Will Probiotics Cure Leaky Gut?!

Leaky gut is anatomically defined as unhealthy gaps in the absorptive surface of the intestine. Supposedly the major cause is lectins and “anti-nutrients”- things that inflame the gut and interfere with nutrient absorption.

If you want a little science here it is: the gut has immune cells sitting on its surface as well that are supposed to guard you from nasty things in the food- things that might make you sick. These cells are also supposed to “educate” your immune system on a continuous basis so it can deal with toxins, bacteria and other inflammatory agents that you might ingest.

Along the way a balance is struck between these cells. If that balance in perturbed then your gut and your entire system may be perturbed. You may un balance your immune system. So far, the evidence is sketchy but there is some reasonable thought processes that suggest that some people with auto immune diseases have this as a contributing factor.

Remember Leaky Gut is a “syndrome” which means there is no clearly definable way to diagnose it.

As a result, its has been a catch all for many different problems and some people claim miraculous results and entire body habitus changes (weight loss, muscle building) and personality changes (happier, more productive better sleep) as well as overall decrease of resolution of joint pains and the ubiquitous “brain fog” (try spending less time on Facebook and your cell phone browsing nonsense!)

So, we are left with a situation that often permeates (no pun intended) the world of alternative medicine which I often inhabit.

What to do!?

Personally, I think I would start with a good probiotic and an honest assessment of my life choices and whether they have brought me happiness. I would look at sleep patterns and lifestyle choices like diet and exercise and try to improve those areas as needed.

There is no question that some illness like the latest epidemic of liver disease based on non-alcoholic fatty liver can cause changes in the intestine that might qualify as leaky gut. Similarly, the expansive use of non-nutritive sweeteners, specifically saccharin and the sugar alcohols can change the microbiome (bugs in your gut).

This is why probiotics may be the answer or at least part of it. It makes total sense to do what is needed to have a healthy bunch of little buddies in the gut to help you out.

But remember the inflammatory responses of your body are not limited to your gut-they are mostly global in your body, e.g. everywhere!

I maintain and always have that the single most important thing you can do for inflammation is get your Omega 3 doses  up to a reasonable level.

The gut is part of the equation though and a Probiotic works wonderfully there.

So, if you think you might have leaky gut, start by fixing your microbiome!


The Number One Body Transformation Secret

I have to admit I enjoy exercise a lot. I’ve enjoyed many different kinds of exercise and been exposed and even trained with some of the absolute visionaries of human performance. Even when I am traveling I can always find time for a good workout.

But exercise is not really as much of a transformation tool as the exercise industry would have you believe. Now before you start leveling criticism at me for this grand departure from the accepted dogma let me remind you I do have a CPT certificate and continue my education in the industry even though I don’t make a living that way.

I have written many blogs on the best kind of exercise  as well as diet which seem to be two inseparable topics for most people.

But for the moment I want you to separate them and digest these statements.

I view exercise as a fitness tool.  I diet as a weight loss tool.

If you ask me what would help the most people in the U.S. I would have to say diet at least at first.

While almost everyone who is overweight is also out of shape and it may seem artificial to separate the 2 ways of improving our bodies the truth is that each contributes to health in a very different fashion.

An average of 30 pounds weight loss for the typical overweight/obese American would go a lot farther than 3 hours a week in the gym in the first 12 to 18 months. Put another way, if I found a Genie in a bottle that would grant me one wish for the population of this country first, it would be weight loss.

Weight loss, especially significant weight loss revamps your body’s metabolism, resets your hormones, your sleep, your sex life and so on.  Exercise may do a lot of those things as well but it takes a lot longer.

Now with the American obsession with looking good..

I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you the 6 pack ab look is all about body fat, which in turn is linked to body weight. Again put another way, you will only see your 6 pack if you lose enough weight and fat to let it show, no matter how much exercise you do.

Now the corollary question of all this is can you be fat and fit?  That would depend on what you call fit. If you are looking for pure strength then you will find a lot of fat looking people who are very strong.  But they do not age well. Indeed the older we get the more being lean becomes super important.

And what about this common question: Can you do both together.  Again it depends.  If you are morbidly obese or seriously overweight I would stick with weight loss as the main focus and add in exercise slowly in increasing doses.

If you are already lean and strong and have endurance chances are you stopped reading this a long time ago.

You might, if you are a regular reader, even wonder why I am writing this. After all The Longevity Edge audience are probably among the fittest people in the world.

Two things: First we are getting a lot of notoriety out there in the big world and that means a lot of first timers are visiting looking for how to get started in an effective anti-aging program. Second I do a lot of traveling. I cannot help but notice how many of my fellow Americans are just plain fat.  I call it carb poisoning these days.  The bloated faces, waddling walks, giant bellies, etc there is far more of that amongst us than there are lean healthy specimens!

Worse TV has been taken over by reality shows! Part of that reality is preponderance of fat people. And that my friend is a real reality no matter how silly/phony the shows are!

