If there is one question that pops up over and over again its,”Doc, what’s the best diet to lose weight on?”

The simple answer: use a Paleo type diet with my fish oil and an exercise program as detailed in Fab Fat Loss for Everyone.

The complex answer? Well that could take days to answer and many emails so…I may as well start right now!

Today I am going to take a scientific look at two diets that are representative of two very different viewpoints.

The first diet, the diet touted by the National Cholesterol Education Program (you know, those lovely folks who think the entire nation should be on statin drugs, and think that cholesterol levels are the be all and end all of health!) stresses higher carbohydrate levels and lower fat levels.

For simplicity’s sake we’ll call this diet the NCEP diet for National Cholesterol Education Program Diet.

The Challenger we’ll call the “Modified Low Carbohydrate diet”. This diet is closer to Atkins and South Beach in that it stresses higher fat levels, higher protein levels, and lower carb levels (with the important diet?

It has been said that “Dieting is the price we pay for too little exercise and too much mass-produced food!”

Well, diets still hold the promise of better health, lower incidence of heart disease, stroke and cancer.


Truthfully when I ask people what they are dieting for, the bottom line is many of them say “I want to look better!” first and then “I want to feel better!” Second.

Actually that holds true for a large number of folks but I know from reading your emails most of you are focused on felling better and living longer and healthier first!

Which brings me to a point: A lot of times looking better is a short term goal. People have a certain event they want to get svelte for like a marriage or a reunion, and then they forgeddaboutit!

Clearly the long term motivations work better to keep weight and inches off.

That said who wins this diet war?

Ironically an article published recently in the Archives of Internal Medicine, a rag that would be considered ultra traditional, admitted that the higher fat higher protein diet fared a lot better in both the weight loss and cholesterol lowering department.

Put another way, the “officially sanctioned” diet of the NCEP was just not as good at achieving either of the aims of the NCEP as the MLC diet.

People did not lose as much weight and there was no change in their cholesterol levels!!!

Given that these folks represent the government, the FDA, Big Pharmacy, and Traditional Medicine none of us should be too surprised.

Have any of these agencies proven even once that they know or will tell any real useful functional information about nutrition or health.


So why should we trust them on this.

Yet this is the diet they would give you when you left the hospital with the heart attack they could have prevented!

This is the diet you would be given by a hospital or community based dietician (there are some exceptions to this but how to find them!) when you paid to see them because your insurance company does not recognize the value of preventative medicine via diet.

This is the diet so many “Health Publications” continue to print.

What do these diets say about Fish Oil?

Universally they recommend it. Even the Government is finally getting into the act when the “Dietary Recommendations for Americans” is released in early 2005.

Adkins and South Beach both recommend some form of Fish Oil.

The biggest mistake all of these bodies make is being too timid about the dosage!

You should be taking at least 3 grams a day for basic health, and 6 to 8 grams a day if you want to see moods, memory and wrinkles improve!

So don’t be timid about the health of your brain and body. Swallow those capsules with meals everyday and watch life get better and better, independent of the Government, the FDA and the rest of Traditional Medicine.

Here are a few more tools for your “Anti-Flab Holiday Campaign”.

Fab Fat Burning for EveryoneFish oilUltra Strength Fat Furnace

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One of the “epidemics” that plagues modern Western man is prostate cancer. Fully 70% of the cancers over age 65 are prostate. This makes prostate cancer the single most common cancer in men of that age range or any age range, by far.

Here are some tips for you that may look familiar.  They are adaptations of my “4 Pillars of Health”.

1)   Decrease the amount of saturated and man-made fats in your
diet and get the best fish oil. There have recently been discussions about Fish Oil and Prostate cancer. High amounts of saturated fat have been associated with heart disease, blood pressure problems and of course many forms of cancer.  Take note: we are talking primarily about man-made fats, not naturally occurring fats.  Even the “anti-red meat” campaign will have to admit they are talking about farm raised corn meal fed animals when it comes to cancer. Free range, while not the greatest source of Omega 3’s is still far better than farm raised because of the ratios of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fats.

2)   Eat more fruits and veggies. Green leafys are sadly missing from most diets!  And remember you can plug some nutritional holes with a great Multi and the Daily Dose Pack Another note: my Monster Multi (the best vitamin on the market)has a large slug of green tea extract loaded with green tea catechins and polyphenols for good health.

3)   Manage your weight and don’t forget to exercise. Weight loss and fat control requires a 2-pronged attack of exercise and proper nutrition and calorie limitation. Hard to do over the Holidays? Not really; here are some secret weapons for your weight loss tool box.

