The word press blog has become very popular and I have a lot of regular fans and of course some regular detractors.  This is the Yin and Yang of life.

But recently I got an email accusing me of being a “Johnny Come Lately”. Now normally I shrug this stuff off but I have to admit this comment got a little bit under my skin.

The accusation was based on the “fact” that I have only been blogging since 2010 after our book “The Immortality Edge came out. You’ll notice I did not put the customary Amazon link there because Amazon has sold out of our book! You can still get it through them just not from them at the moment.

I expect and hope they’ll order more!

Anyway I thought I would remind some of you who doubt, I have been blogging a long long time on lots of different things. Here is a link to the old Blog Spot blog which spans pretty much of the past decade.

I would also inform those of you who think I am a newbie that what has to have been the very first anti-aging Podcast was recorded by us and published by the long since gobbled up “Podcast Alley” in 2005. It’s out there somewhere I just don’t know where!

That begs the question: why the gap between blogs and other forms of communication.

Frankly I was spending a lot of time and not getting a lot of feedback. It is totally different now- I still spend the time but at least I know people are reading and responding.

Here is my guess: as usual I was ahead of my time! LOL.

These forms of communication simply did not hit mainstream readership for a couple of years after I started and I guess I just figured they never would.

I was certainly wrong about that!

Thanks for your support and engagement. I think you know most of what you read here is not to be found elsewhere. You can always get a parroted back version of what some press release or article said, examples being the fish oil and prostate cancer thing and of course the recent Ornish article.

But if you want thoughtful commentary, you’ve come to the right place.

Speaking of thoughtful check out the old blog when you get a chance. There is some provocative and amusing stuff back there!




The following is a press release that got generated from a radio interview I did on RG-Cell.  That product is in stock now and ready to ship.  Like I said when we initially released it, there is nothing like it out there!

Damaged and aging skin can now be repaired and rejuvenated, due to new advances in stem cell and telomerase technology. A new topical agent restores skin to a youthful appearance, without a visit to a plastic surgeon or dermatologist.

Skin, before and after RG-Cell use

Many new advances in stem cell and telomerase technology open the possibility to de-age a person’s skin and body, without pain and down time.

Up until now, patients had to see a plastic surgeon or dermatologist to rejuvenate their skin. Recent developments and research in topical agents have made it less likely for one to need Botox, laser or fillers to restore their skin to a more youthful appearance, or get rid of blemishes.

Dr. Dave Woynarowski MD, an anti-aging specialist, states that new combinations of topical serums applied to the skin have yielded some remarkable results, without having painful injections or surgery.

Dr. Dave gave remarks, “I was extremely skeptical about the possibility of repairing damaged skin with a topical ‘on the skin’ agent. After all, the cosmetics industry has been hawking this stuff for decades, to the tune of several billion dollars. None of it seemed to work very well. But, recently there is research to back up specific agents that, when used in combination, can do some pretty amazing age reversal, even on damaged skin. I have a lot of friends who are plastic surgeons or anti-aging dermatologists, so I decided to let them have the latest serum we devised called RG-Cell and see what they said. Bottom line: The patients love it for home use as well as post-treatment recovery, and it really does work far better than any of us anticipated!”

While pleasantly surprised, he also said there are drawbacks.

This procedure takes longer to see results. It is not as aggressive, painful or expensive as injections, fillers, lasers or surgery, and it cannot be expected to deliver the same results in the same time frame.

“The more wrinkled, sun damaged or blemished your skin is, the longer it takes using topical serums to reduce the damage you’ve accumulated. But, there is no down time either because you don’t burn, puff or cut the skin. It’s also very easy to use, so you don’t have to depend on a skin care professional to administer it. Anyone can use it!”

Of course, Dr. Dave encourages visiting a skin care professional first.

“Your plastic surgeon, dermatologist or a good cosmetologist may actually already have RG-Cell, although it is very new and hard to get. Odds are the cutting edge ones will know about it and already carry it.”

How does it work?

Dr. Dave says the ingredients were coupled together to create powerful potential stem cell messengers that activate and support stem cell growth and differentiation. Stem cells are the “repair parts” for all tissues in the body and the skin has a larger volume of stem cells than any other organ system in the body. This makes the skin perfect for this kind of therapy.

“The big ones for stem cells include blue green algae extracts, caviar extract, phyto placenta (not to be confused with bio placenta) and EGF-1 (derived from recombinant DNA sources).”

RG-Cell also contains hydration agents, anti-bacterials and metabolic support agents as well.