If you want it all…

Is a 6 pack, leanness, power and strength then the ketogenic/Paleo diet has been a mainstay for me for a long time with great results.

I had someone ask me if I still look like I did when we introduced Energy X Maxx.  The truth is I am lighter and not quite as buff, but I am still OK with how everything looks and more than OK with how it feels to grow younger each year.

Stay tuned for a pic or two but remember this: I am anything but special and anything but an exception. I follow the same guidelines I give you and I do so with consistency including my supplementation, diet and exercise.

Trust me if it works for a genetically very average guy like me, YOU should have glorious results.

Here’s to you.


Doctor versus Doctor

Funny doings on the internet where egos including my own are wounded, defended, and brutalized, But first the sales pitch in case you are one of those rare people who doesn’t read my long winded but heart felt stuff!

Don’t forget our Limited Time Special Offer

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Ok since specials are popular here is today’s.  I am offering a one-time  free bottle of Sweet Sleep Z to anyone who signs up for 3 months of our Pro Life Ultra PB probiotic/prebiotic combo.

The probiotic is something you will want to stay on for a bunch of reasons including gut health “support”, and getting the most out of the nutrients and supplements you eat/consume.

Nothing supports healthy digestion and absorption better than a health microbiome!

Speaking of which, if you are trying to lose weight, no matter what diet you are on, I truly believe this will help.  But like so many things it might take a little longer than a day or a week.

As a matter of fact, the reason we are only doing this special based on 3 months subscription (which you can cancel!) is because it will take a minimum of 6 weeks of daily use to change over those little helpers in your gut.  That number is for ANY probiotic, not just mine which includes enteric absorption enhancement and a pre-biotic all rolled into one!

Ok on to today’s rant.

I have a confession to make.  You and I are in the minority.

I say this because you are reading what I am writing and pretty much very few people have ever heard of me! Right now, I have about 30,000 regular readers and that is it.  Its been that number for the past 10 years or so.  And pretty much it’s the same people as 10 years ago too thank goodness.

Loyalty is beyond value!

Next confession: I have learned far more about the business side of things than I ever wanted to.  I still don’t know very much mind you and its clear to me by the unending rash of “super docs” that come and go on the internet for a quick hit and gone that I should be very happy there is you and me for all these years!

Loyalty is beyond value!

One of the things the business side has taught me is how much nonsense and down right repetition is out there.  The “problem agitate solve” formula for copywriting never seems to get old and if people are aware of it they forget more or less immediately.

Speaking of forgetting- before you forget, I am running this limited time special of buy 3 Of our Wonderful and thank goodness great selling probiotic here and I will ship you a bottle of our equally wonderful Sweet Sleep Z free!  If you wonder what the connection is between the gut and sleep you missed this email.

Back to the “rant”.  I am as I said a bit sensitive to the newbie medical docs who appear out of nowhere usually manufactured by an ad or copywriting agency. Most recently I saw a long super well done (in other words costly!) video by a now retired pediatric heart surgeon who discovered “revolutionary new secrets about lectins”. Of course the obligatory book was released first.

I admit it I bit and watched some of the video, mainly because I wanted to see how it was done.

OMG as they say!

There was absolutely nothing new here at all! Those of you familiar with Paleo and Loren Cordain (whom I had the privilege of interviewing several years ago) are intimately familiar with the “anti-nutrients” known as lectins.  The video went on to talk about “leaky gut syndrome” in an almost comical way ending with “It’s not your Fault You’re Sick its because of the Ignorance of Your Doctors!” * Classic problem agitate solve!

Finally, there was some vague memory that it triggered and I remembered a blog I wrote, tongue in cheek of course called, “I want a Date With DR. Suzanne!”

Do you remember Suzanne Gundakust DC?**  She of the gut microbes are making you fat scenario!!!! Well Dr. Suzanne pretty much said what Dr pediatric heart surgeon said and she did it at least 8 years ago.  Cordain and company said it 10 years ago and the war between China Study author Colin Campbell still rages although frankly Cordain has won the debates in my book.

Well Dr Suzanne also did something very smart (or her handlers did). She bought up all the negatives like “fraud” and “scam” and so forth and erected a wall of positive sites and comments that would foil everyone looking to find out who she really was and what her credentials really are.

So does our pediatric heart surgeon friend!  Except he made the mistake of mentioning one Dr. T Colin Campbell (The China Study guy) who then wrote a pretty accurate scathing review of our retired friend’s stuff, even mentioning lectins as the “darlings of the Paleo crowd”.  Sour grapes Colin?

But then even Campbell (the China study guy) made some questionable remarks like citing foods that are grass fed and free range as “hard to find”.  Maybe in the market you shop at, but frankly this stuff is all over the place these days. Though I bet in China they are far more “free range” markets than here still.

