there will be people who claim to be experts and write about this topic but have at best a limited understanding of the topic (or none at all) and try to copy from what I have written.

Here is the good news. Myself and co-authors Greta Blackburn and Mike Fossel have a book coming out that tells you in plain English what to do to stay healthy and live longer and better. It’s a real book published by a real publisher and the first of its kind to tie in Telomere Biology with everyday life.

And it’s written by real experts not wanna be’s.

It’s called The Immortality Edge and I will soon be telling you how to get a signed copy from me.

So once again, stay tuned and be aware that this is the real deal, authentic, you-heard-it-first here. Your source for information in these fields.