Parallel_telomere_quadrupleI am not sure how many times I’ve said that longer telomeres protect against cancer. Probably almost as many times as I’ve had to refute someone saying “telomerase causes cancer therefore TA-65 might cause cancer.”

Back in December 2010 JAMA a very drug centric Big Pharma supported journal published a study that associated short telomere lengths with more cancer and worse cancer and vice versa. Conclusion: short telomeres are associated with cancer and long ones are not.  Then came the attacks

“What about those tumors that have longer telomeres like glioblastoma?”

Answer: those tumors use the ALT mechanism to lengthen their telomeres which does not involve telomerase. This mechanism, ALT, is however associated with the same genetic (or if you prefer genomic) instability that is caused by short telomeres because the recombination of ALT ruins the integrity of the genome, similar to the way short telomeres allow the genome to become unstable.

The common pathway is genome instability.

So over the past 5 years or so I’ve been fighting a slowly winning battle to convince more and more people that having longer telomeres or more specifically fewer critically short ones is a good thing associated with better health and potentially longer life.

Along with this I have been saying that because the immune stimulation, something TA-65 does really well, having healthier telomeres may turn out to be cancer protective.

I have also been asked, “If you got cancer would you keep taking TA-65?” My answer is: I would take more!!! Or more specifically I would take high dose (4 a day) more frequently that once a day.”

Now here is the disclaimer part:

I am telling you what I would do, not what you should do. If you are worried about cancer or have cancer, the usual advice must apply- talk to YOUR doctor! Do not interpret what I have said here to mean that TA-65 is in any way cancer protective or a cancer treatment, and know clearly that what I have said here is contrary to the advice 99.99% physicians in advanced countries with advanced Pharmaceutical Industries would tell you.

But while you are at it read this:

It basically says that cancer cells try to keep their telomeres short because it facilitates their “cancer like” behavior. It also says that lengthening telomeres would increase the differentiation of the cell into a less cancer like form that may not have the immortal and aggressive characteristics of a cancer.

And finally think about what I’ve been telling you for the past 5 years and watch for more and more supporting evidence.

Stay well and have fun!



You have probably heard that sleep is an important component of health, anti-aging and fat loss.  So, in one fell swoop, it covers living longer, better and looking better as well. Why is it so important? Well first, sleep is one of the “big three” of the things that can make or break fat loss.

Over training and over dieting are the other two things that will stop your metabolism dead in its tracks.  Lack of sleep is the other.  In addition, it’s hard to exercise if you are sleep deprived and this alone can contribute to a failed weight/fat loss program.

In addition, from the health stand point, adequate sleep (usually at least 7 hours for most people) is needed to let your hormonal body clock release the needed hormones for repair and rejuvenation.

There has been no study for sleep and telomere length yet, but I can tell you when they do it, they will find that chronic sleep deprivation shortens your telomeres and thus shortens your life.

Now, if you address the big three in proper fashion: nutrition, exercise and sleep, you can control all the variables that make for successful fat loss and the new body or better body you’ve wanted for so long.

If you cannot eat properly almost 100% of the time, or if you need additional “metabolic help” then use Fish oil, Capsules and if needed, Sweet Sleep Z to help you get control of these variables.

This will just be temporary.  Once your body adapts to the new lifestyle you’ve chosen, you won’t need any help at all.  But until then, I can make it a lot easier and show you success a lot sooner.  And who doesn’t want that!

It’s staring us in the face like a big diamond in our very own back yard… A simple, easy thing everyone can do to tip the scales of life in their favor.  So easy, so simple, yet so neglected.

We have it all wrong today with medicine. I say, as a board certified doc with over 20 years of patient experience and thousands of lives improved and not many fewer, actually saved. But, for many of those years, I had it all wrong. Putting your finger in the dike that has sprung so many leaks and not doing something about what is poking holes in the dike, is “bass ackwards thinking” and yet it is at the root of most of what we doctors do today.

If there was one thing I could do for this country and many others, it would be to rebalance the Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratios of our people to closer to 1 to 1.

I am convinced this would reduce heart disease and cancer by 50%

Same for dementias of all kinds, by the same and arthritis and many of the other debilitating diseases we face as we age so unhealthily, in this country, in similar fashion. Throw in a little Vitamin D, some antioxidants and my famous 4 words:” move more, eat less” and you would see a totally different picture of heath in this country.

And it would not be just physical health. It would be mental, behavioral and spiritual heath as well.

Life would be worth living and pursuing, well past the current limit of 80-ish.