Now I had an original observation which I will share with you before I make a dietary recommendation of sorts. Our pediatric surgeon friend made a hysterically funny statement about heart disease and its risks ending with “after all I am a cardiologist”.  Well, uh sort of.  I have not doubt he had basic cardiology training years ago when he started his practice and before he did surgery. But I question how many pediatric cases require bypass surgery the way adult’s do when they get heart disease.  I would guess probably correctly almost NONE, and the illustrious doctor’s career was fed by fixing patent ducti and aberrant valves that kids are born with.

The final interesting thing was how fat and out of shape he was.  70 pounds overweight in spite of going to the gym and running 30 miles a week.  Now again I wasn’t there to witness this but I have to cast aspersion on these claims.  The 70-pound overweight guy in the picture did not look like ANYONE I know who runs 30 miles a week and works out for an hour in the gym unless overeating is considered a workout.  I would bet the slim trim version we see now emerged AFTER he retired, not while he was in active practice simply because I have first hand knowledge of just how toxic medicine can be to its practitioners!

So here is my simple dietary advice: If you are gluten intolerant (or far more rarely allergic) avoid gluten and other lectins by processing those foods that have them appropriately. Are night shades like tomato and egg plant toxic. Maybe in large doses but they also have some health benefits. Personally, I do not eat a ton of either so I can’t comment!

Do you need to take a “lectin blocker” as sold by our buddy above?  Probably not- and by the way these have been around for a long time again making all of this old, outdated and redundant as a health pitch. Frankly if you really believe they are harmful its not that hard to avoid them completely. Try that first.

And of course since I make one and take one I am going to tell you that “Leaky Gut Syndrome” and other GI maladies may be better served by our special ProBiotic.

Now what kind of diet should you be on.  I have written much about Ketogenic Diets long before they became the rage they are now but I also say they may not be forever or for everyone!

I detail this in “THE Horrendous Diet” with my friend Matt Furey who has had similar experiences.

Bottom line: reduce your calories, reduce (not necessarily avoid completely carbs and especially sugars) simple carbs and thus manage your insulin.  I don’t care if you do it with bacon or broccoli.

But your gut might-hence today’s special which runs out at the end of today!


Dr Dave

*Prior to succumbing to what I can only guess is a group of people who understand marketing and the internet the Pediatric Heart Surgeon above did at least patent many useful devices in his field and held a prestigious position at a reputable med school. So, in life he’s no slouch.  I hope his internet endeavors greatly exceed my own and give him the freedom to pursue a wonderful life full of REAL discoveries for humanity. He would be blessed to have as many loyal customers as I do!

*this in and of itself is not necessarily a false statement!

** And where is she now?!


Buy 3 get one Free!

Ok since specials are popular here is today’s.  I am offering a one-time free bottle of Sweet Sleep Z to anyone who signs up for 3 months of our Pro Life Ultra PB probiotic/prebiotic combo.
The probiotic is something you will want to stay on for a bunch of reasons including gut health “support”, and getting the most out of the nutrients and supplements you eat/consume.
Nothing supports healthy digestion and absorption better!
Now you may be thinking, “OK I get the probiotic, but I am not sure about the sleep thing!”
Think about the past year.  Odds are there were a bunch of occasions when you could have used an all-natural, non-habit forming, non-drug sleep support aid to get a restful night’s sleep. Now read on and learn a bit more about:
Sleep and the Gut- the Brain to Brain connection
And then click here to get your free bottle of Sweet Sleep Z along with your Probiotics.
As a male I have to be careful about talking about the “second brain” lest I be misinterpreted.  For our purposes today, we’ll call the first brain the one inside your skull and the second one your gut!
Now it may be a bit of a stretch to connect the two but you may be surprised at the relationship.
First there are a whole hose of holisticky terms for the aging dysfunction of the gut.
The one you are likely to hear about most goes by the term “leaky gut syndrome”.  The word syndrome is a tip off. It basically means there is not a clear single definition or a clear single treatment.  It also usually means a very wide spread and nonspecific batch of symptoms that are not usually useful to your doctor since they point in numerous different directions. 
Antibiotic use (and according to the leaky gut web sites this means any, ever, at any time for any reason justified or not).
Things like ADD, Carb Craving, fatigue, arthritis and or joint pain are typical of the protean symptoms of leaky gut. The prevalence of a batch of other symptoms actually related to the gut in the complete absence of any diagnosable abnormality often leads to physician/patient frustration and the all too common article on someone health blog stating that “finally I figured out what the doctors couldn’t- I have Leaky Gut!”.
Pathophysiologically leaky gut is caused by damage (and inflammation) to the intestinal cell adhesion points that then allows particles from gut bacteria (ingested and or already part of your microbiome) to get into the bloodstream and cause low grade chronic inflammation.  Said inflammation can then cause problems in the nervous resulting in “brain fog” and fatigue and sleep disturbances.
It’s also suggested that via hormonal mechanisms poor sleep habits can cause or exacerbate leaky gut.
So, this is our first brain gut connection.
The second is caused by neuro toxic microbiome metabolites.  That is a mouthful but here’s how it works.  If you’ve been reading my stuff for a while you know that the gut bacteria provide at least 20% of our calories by producing short chain fatty acids and other metabolites.  This is one of the reasons why calorie counting and different diets seem to yield different results.  Simply put it’s the REAL reason why what I said 12 years ago “Calories are Calories” is fundamentally incorrect.  The different types of bacteria yield different metabolites with different calorie content!
Now the next part of the story is NOT a stretch.  If you have the wrong kind of bacteria (or maybe even just disrupted sleep!) you can produce the wrong kind of metabolites or too much of one kind or another.
The result is toxicity to your brain and nervous system.  Now this is not the kind that will kill you, at least not right away.  But research suggests (see below) it is possible to have brain gut linked dysfunctions that impair your neuro cognitive (brain function!) ability.
I need all of that I can get on a daily basis and I suspect so do you!
So that is the reason I’ve decided to offer the special buy 3 get one free special as detailed above.
Remember this is a one time offer so take advantage now!