In an ideal world we can do everything with diet exercise and lifestyle. In the meantime there is Dr Dave’s Best!  Let me know when you get there.


Did you know you are in the fat burning zone when you sleep. As a matter of fact, fat is probably the only source of fuel for you while you sleep but it’s nowhere near enough for you to impact on your fat stores if you are overweight or are not sleeping enough.

Well, I am here to tell you the sad news; you can’t really lose much of anything while you sleep. I will let some other copywriting team that works for an internet doctor lie to you on that one, but I won’t.

I will tell you this: if you aren’t sleeping around 7 hours or more regularly, you are going to have a really hard time losing any weight permanently.

Research study after research study has shown the same thing over and over again: sleep deprivation hinders weight and fat loss and promotes fat gain.

It does so by the following mechanisms:

  • Tired people don’t work out.
  • Tired people get more tired because their metabolism slows down and prevents fat loss.
  • Tired people do not have enough serotonin so they are apt to eat more sugary starchy “comfort” foods.

The bad news is most of America sleeps far less than 7 hours a night. More bad news: you heard of the Paleolithic Diet from me on several occasions. Well, genetically our Paleolithic makeup is to be athletic and sleep 8 to 9 hours a night. In other words, we are best when we are jocks and jockettes who sleep a lot because that is what we had to do to survive 50,000 years ago when our current genetic foundation was set in stone!

So here are a few suggestions.

If you need help sleeping anywhere near 7 hours a night, try my all natural Sweet Sleep Z. It’s been putting my family and friends to bed for a great night’s sleep since it came out with none of the addictions and side effects of prescription drugs.

If you need help increasing your metabolism and cutting your appetite, try my Mito QE and Energy X Maxx. These will be especially helpful to you if you wake up tired and run out of steam again later in the day.

Finally, never forget the fat burning benefits of fish oil. It should be in anyone’s’ slim down routine every single day.

Simple tools; big rewards!




Have you ever noticed how so many words get attached to fat loss that come and go?

Acai berry fat loss, cleansing fat loss, yoga fat loss, growth hormone fat loss, HCG and fat loss and so on and so forth.

Most of them come and go because they don’t work, at least for fat loss and taking inches off.

Let’s take a closer look at the 5 above.

Has the Acai berry ever been proven to do anything at all with body weight or fat? Nope, nothing at all — not one thing. Acai is a decent if not fabulous antioxidant and a great way to flavor chocolate and boost its antioxidant power but by itself it has no fat loss powers at all.

Cleansing and fat loss.  Well I guess we need to define what cleansing means.  Cleansing in the broadest sense means getting rid
of toxins that might be stored or accumulated in areas of your body.

Now it’s a natural leap to go from fat loss and the release of stored toxins, but the truth is that unless your fat loss is extremely rapid and the toxins extremely toxic you are not going to have much of a problem.  And detoxifying will only help you lose weight permanently if it follows the 300 to 500 calorie rule and does not invoke the starvation reflex that slows down your metabolism.

Jump to HCG and you’ll see the same thing.  The very low calorie
diets are the reason people temporarily lose weight with the
homeopathic doses of HCG they are generally given.  Once the
starvation reflex kicks in, the weight loss stops and it’s game over. You can’t fool Mother Nature.  Anyone who tells you they lost and kept off a ton of weight with this diet plan is doing something else in addition.

Yoga and fat loss.  Not being a Yoga expert, I am not the most
highly qualified person to comment on this but I will say this
much.  It has to depend on what kind and how much or how long you
do the Yoga and of course what you do in addition.  Still, as a non
sectarian spiritual practice, Yoga scores much better than other
similar activities for weight loss.

HGH or human growth hormone.  There is no doubt you can lose weight and gain muscle mass with HGH use.  But I can tell you this is
quite limited.  HGH is much better used for athletic recovery and
maintaining a youthful hormone balance than as a solo agent for fat
loss.  It’s also expensive, basically illegal and requires shots.

You are far better served using my Ultra Stength Fat Furnace that has none
of the HGH side effects and won’t land you and your doc in jail or
in the hospital!

Finally, a reminder… If you are serious about weight loss but do
really need guidance and help here is where you should go Fabulous
Fat Burning for Everyone.  This program has helped thousands of
people lose weight fast and there is nothing else to buy because
every thing you need is in the package.

All it takes is a short bit of time and a small amount of effort
and away you go onto a new body and new you.


I thought I had seen everything when one of my staff passed a headline across my desk about eating potatoes.

You may know that potatoes are much maligned as being “pure starch” and “high glycemic” so the concept of them being the next diet food was intriguing. Sadly the link was just a headline come on for a general weight loss program but I got to thinking, “Are potatoes a good diet food?”