The simplest and fastest way to do that

Is to take your fish oil and if you can swallow just a few more pills, upgrade to the Daily Dose Pack. Now that won’t fix a lousy diet, but it will help, more than most things you could do, otherwise. It won’t fix the free radical damage you may have already done, completely, but it should be a great start. Eventually, as you feel better and feel like doing more, you will. Then, my friend, you will at least have a chance to be one of the few select members of the groups of people who are going to live longer and better than most.

Keeping on, the way most people are, will not get your there. Start now and start here!! Daily Dose Pack.

After all, I will need people to come to my hundredth Birthday party!


P.S. In a few short weeks the revolutionary book I helped craft called “The Immortality Edge” will be available in books stores. Keep your eyes on the emails to find out when and how you can get it!

Look around you at your life and understand that what you see started with your brain and your thoughts.

Now doesn’t it make sense to tap into this amazing organ and harness it to make your life better and easier?

Here are some simple tips:

1) Exercise: Research has shown that regular exercise of at least moderate intensity stimulates brain waves and improves brain health.  And you thought it just made you look good at the beach!

2) Sleeping well:  lack of sleep is truly the hidden epidemic in this country.  No one knows just how many lives have been lost or
permanently damaged due to lack of sleep.

It may not be as dramatic as death or illness.  It may just be a low grade depression or chronically performing below your ability.

The world never gets to see the real you, and neither do you!

If you need help with restful restorative sleep, try my all natural
Sleep Wizard.
A restful night’s sleep is only moments away!

3) Boosting your brain power.  I make two supplements that have
thrown the switch for people and literally changed their lives, their thinking and their performance for the better.

They are fish oil and Instant Brain Power.
Fish oil is an integral part of the human brain and has been linked to major advances in human brain evolution.

Instant Brain Power is like a cup of strong coffee for your brain allowing you to see, perceive and create at a higher level.

Your brain will truly be the sharp end of the stick and the instrument of positive change in your life.

Take advantage of what Mother Nature gave you to boost your brain
and watch your life change for the better!

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I hope you understand the power of Omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil. The problem is a lot of people do not, so I am counting on you to spread the word. There are 3 kinds of Omega 3’s.

The two your bodies can use right off the bat are EPA and DHA.

The third, ALA, comes from plant sources and is usually the one the big Food Industry is using to capitalize on the Omega 3 bandwagon.

Both DHA and EPA, which are found in fish oil, can help your heart. ALA, the type of Omega-3s found in flax seeds, soybeans and canola oil, do not prevent heart disease.

Nor does plant based ALA have any benefit for strokes, cancer, arthritis, or Alzheimer’s disease.

And here is more food for thought: ALA has been implicated as a cause of increased prostate and probably breast cancer as well.

Other sources of ALA include canola and soy, which again are often loaded into foods to make them “look” healthy. This is especially true of so called healthy spreads.

Don’t count on them to protect your health and read those labels carefully so you know where the added Omega 3’s come from.

Fish oil remains superior for all forms of prevention, treatment and overall health.

In heart studies not only did fish oil reduce heart attack but it reduced death from all causes by 45%! In that same study it was found that statin drugs did not save as many lives as fish oil and that vitamin E did not save any lives!

A few small golden caps a day of Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil could make a huge difference in your health and longevity.

The capsules may be small but the miracles are big!

The other day I saw one of those counter culture tee shirts which I have to admit was pretty funny.  It said, “Body by Santa Claus”. While this is humorous it did make me think, Ol’ St Nick is not exactly my physical role model.

This year more than ever (perhaps it’s because we have more readers than ever) people are voicing their needs to try to fight off the winter weight gain that seems to be such a part of our society.

I am here to help with that, so let’s dive into a recent email.

“Dr Dave, of all your current supplements, which would you recommend to curb your appetite and will they help with cellulite?”

Alison C. – Houston

Years ago I would have told you fish oil and Regenerizer because I had not yet gone through my lose-50-pounds-in-18-weeks routine.  Now I would tell you Secret SlimDown Caps are the handiest thing out there.  They are less expensive if less powerful than Ultra Strength Fat Furnace because there is only one ingredient: pure raspberry ketone, naturally extracted.  Once I had a guy ask me how come he could get a similar supplement for less at his body building shop.  I told him they use synthetic RK with a very long name attached to it that is chemically extracted.  Not one raspberry in the barrel so to speak.

None the less I prefer the more expensive natural form. I don’t want to find out there are traces of toxins in the mix as I have recently found with another product marketed heavily out there. (More on that soon!)

In addition Fish oil is usually a must to keep the fat genes turned down as well.

I will be reviewing my tips for holiday food control but let me say this…  I intend to come out of the holidays in better shape and even leaner than I went in.