One of the biggest advances is the use of a patented nano-particulate lipid bi-layer delivery system that allows the products to be delivered deep into the skin where the stem cells live.

“Lots of things have neat ingredients that don’t get where they need to be to do the job! It literally only takes 4 or 5 small drops once or twice daily to cover the face and neck and it is gone in 30 to 60 seconds, working its way down to the deepest layers in the skin. Thus you can put make up over it in almost no time at all without interfering with the activity of the serum,” says Woynarowski.

Will it work for everyone?

“Nothing works for everyone, including surgery! But we have seen far more dramatic results in a few months than we expected and are happy we have something the professional and the average person out there can use with ease and no pain.”

I know I talk a lot about biochemistry and cellular biology, but what fun is all that if you don’t look good!


Telomere length seems to correlate nicely with the appearance and dysfunction of aging.  Most diseases associated with aging, so far are also correlated with short telomeres.  This includes heart disease, cancer (in spite of the huge over expression of telomerase in many, if not all cancers) arthritis, and various forms of dementia.

In most cases, the white blood cell telomere length is an adequate marker, for this aging as well, even though it is not always directly related to the tissue affected by the disease.

Or is it? The effects of inflammation appear to be more global and widespread than originally thought, playing a role in heart disease, dementia, especially of the Alzheimer’s type, diabetes and cancer. Since the immune system is intimately involved with modulating the response of various tissues to inflammation and “immune senescence” is clearly deeply involved in aging, especially in the old, old white blood cells, might turn out to be the ideal measurement, after all, correlating on a predictable basis with the state of various tissues in the body.  In this case “more research is needed” is actually totally valid and it is one question we as Telonauts would love to see answered in more detail, in the future.

The global improvement of disease outcomes, using things like Omega 3’s, makes this even more interesting and an area where our scientists need to focus more deeply.

The immune system also plays a pivotal role in removing sick, dead and dying cells. Chinese researchers have postulated that the removal of such cells may actually skew the standard telomere testing towards “too young”; as many of the cells with the shortest telomeres may be removed before they can be tested.

As of this moment, mean telomere length is of limited utility, since it is not looking at the most critical “shortest telomeres”. The short telomere test remains esoteric and unavailable, for all but the most well connected in the field.

The Chinese are proposing a new marker using standard technology know as ELISA that has been around for decades and should be easy, reproducible and possibly cheap enough to be widespread, to become more than a research tool.

The new test called CRAMP ELISA requires more work and testing, as well as commercial interest, to become a usable way to test telomere length. If this happens, however, it may be considerably easier than our current testing methods, although it may take a while before it amasses enough data to prove its worth. We’ll keep you posted!



You have probably heard that sleep is an important component of health, anti-aging and fat loss.  So, in one fell swoop, it covers living longer, better and looking better as well. Why is it so important? Well first, sleep is one of the “big three” of the things that can make or break fat loss.

Over training and over dieting are the other two things that will stop your metabolism dead in its tracks.  Lack of sleep is the other.  In addition, it’s hard to exercise if you are sleep deprived and this alone can contribute to a failed weight/fat loss program.

In addition, from the health stand point, adequate sleep (usually at least 7 hours for most people) is needed to let your hormonal body clock release the needed hormones for repair and rejuvenation.

There has been no study for sleep and telomere length yet, but I can tell you when they do it, they will find that chronic sleep deprivation shortens your telomeres and thus shortens your life.

Now, if you address the big three in proper fashion: nutrition, exercise and sleep, you can control all the variables that make for successful fat loss and the new body or better body you’ve wanted for so long.

If you cannot eat properly almost 100% of the time, or if you need additional “metabolic help” then use Fish oil, Capsules and if needed, Sweet Sleep Z to help you get control of these variables.

This will just be temporary.  Once your body adapts to the new lifestyle you’ve chosen, you won’t need any help at all.  But until then, I can make it a lot easier and show you success a lot sooner.  And who doesn’t want that!

It’s staring us in the face like a big diamond in our very own back yard… A simple, easy thing everyone can do to tip the scales of life in their favor.  So easy, so simple, yet so neglected.

We have it all wrong today with medicine. I say, as a board certified doc with over 20 years of patient experience and thousands of lives improved and not many fewer, actually saved. But, for many of those years, I had it all wrong. Putting your finger in the dike that has sprung so many leaks and not doing something about what is poking holes in the dike, is “bass ackwards thinking” and yet it is at the root of most of what we doctors do today.