Suggested reading:

J Med Food. 2014 Dec;17(12):1261-72. doi: 10.1089/jmf.2014.7000.

The gut microbiome and the brain.

Galland L1.


The Cause of this Epidemic May Surprise You!!

Recent research into what have become two separate age-related epidemics has suggested a surprising potential cause that heretofore has been pretty much ignored.

Those twin devils, obesity and diabetes seem to be running rampant through our society with no end in sight.

Just the other day someone I know well who is my age was just diagnosed with diabetes. This individual is probably 25 pounds overweight, sedentary and lives the typical American life that centers around work and family. There are 40+million people in this country alone that share this.

The government response is to create yet another new and useless food pyramid that mouth piece agencies and people echo with the certainty that it’s the “right” way to eat. It differs little from the previous decades of great dietary advice we have been given and in my opinion is yet another case of “The emperor has no cloths”-the continued propagation of health myths that can only worsen the situation.

Look around you and you will see the effects of Western Life Style. As a supplement designer, researcher and manufacturer I believe nutritional supplementation is essential but no way will it fix a bad diet, sedentary life style and slavish devotion to stressful situation.

Like so many of the epidemics we face (Cancer, Alzheimer’s etc.) we are supposed to accept them as normal and unavoidable. Billions of dollars of advertising are spend pointing the way to YOUR only alternative- More Drugs! The OPDIVO ad campaign was one that incredibly missed the ire of the FTC and FDA in spite of massive blow back from cancer sufferers and their families. Somehow that did not constitute a “consumer watch dog agency complaint” I guess and they skated free and still do.

But don’t even suggest a vitamin will help you live longer or better that will get you fined and in jail while Big Pharma wrings out every last dollar from your pension plan because “prevention doesn’t work”.
Excuse me for trying!

So that brings us to today’s potentially (note the weasel word made necessary by the agencies that protect you from yourself and making your own decisions) may interrupt the cycle of both diabetes and obesity- or at least give you a fighting chance against this dual epidemic.

The key is sleep my friend- a good night’s sleep!

I have droned on and on about sleep related hormone balance and all kinds of rhythms in your hypothalamus that control hormone secretion etc.

I will spare you that today and tell you in simple fashion about another link in the chain of obesity and diabetes.

Relative recent newcomers to the metabolic/sleep link are orexin A and B- both secreted by the hypothalamus, that time clock like organ in your brain that macro regulates most of your metabolic functions.
Disruption of these hormones is linked to obesity and metabolic perturbations like diabetes and metabolic syndrome (or whatever the latest round of name changers calls it!). Ironically its also intimately linked to what is poised to become yet another epidemic- Sleep Apnea and other disruptive sleep disorders.

As usual people like me (doctors) are focused on treating the symptoms and not the cause. I don’t personally non-medically think you can treat any of these disorders without first treating sleep.
If you need help with this I make an amazing “sleep support” agent called Sweet Sleep Z.

It may be the first step to getting your metabolism under control so the effects of diet and exercise yield you the results you want. You’d be amazed at how many people I have seen over the years that worked out hard and dieted, albeit following the pyramids, and never mastered their bodies or their metabolisms. Many are now on what I call the drug treadmill.

Disordered sleep may be the cause of more than you think.

Here’s how I fixed mine.


You may have also noticed the diet link above. That product is now celebrating its one-year anniversary. I am told that Kim Kardashian got her body back by going on something like this. Ah yes, celebrity weight loss! Ranks right up there with divorce, new boyfriend, new baby, checking into rehab and disastrous plastic surgery results to reignite a career. Man am I glad I’m not famous.



Reference: Ageing Res Rev. 2015 Mar;20:63-73. doi: 10.1016/j.arr.2014.11.001. Epub 2014 Nov 22.
Sleep disorders, obesity, and aging: the role of orexin.
Nixon JP1, Mavanji V2, Butterick TA3, Billington CJ4, Kotz CM5, Teske JA6.

Food Myth

I really need to write to you about something nice, happy and fun. I promise I will but in the meantime there is a war going on. It’s not a new war but it’s been ratcheted up and the balance of power is temporarily shifting.