Since this year’s Death Race in August I have been giving my 50+ year old body a break it sorely needed. That break is over and what perfect timing. Let’s get through this season better than ever: you and I!

You don’t need to gain weight and you can actually lose fat if you are dedicated a little bit more than usual.  You can probably get away with a little cheating to if you must, but more on that later.

My final tips are:

1)Get some help from Secret SlimDown Capsules and Fish oil.

And remember this:

2) No matter what fancy hormones they tell you about, insulin is the key to preventing fat loss. And the key to modulating insulin is to avoid refined sugar as much as possible! So if you must load up over the holidays, load up with the good stuff first and then if you are still hungry for dessert you will likely eat a much smaller portion and still enjoy it just as much!

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If there is one question that pops up over and over again its,”Doc, what’s the best diet to lose weight on?”

The simple answer: use a Paleo type diet with my fish oil and an exercise program as detailed in Fab Fat Loss for Everyone.

The complex answer? Well that could take days to answer and many emails so…I may as well start right now!

Today I am going to take a scientific look at two diets that are representative of two very different viewpoints.

The first diet, the diet touted by the National Cholesterol Education Program (you know, those lovely folks who think the entire nation should be on statin drugs, and think that cholesterol levels are the be all and end all of health!) stresses higher carbohydrate levels and lower fat levels.

For simplicity’s sake we’ll call this diet the NCEP diet for National Cholesterol Education Program Diet.

The Challenger we’ll call the “Modified Low Carbohydrate diet”. This diet is closer to Atkins and South Beach in that it stresses higher fat levels, higher protein levels, and lower carb levels (with the important diet?

It has been said that “Dieting is the price we pay for too little exercise and too much mass-produced food!”

Well, diets still hold the promise of better health, lower incidence of heart disease, stroke and cancer.


Truthfully when I ask people what they are dieting for, the bottom line is many of them say “I want to look better!” first and then “I want to feel better!” Second.

Actually that holds true for a large number of folks but I know from reading your emails most of you are focused on felling better and living longer and healthier first!

Which brings me to a point: A lot of times looking better is a short term goal. People have a certain event they want to get svelte for like a marriage or a reunion, and then they forgeddaboutit!

Clearly the long term motivations work better to keep weight and inches off.

That said who wins this diet war?

Ironically an article published recently in the Archives of Internal Medicine, a rag that would be considered ultra traditional, admitted that the higher fat higher protein diet fared a lot better in both the weight loss and cholesterol lowering department.

Put another way, the “officially sanctioned” diet of the NCEP was just not as good at achieving either of the aims of the NCEP as the MLC diet.

People did not lose as much weight and there was no change in their cholesterol levels!!!

Given that these folks represent the government, the FDA, Big Pharmacy, and Traditional Medicine none of us should be too surprised.

Have any of these agencies proven even once that they know or will tell any real useful functional information about nutrition or health.


So why should we trust them on this.

Yet this is the diet they would give you when you left the hospital with the heart attack they could have prevented!

This is the diet you would be given by a hospital or community based dietician (there are some exceptions to this but how to find them!) when you paid to see them because your insurance company does not recognize the value of preventative medicine via diet.

This is the diet so many “Health Publications” continue to print.

What do these diets say about Fish Oil?

Universally they recommend it. Even the Government is finally getting into the act when the “Dietary Recommendations for Americans” is released in early 2005.

Adkins and South Beach both recommend some form of Fish Oil.

The biggest mistake all of these bodies make is being too timid about the dosage!

You should be taking at least 3 grams a day for basic health, and 6 to 8 grams a day if you want to see moods, memory and wrinkles improve!

So don’t be timid about the health of your brain and body. Swallow those capsules with meals everyday and watch life get better and better, independent of the Government, the FDA and the rest of Traditional Medicine.

Here are a few more tools for your “Anti-Flab Holiday Campaign”.

Fab Fat Burning for EveryoneFish oilUltra Strength Fat Furnace

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One of the things that make me different from some other internet doctors is that I will not lie to you. Now I will admit there are some pretty far out characters out there with “MD” behind their name but I have yet to meet one that doesn’t know the truth from the lies.

The same cannot be said of their copyrighting teams, which is why when you read my newsletters you are actually reading something written by me.

In addition, if you ever meet me in person there will be no inconsistency with who I am, what I am and what I write. I always have to laugh when people meet their heroes for the first time and they are nothing like what they thought!

Odds are they are they are not the people who actually write what you read!

So I am not going to lie to you and tell you in a headline that you can prevent diabetes and then spend the rest of the newsletter qualifying what I said.

Here is the truth: a small amount of type 2 diabetes and a larger amount of type 1 diabetes is not preventable.