If there was one thing I could do for this country and many others, it would be to rebalance the Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratios of our people to closer to 1 to 1.

I am convinced this would reduce heart disease and cancer by 50%

Same for dementias of all kinds, by the same and arthritis and many of the other debilitating diseases we face as we age so unhealthily, in this country, in similar fashion. Throw in a little Vitamin D, some antioxidants and my famous 4 words:” move more, eat less” and you would see a totally different picture of heath in this country.

And it would not be just physical health. It would be mental, behavioral and spiritual heath as well.

Life would be worth living and pursuing, well past the current limit of 80-ish.

The simplest and fastest way to do that

Is to take your fish oil and if you can swallow just a few more pills, upgrade to the Daily Dose Pack. Now that won’t fix a lousy diet, but it will help, more than most things you could do, otherwise. It won’t fix the free radical damage you may have already done, completely, but it should be a great start. Eventually, as you feel better and feel like doing more, you will. Then, my friend, you will at least have a chance to be one of the few select members of the groups of people who are going to live longer and better than most.

Keeping on, the way most people are, will not get your there. Start now and start here!! Daily Dose Pack.

After all, I will need people to come to my hundredth Birthday party!


P.S. In a few short weeks the revolutionary book I helped craft called “The Immortality Edge” will be available in books stores. Keep your eyes on the emails to find out when and how you can get it!

A recent study released from Mass General Hospital (a source of clinical data
for the most supplement unfriendly medical magazine next to JAMA, the New England Journal of Medicine) yielded exciting finding for women with menopausal symptoms.

Perimenopausal depression and moods swings, hot flashes and weight gain may all be combated by fish oil.  This covers the symptoms of menopause
and its attendant weight gain, known as “menopot” nicely.

This is the first time a “reputable” institution has reported such
findings and with their close ties to the gynecologic community, it
is likely that women across the country will soon be treating their
menopausal woes with fish oil.

Here’s hoping they value themselves enough to use the best — Fish
and Super Omega 3.

There is another thing that was not mentioned in this study. Women in particular have gotten almost no benefit from using statin drugs to lower their cholesterol.  It turns out that triglycerides are the major risk factor for heart disease in women, not cholesterol.

Fish oil is a very beneficial way to deal with high triglycerides. No one I know who is on proper doses of my fish oil has high triglycerides any more.

Since heart disease rises rapidly after menopause in women, you might want to let anyone you know in this period of life about fish oil.

Mother Nature takes care of women!


Every day your body is under attack from just about every angle. There is a way to help it along and make the job of great health much easier.

I am going to keep this one short and sweet and tell you about the amazing power of antioxidants.

Before I dive into the list, let me point out what I think happens when people are exposed to free radical damage and do not have antioxidant protection that is up to snuff: they die an early death.

You have only to look at the list of elite endurance athletes, including an Olympic marathon hopeful who died recently during the trials to see what happens to people who pound their bodies with too much of anything (yes, this includes exercise) and don’t take out a “supplemental insurance” policy, in the form of free radical fighting supplements. Or you can look at the data on long term marathon runners that shows 62% more heart artery blockage than average.

Genetics you say! Well there have been quite a few studies that show that even genetics can be altered by supplements like fish oil Co Q10 and berry derived anthocyanidins.

Immune Booster

Cardio Booster

Here are some benefits that have or will be proven scientifically very soon.

1) Improved longevity: fish oil because of its effects on telomeres.

2) Improved health: fish oil for heart, vascular and joint problems, Co Q10 and Hawthorne berry for heart failure and other free radical induced damage.

Fish oil – super omega 3 – Regenerizer

3) Anti-Flu and anti-viral effects, as well as potent anti-inflammatory and joint pain effects.

4) Faster recovery from workouts or other physical trauma

5) Improved brain performance and reduced Alzheimer’s

6) Improved sexual performance and stamina

And this of course is a short list. You can pretty much go through all our products and find potent antioxidants in all of them.

If you are wondering where to start for this kind of benefit, it’s simple. Order the Daily Dose Pack now and get fish oil, Monster Multi and Cardio Booster all at one reduced price.

It’s a great place to start and if you go no further in your supplementation, a great place to end.

Of course, I take just about everything I make on a daily basis, in large doses.

To ask questions or find out more about Dr. Dave’s physician-developed,

pharmaceutical-grade health and anti-aging solutions,

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Is there any one of us who doesn’t wish we could get away with “cheating” once in a while?  I have hung out with the top scientists, researchers, and
nutritionists on the planet and I can tell you even they cheat!  So how do you get away with it?