The main problem is that people have very short memories these days. There is a sound byte mentality where the “newest news” dominates for a few days until something else takes its place.

The war on supplements has been going on since 2000 when I started. It has just gotten more fierce primarily because more and more companies are making more and more supplements and there is more and more money being drained from Big Pharma’s pockets.

Or is there.

This war is not actually as clear cut as it seems. Big Pharma already makes at least 40 billion a year from selling supplements. They do it by volume and dominating the retail space. There is a reason Longevity Edge supplements will never be in GNC!

What is really desired is total ownership and dominance of the “alternate” income stream.

That would also make our friends at the alphabet agencies in government happy. Not that there are any lobbyists and money involved but…

I have seen it all before over and over again:

The Codex Alimentarius

Vitamins just give you expensive urine

We should all be taking statins- isn’t this getting closer and closer along with blood pressure and diabetic medicine. We should of course not look to our diets and the recommendations that are made as potential culprits for the epidemic of unhealthiness.

Genetics will save us from cancer- after 2 trillion dollars and the sequencing of the human genome we still are beating that drum of failed therapies.

Fish is better than fish oil because there is “some magical ingredient maybe vitamins or proteins” that makes it better than just taking essential fatty acids. That is not what population based data suggests and it makes absolutely no scientific biologic sense but it is what is being pushed yet again. God forbid we should do a study with a meaningful dose of fish oil and actually check and Omega6/3 ratio to see if we are there!

Don’t believe this? Check out the links here.

Now here is the thing. You are liable to get the same answer you get when you look into why cell phone service is so crappy in so many places: its not that we’re not spending on towers (the truth) it’s the government regulations ( the BS!)

Big Pharma has spend 60X its R and D budget on advertising for years now and its not because of regulations. It’s because the money that is made is greater than the GNP of many countries!
Where does this leave someone who is trying to care of themselves.

Well I can legally tell you where I start and that is all I can tell you.

I start with the basics

  1. Young Life Daily
  2. Ultra Potent Fish Oil

Now for the good, fun and happy news. Doing this has helped thousands of customers and me and my family stay younger and healthier than most of the other people we know including people 20 years younger.
I am not allowed to imply suggest or otherwise insinuate that anything I tell you actually works. But you may very likely be one of those healthy people who have been loyal for so long.

Observe how you feel, think and do, and then decide who is telling you the truth!



PS: If just eating healthy ala the recommendations were so friggin’ good for you why are we fat, sick and zombie like as a society. Break the chains!!!!!!!!

The Skinny on Saturated Fat

With the recent announcement by Dr Oz that we should put butter in our coffee, and a TIME magazine cover saying we may have been wrong about fats, a subtle shift has begun to occur in mainstream dietary thinking.

The concept that saturated fats may not be the villainous life ending culprits we (doctors, dieticians, alphabet agencies etc) have been telling you has begun to get some traction.

Here is the actual skinny on this deal.

There has never been ANY solid evidence that saturated fats found in things like butter and red meat are bad for you. But there has been a 40 year “low fat diet” agenda that has rooted itself in the politics and bias of the American Medical System as well as Big Food.

It is ironic to me that my journey down this road has some very interesting parallels that I will get to in a minute but first a few stories.

1)      2 years ago I interviewed Dr. Staffan Lindeberg for the current telomere book I am working on.  Dr. Lindeberg lived and studied the last remaining true Paleo tribe on the planet, the Kitavans. His conclusions pointed solidly to our diet as the major cause of most of the diseases we associated with aging including heart disease and cancer. On page 177 of his book Food and Western Disease Dr Lindeberg correctly states that high consumption of lean meat including red meat does not increase heart disease. Similarly high cholesterol intake has a marginal effect on serum cholesterol and complete adherence to a low fat recommended diet can reduce serum cholesterol by about 3% at best. And yet for the past 40 years red meat has been vilified, saturated fats have been vilified and eating less cholesterol has been pounded into the medical and public consciousness. While all this was happening America and much of the Western world were getting fatter and fatter.  Dr. Steffan Lindeberg’s was written in 2010 long before Dr Oz or TIME magazine.

2)      I have written in great detail about my Paleo adventures 6 years back and my current ketogenic diet.  In both cases I was able to get very lean.  Maintaining a ketogenic diet or what you might call “ultra low carb” has far and away surpassed Paleo in fat loss. I should also add that while I was Paleo I was also running anywhere from 35 to 70 miles a week.  Now I am not bashing Paleo, I am just telling you what has happened in my life.  Keep in mind each of these diets has been far more sustainable than vegetarian or Vegan for me personally and has yielded much greater fat loss without concomitant loss of muscle mass.  Again not bashing any diet just telling you my own experience.