First, the potato is a good source of starch. If you eat the skins (and of course wash them thoroughly before you do so) you can get most of the toxins out of there.

And if you do not fry them or top them with a lot of fatty synthetic goo, you are not adding bad things or chemicals to your body. Nor are you loading up the calories.

And the potato is about as Paleolithic as you can get, meaning our ancient ancestors ate them during the time our “food genetics” were developing.

OK what about the glycemic index? It is true that potatoes, especially some varieties, are at least medium on the glycemic index but they are nutritious and low calorie, again as long as you don’t slather them in butter.

If you must top them try pepper, small doses of olive or pumpkin seed oil (a tablespoon or 2 at most) and mustard, which is lower glycemic index as well.

While I will not tell you that you can lose weight on potatoes, I will tell you that you can cut carb cravings for starchy snacks with them and they are part of our ancestral diet which makes them a pretty good diet food in my book!

Now here is how you can lose weight and cut fat like a hot knife through butter: Ultra Strength Fat Furnace and Secret SlimDown Capsules.

Adding these potent fat burners to your daily routine for a few weeks is likely to produce fast and noticeable results in your waistline and how your clothes fit for the holidays.

And your appetite for sweets will diminish as well.

If you need more help, then consult my weight loss course, Fabulous Fat Burning for Everyone which has the complete recipe, exercise and supplement package you need to transform into the new you.

And yes, you can have a few potatoes along the way.

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How many pounds do you have to lose to drop an inch off your waist? Well sadly there is no scientific study for me to quote and people of course lose weight differently all, of which we’ll cover in a moment, but I can and will give you a ball park figure.

Your first inch will most likely be noticeable by 8 pounds, your second inch will take another 17 to 18.

Why the difference? The first inch is primarily water weight which your body will shed first, especially if you reduce the carbs in your diet. Carbs stored in the muscle as glycogen require a certain amount of water to be present and this water goes first as you reduce your calories because your increased fat burning will take longer. Your body defends fat as a long term energy storage source more tenaciously than it does your carb storage sources.

The amount of weight you need to lose per inch stays about the same thereafter — in the 17-18 pound range. When I dropped 50 pounds of body weight (over 75% of it body fat) a few years back using the principles in Fabulous Fat Burning for Everyone (and featuring my Ultra Strength Fat Furnace) I lost about 4 inches from my waist and at least as much from my derriere!

The fun part was putting on jeans I had since college!

Now here are a few other things to remember.

Eat less but not too much less. Too few calories and you’ll stall out.

Take your fish oil. Why not get the free and easy fat loss it provides along with the many other benefits.

Mind your nutrition. Keep your food choices wide but avoid carbs as much as you can. Whey protein has a great anabolic effect as well and is a great way to reduce dessert and snack intake and when you are hungry.

Don’t skimp on sleep!

Again, I detail the particulars of all this and more in Fabulous Fat Burning for Everyone.

So you can be “spoon-fed” your fat loss.

Aren’t you sick and tired of reading about how so and so lost 50 pounds or got a great body by getting in shape. I show YOU how with Fabulous Fat Burning for Everyone so you can write your own story!


Well I am at it again to answer a real and important question. Does TV watching really make you fat?

It turns out that there is a direct correlation between body fat and TV watching. As you might guess there are also less direct correlations with diabetes and other illnesses.

Still since we have the choice to hit the “off” button, we can’t really blame the TV.

What can be said for those of you who like conspiracy theories is that the “powers that be” are hard at work figuring out how to manipulate human behavior.

Examples include increased “food and eating” programming among commercials during peak TV hours. And on a more sinister note, a huge (at least 50% increases) in what most of us would call junk food-based commercials aimed directly at young children. There has also been a big increase in the general programming aimed at young children. Read more

Today we are going to take a look at a very interesting theory that has recently emerged and to some degree transcends your metabolic type.

After all, that is kind of the point, isn’t it?

Our body works on the principle of homeostasis.

Roughly translated from what I guess must be Latin this means, “The body stays the same”.

Now if you’ve been looking in the mirror lately and saying that very phrase, “The body stays the same”, doggone!

What do I have to do to make it change?

Well we’ve gone over some very specific recommendations in prior articles depending on your metabolic mitochondrial type but here is a great way to get started.

Take a look at your last attempt at weight loss and how many inches came off.

Dare I say it, your last “diet?”

If it worked you wouldn’t be reading this so here is the plan.

Do something very different from what you did then.

If you went on fruit and nuts, try beef and celery.

If you went on all protein like Atkins, try a Mediterranean type of diet with veggies, nuts and oily fish. Read more