Most people who are type 1 become so relatively early in life. I have also seen a disconcerting trend in what I call clusters of adult onset type 1 (insulin dependent) diabetes that seems to happen in the same geographic area or at the same time of the year related to virus spread.

We are probably looking in the wrong direction for type 1 diabetes. We probably need to address auto-immunity and inflammation. I think that fish oil could be a huge help here IF you are on it when your immune system and pancreas are challenged, not afterward as much.

The majority of our population is now type 2 diabetes. Once called “adult onset” we had to rename it because between sugar loading our food, inflammatory artificial fats and sedentary lifestyles, we’ve now managed to give it to little children, adolescents and teens too!

Congratulations to Big Pharma, Big Food, Big Media for the endless distractions that sit us on our butts and to yes, you and I for not following our gut and doing the two things that would prevent it and teaching our children and loved ones these words: eat less, move more!

Ok off the soapbox. Here is how you prevent type 2 diabetes…

*Eat less
*Move more
*Go on a Paleolithic or near Paleolithic diet
*Adopt a regular exercise program
*Take fish oil! And Balance your sugar levels.


Now because most people will not do all those things and more people will take a pill than eating less or moving more, I am happy to tell you that fish oil is a great thing whether you have diabetes or not.

It improves insulin sensitivity.

It improves fat burning and lean body mass.

It decreases inflammation and this is important because we used to say you eat too much sugar and you burn out your pancreas and then you get diabetes. I am sure this explanation is still being given to people across the country in doctors’ offices.

What really happens is the inflammation in our body skyrockets because of excess sugar and excess insulin and we INFLAME our pancreases to the point of burn out.

So once again the anti-inflammatory actions of fish oil are critical.

So odds are that you and I can prevent diabetes. And this reduces our odds of heart disease 6 fold.

The only real question is do you love your body and yourself and your loved ones enough to take the best, cleanest and most potent fish oil out there instead of some off shore cheap contaminated brand sold in bulk by large retailers.

If you want the best, it lives right here: Ultra Potent Fish oil

Get it now take it every day and know you are doing something amazing for yourself. Something nothing else can do!

Did you know you are in the fat burning zone when you sleep. As a matter of fact, fat is probably the only source of fuel for you while you sleep but it’s nowhere near enough for you to impact on your fat stores if you are overweight or are not sleeping enough.

Well, I am here to tell you the sad news; you can’t really lose much of anything while you sleep. I will let some other copywriting team that works for an internet doctor lie to you on that one, but I won’t.

I will tell you this: if you aren’t sleeping around 7 hours or more regularly, you are going to have a really hard time losing any weight permanently.

Research study after research study has shown the same thing over and over again: sleep deprivation hinders weight and fat loss and promotes fat gain.

It does so by the following mechanisms:

  • Tired people don’t work out.
  • Tired people get more tired because their metabolism slows down and prevents fat loss.
  • Tired people do not have enough serotonin so they are apt to eat more sugary starchy “comfort” foods.

The bad news is most of America sleeps far less than 7 hours a night. More bad news: you heard of the Paleolithic Diet from me on several occasions. Well, genetically our Paleolithic makeup is to be athletic and sleep 8 to 9 hours a night. In other words, we are best when we are jocks and jockettes who sleep a lot because that is what we had to do to survive 50,000 years ago when our current genetic foundation was set in stone!

So here are a few suggestions.

If you need help sleeping anywhere near 7 hours a night, try my all natural Sweet Sleep Z. It’s been putting my family and friends to bed for a great night’s sleep since it came out with none of the addictions and side effects of prescription drugs.

If you need help increasing your metabolism and cutting your appetite, try my Mito QE and Energy X Maxx. These will be especially helpful to you if you wake up tired and run out of steam again later in the day.

Finally, never forget the fat burning benefits of fish oil. It should be in anyone’s’ slim down routine every single day.

Simple tools; big rewards!




In Winter people tend to eat more, do less and stay inside more.

The net result is weight gain, fat gain and in some cases the blues.  This is of course accompanied by metabolic change such as increased insulin levels, increased blood fats and inflammation and of course decreased energy.

Fish oil is a great remedy and a great way to help winter wellness. It’s no surprise the Eskimos are so addicted to Omega 3’s. Interestingly their incidence of heart disease, depression, cancer and many other major diseases we consider “normal” as we age is lower than most population in the entire world. It’s because their Omega 3 fish oil levels are some of the highest on the planet.

So as we descend into the winter, it need not be the winter of our

Boost your fish oil levels up make sure you are getting at least 6 caps a day on a regular basis.

If you need more power, use Super Omega 3.

Either way, winter wellness couldn’t be easier.  And spring is sure to follow!

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