3)      The other day I was in line at the grocery store.  I watched a man and woman in front of me at check out. Both of them were less than 5 feet 5 inches and both HAD to be in excess of 250 pounds.  At least 70% of what they were buying said “low fat” on it.  Behind me was a mother with 3 children. They (mom and kids) were all morbidly obese.  Again they had carts full of “low fat” stuff.  The predominant theme for both sets of obese people was carbs, carbs and more carbs, punctuated by lots of “whole grain”. It was truly astounding.  Equally astounding was the fact that I had trouble finding high or normal fat content foods in this store.  Almost everything was “low fat”  I could not find  normal fat yogurt or any yogurt with less than 15 grams of carbs even the plain stuff.  The more fat they removed the more carbs they added.


My cart contained the following that day” extra virgin olive oil, no nitrate free range uncured bacon, free range ground chicken, a quart of heavy cream and 4% minimum milk fat cottage cheese, vanilla extract and cinnamon.  My few items towered over the lot of my neighbors in terms of fat content and yet I was by far the leanest person in the line, probably the whole store.  I will let you draw your own conclusions but one other thing: I have put 6 other people on the ketogenic diet. 5 of them have been able to adhere to it no problem and all 5 have lost a lot of weight in a short period of time.  The person who cannot or will not follow it cites inability to “eat all that fat” because of a decade of near vegetarianism.  She has not lost any weight on this diet!

4)       Ok I mentioned above that there were some parallels in the way I got started on this diet.  My initial and primary reason came after reading the book Cancer as a Metabolic Disease by Dr Tom Seyfreid.  I was not interested in weight loss.  I weighed 203 and looked “ok” in my own estimation, never having come close to my max chubby weight of 236.  But after a week on the diet Dr Seyfreid described I lost 11 pounds and concluded that a cancer prevention or treatment diet was indeed doable unless the person was far gone.  After that I found the work of Phinney and Voleck who basically advanced the Adkins theories and the rest is history. I am now under 10% body fat and have lost about 30 pounds.  I look and feel better than I have in a long long time even though I have always considered myself to be feeling really good and looking OK.

In each of these resources, Seyfried and Phinney and Voleck I found so much evidence that politics and personal agendas set what the American public believes. I won’t name names but it boils down to a few very influential researchers and doctors who had a major vested interest in defending their views. Bullying and riding over anyone who questioned them set up the past 4o years of nonsense.

I know that eating fat to burn fat sounds very counterintuitive but that is what happens.  I will also tell you I believe that Vegan and Vegetarian diets can work as well.  How can this be?  How can 2 so very different routines one consisting of dairy, animal and vegetable fat and the other of mostly fruits vegetables and nuts yield the same result?

The answer is calorie reduction and insulin management.

People eating both high fat (60% or more as fat) and Vegan/Vegetarian diets have lower calorie consumption and lower insulin levels.

How can high fat be low calorie?  Try eating this much fat and watch your appetite disappear.

In about 2 weeks I should have my latest lipid profile for you so stay tuned!




Fat Shaming, Supplement Shaming and Arthur Schopenhauer Strikes Again

Over the many years I have been writing to you I have written numerous “This is Rich” Entries to try to highlight what I consider is the double standard applied to the supplement industry versus the rest of the world.

Make no mistake about it your right to free choice is going to be defended by the alphabet agencies who will protect you from charlatans, quacks, money grubbing baxxrds and most of all yourself and your own education and free will.  Frankly I’m surprised they still allow the First Amendment although I have seen all kinds of incredible offenses and affronts taken by all kinds of people to shut down the opinions of others.

When it comes to supplements I am taking a page from something called “fat shaming”.  Fat shaming apparently became poplar enough in France to warrant a social outcry.  As I understand it, it occurs most often when fat people (is that still allowed?) are seen buying stuff in a bakery.  They are then ridiculed for their poor dietary choices by the not fat people.

While I think this is a pointless waste of time- we all make our own choices, as long as I am not paying for your health care I do not really care.

So now I am coining the term “Supplement Shaming”.

This occurs when Big Pharma sponsored agencies attack the supplement industry and demand it complies with the same standards drugs do.  While I would love to have 5 million dollars to do a randomized double blinded double dummy placebo-controlled trial with my fish oil versus say, a statin for cardiovascular outcomes, I don’t and I am not likely to unless I win the lottery.

And then there would be the attacks by you know who!

The latest example of supplement shaming has to do with my favorite supplement.

The headline reads “Omega-3 FA Supplements May Only Modestly Impact High-Risk Populations from CVD”.

A previous headline of the same study stated there was “NO EFFECT” because the 7% concluded improvement was not considered statistically significant.

Of course, this trail was a “meta-analysis” scientists new tool to avoid doing new research and cherry pick old research to show the foregone conclusion they already have before the run the number through a computer.

The only trial they chose that had significant positive results including on all because mortality was the GISSI trial which is actually 4 trials all of which supply data.  They chose GISSI Prevenzione only.

This was also the only trial that had a significant dosage of Omega 3 at 2.5 grams- way below what most people will need for an effective Land’s ratio of 60% Omega 3.  One trial only used EPA and this was under 2 grams.  As a matter of fact, some of the trial only used 1 gram a day.  Then there was the infamous margarine trial.