Is there any one of us who doesn’t wish we could get away with “cheating” once in a while? I have hung out with the top scientists, researchers, and nutritionists on the planet and I can tell you even they cheat! So how do you get away with it?

Well, first they enlist the 80/20 rule. That means that 80% of the time they are behaving and doing what really does come naturally and habitually to them, eating and working out in healthy fashion.

Many of them got it off the ground the same way I did. Small incremental steps. I kid you not! My current decade of exercise started with 5 minutes a day for one month. I did not allow myself more than this, because I wanted to create the tension necessary to want to do more. A lot more. I also could not convince myself that no matter how tough my day was I could not find 5 minutes to work out. In this phase of things, bodyweight was the easiest and most efficient tool.

Walking, chair squats, push-ups, pull-ups, etc can all be harnessed to perfect effect, even in short bits of time, especially if you do them with intensity.

Here is a tip: the less time you have, the more intense your workouts should be.

Next, eating right and working out really is a lifestyle that is “missed” if it’s not there. You’ll know you’ve achieved body health Nirvana when you don’t feel right missing your routines.

Third, they don’t let travel or holidays interfere all that much. Nuts are a handy travel snack. Most cities have a natural food or health store that is easily found, especially with today’s technology. A hotel room and a super band is all you need for a great workout!

They have a low tolerance for variance. What does that mean? That means that once in shape, they tolerate getting out of shape or gaining weight poorly and do something about it earlier rather than later. And believe me, these people live hectic lives full of stress and work, just like you and I.

The final tip… They take their Omega 3 Fish Oils for the metabolic fat burning effects and I’m not supposed to tell you, but a few of them even cheat with Ultra Strength Fat Furnace.

Changing is not all that hard. You just need to set small incremental goals and stick to them; pretty soon they will snowball. The holidays are a great time to employ these rules for great success!

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Recently I was interviewed on TV about things we could all do that were simple and inexpensive to improve our health and stay young.  You may be as surprised as the TV host was at what I suggested!

If you caught my recent TV appearance in Washington DC, you heard me speak about the 4 pillars of health. Of course I mentioned nutrition, specifically Fish oil, Super Omega 3 and exercise as well as stress reduction.

But the most underappreciated, under stressed and underutilized health and longevity tool is sleep and it can literally be a life saver.

Over 25% of all fatal motor vehicle accidents include sleep deprivation. For every year of shift work you do, you are reported to shorten your life by 2 to 4 months.

And of course lack of sleep makes it hard for anyone to lose weight because it slows down your metabolism.

The body only has so many responses and slowing down your metabolism is one that is common to sleep deprivation, excessive dieting and excessive exercise (yes, this includes the most popular form, interval training as well).

The chronic elevation of cortisol that happens with sleep deprivation is also a huge problem for your health, leading to adrenal burnout and contributing to metabolic syndrome.

So I invented Sleep Wizard back in 2004 to combat this problem naturally.

Sleep Wizard is all natural non-habit forming and does not have any of the bizarre side effects like prescription drugs do, such as nocturnal sleep eating, amnesia and chronic fatigue.

So if you are having trouble sleeping and want an all-natural way to solve the problem, let the Wizard put his spell on you.

It could literally be a life saver, marriage saver or career saver!

Sad to say that the next 4 months will bring about considerable weight gain by millions of Americans and others as well.

Strange dichotomy, this world: half is still underfed and starving while the other half is overfed. Way overfed.

It’s estimated that in the U.S. alone 600 million pounds of excess fat will be gained and not all of it lost by the spring thaw. Check out how many pounds you need to loose to take an inch off!

So what are you going to do about it?

If you already have a lifestyle that keeps you lean and healthy, then you just do more of the same but in a nation where diabetes and obesity are the fastest growing epidemics, I doubt everyone has such a lifestyle, so let me give you a few tips.

1) Gently under eat. Just see if you can cut out 300 calories a day.  It’s easy to do and you can still have a bigger meal every now and then although it’s always hard to recover from the hormonal changes set in place by overeating.

2) Eat before you go out to your celebration meals and parties.  Here is where some raw veggies and a nice sweet apple will take the edge off of your overeating.

3) Crank up your fish oil — may as well make use of the fat burning qualities of good fats right!

4) Sleep well and focus on staying healthy.  Make your exercise routine the first thing you do on any given day and you’ll come out no worse for wear or even better at the tail end of what will be a tail spin for many.

And come the spring thaw you’ll be ready for the beach. See you there!

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