Remember that one?  The makers of Lantus insulin had egg on their face because their magic insulin did not improve outcomes in diabetics with heart disease. But to obfuscate the results they did a sub group using 1 gram of crappy triglyceride cod oil in a stick of margarine that subjects were required to consume.

At the end of the trial the conclusion was: fish oil didn’t help either.

Go figure.

So, what you have is what I entitled Fish Oil- Failure by Design. Yet again.

There seems to be an endless stream of studies that are meta-analysis and not real studies using the same old “let’s fall back on these!” known negative studies using doses that mean nothing and no mention of Omega6/3 Land’s ratios.

The conclusions range from the first on “NO BENEFIT” which is clearly not correct to “modest benefit”.

I guarantee you BIG Pharma will never do a study with meaningful doses and compare the outcomes to drugs.  Why should they shame themselves when they can shame supplements with big BS trails run on computer?

And they call that “original research”.

Now I have included a statin-based study on risk just for your understanding.  Please look at the headlines and read the study.  Notice that aggressive multiple drug therapy including statins and blood pressure meds would have at best yielded 11% reduction.

Note also this is not a real study either- its just what they think would happen based on other studies. Sound familiar?  Did anyone shame Big Pharma for getting only 11% out of 3 or more drugs.  Then notices the magical statistical manipulation accounting for “regression dilution”.  That is not a real-world thing but a way to fit data on to a straight line that is widely accepted to make data look “nice”.

Any body do it with the fish oil data?


Finally note the magical conclusion that states and I paraphrase “We need to use more statins in more people including those who are not at this high risk to see the benefits” In other words more statin prescriptions and more drugs for us all.  Lower the threshold for cholesterol, lower it for blood pressure, lower it for blood sugar and then tell people the only way to do it is drugs.

Why even bother with lifestyle modifications!

But remember the status quo (not the musical group but the state of things) is good and anyone who challenges it like me is bad, misguided or far worse and should be censured and attacked.

Also remember that your body and your health and your future don’t give a rat’s ass about meta-analysis and regression dilution.

Educate yourself and don’t take everything that is status quo as good. And remember even a crappy study showed 7% improvement.  That is not NOTHING!!!

And when you are done go here.


“’All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. Arthur Schopenhauer”

We are at the violent opposition stage.




Associations of Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplement Use With Cardiovascular Disease RisksMeta-analysis of 10 Trials Involving 77 917 Individuals

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Evaluating the impact of population and high-risk strategies for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease.

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Author information



To estimate the potential effectiveness of different “high-risk” and “population” approaches to the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in middle-aged British men, after correction for regression dilution bias.


We used a combination of cohort and randomised controlled trial evidence to estimate the effectiveness of high-risk strategies, based on the identification of high-risk factors or high absolute risk, and strategies based on population-wide reductions in cholesterol and blood pressure. High-risk strategies were potentially effective but would need to be used widely to have a substantial effect on CVD in the population. Aggressive pharmacological treatment (using statins, beta-blockers, ACE-inhibitors and aspirin) in individuals with a 10-year Framingham event risk of >or=30% (6% of population) would have reduced major CVD by at most 11%. This figure increased to 34% at a >or=20% treatment threshold (26% of population). In contrast, modest downwards shifts in the population distributions of serum total cholesterol and systolic blood pressure led to marked expected reductions in major CVD. Taking regression dilution bias into account, 10% reductions in long-term mean blood cholesterol and blood pressure could have reduced major CVD by 45%.


If high-risk strategies are to have a major impact on CVD in the population, they need to be more widely used than previously envisaged. Population-wide reduction of major risk factors is needed if CVD is to be substantially reduced.



Experts slam low carb diets!

Well almost as if on cue dietary experts have weighed in on the low carb versus low fat dietary smack down that showed a superior result from low fat diets.

In case you have not been following my Ketogenic diet series I have been eating 60+% of my daily calorie intake from fats, 25% from protein and 15% or less from carbs.  In other numbers I try to keep my carbs below 50 grams or the equivalent of 1.5 slices of typical white or whole grain bread a day.

The recent study I referred to above showed far more weight loss in a year on low carb vs low fat diet (12 pounds average versus 4 pounds).

We’ll have look at what the experts said in a moment but you do need to understand a few things.

First this is not the first time this has happened.  In an email to you several years ago entitled “The Great Diet Smackdown” I detailed similar findings.  Low carb diets won hands down over low fat with Atkins style diets more than doubling the subjects weight loss.  For the record the worst performer was Dean Ornish’s then popular   “Rainbow diet”. It weighed in at a measly 4 pounds.  Then again he never did pitch it as a weight loss diet.

Next if anything a carb dominated Big Food controlled “whole grain goodness” campaign has had 10’s of millions of dollars thrown at it by grain seed and crop producers headed by GMO giant Monsanto.  Interestingly enough our president’s current food czar is headed to the board of directors of that company when his time in politics is done.

I wonder if there is any significance in that?!

On top of that is long history of what can only be termed anti fat bias that has dominated medical thinking for the past 40 years spear headed by Big Pharma and the statin crew. Along with the ADA who used to allow Pop Tarts on the diabetic exchange diet we have a carb dominated food pyramid.

Ok so what did the experts say?

1) The whole premise is stupid! How can one diet fit all when we are all so very different ?

My feeling: while it is true there are some minor genetic variations and a few epigenetic ones to be sure something like 98+% of all human genes are exactly the same when unmutated.  We can be reasonably sure that the variations do not cluster in only the nutritional department. Give the slow as molasses speed of evolution we can also be sure that the changes needed to accommodate a high grain diet did not take place in the past 10,000 years since we have been cultivating grains and certainly not in the past 100 years since the advent if GMO grains.

2) High fat is dangerous and the people advocating it are dangerous!  I pretty much cornered that in my”BAD Dietary Advice” blog.  To Dr David Katz of Yale I repeat my challenge: Before you put it down try it yourself and measure all those precious lipids values like I did and see what happens! I would add that the relatively small amount of weight loss pretty much tells me that while the low carb diet was indeed carb restricted, the researchers probably wussed out and included much more protein and hedged on the high fat part.

The clue is I the way it’s presented: low carb. The word high fat did not appear and most researchers dare not challenge the long held “fat is bad for you” dogma

3) Avoid any diet that tells you to avoid any macro nutrient group. There are 3 macro nutrient groups, carbs, fats and proteins. Well uh, it’s really impossible to avoid all carbs since fruits and vegetables contain a bit of them. It is also clear that cabs are truly non essential in the large amounts we currently get them in our diets. Fats and protein avoidance will make you sick and kill you fast. Carbs? Nope!

4) And  my personal favorite: Well we know that people on low carb diets automatically eat less!  Um is that not the point of a diet.

Now I will also tell you that I think low carb diets will always be far more acceptable than true high fat Ketogenic diets.  Ketogenic diets will always be on the fringe in the long run.  But for people who really really need to lose weight for just about any reason, they will remain the answer.

Lots of people will be able to maintain ketosis at a higher carb consumption rate than me. For me the difference between 50 grams and 100 grams for a few days is visible fat accumulation around my waist.

I have detailed all the testing I have done both lab and metabolic for the world to see. I did not make choice on a whim or bias. I would have dropped it like a hot potato if it didn’t work.  It worked like gangbusters and who knows given the current research on metabolism and cancer, it may have saved my life!

My challenge to any health care providers remains: put your money where your mouth is. Otherwise shut up!


Sugared sodas cause aging – is Sugar really that bad?!

A recent study by prolific telomere researcher Elisa Epel and colleagues showed that sugared sodas might accelerate aging.

Now this may seem like a moot point since most people believe that sugar consumption is unhealthy at least in the form of sugary foods.

The picture gets muddier however when you consider the results I reviewed in my last blog on artificial sweeteners (specifically saccharin). That study showed that sugar levels and insulin levels were affected by consumption of artificial sweeteners in a dose that was at a high level but still considered safe. The mechanism for purported ill effects of saccharin was a change in the gut flora which resulted in more calories from food becoming available even though the actual amount of food was unchanged. Think of it as more efficient processing!

Incidentally that study did NOT show that consumption of refined sugar in the form of glucose did anything to blood sugar or insulin levels- at least not over the 12 weeks it spanned.

The current study was far less sophisticated but much more impactful in its end point and aging. Epel’s study used telomere length as an isolated end point. Over 5000 people were tested unlike the artificial sweetener study which tested a whopping 7 people. Dr Epel’s study showed that regular consumption of sugared sodas at a level of 20 ounces per day was associated with 4.6 years of aging by telomere length.

Dr Epel’s study is fraught with flaws however. First the samples they used have been frozen for close to a decade if not more. Next they used QPCR the least accurate measurement for testing telomere length. The large number of study participants would help fix that problem except that QPCR is subject to DNA quality issues more than any other method and using 10 year old samples is in my opinion asking for trouble.

Ultimately you might ask what this study actually showed. I sure did. The honest answer is “not as much as it could have!”. A better study would have been to use the HTQFISH Life Length assay and follow the participants over a year or so. That will not happen because one of the researchers listed has stock in a company that runs QPCR only.

So do we throw this out? Not totally!

It is typical of the low quality studies that are continuing in ever increasing number to be released by people associated with the scientists who discovered telomerase. It is a sad fact that “publish or perish” is the mantra of many academic scientists who are associated with all scientific fields. This study is not junk in my opinion but it does a poor job of showing what the authors appear to have set out to do, and plays to a pre existing bias: sugar is bad for you.

That pre-existing bias is not without a ton of science already as diabetes and insulin resistance are both associated with shorter telomere length in humans as well as cellular dysfunction and impaired tissue repair along with you guessed it inflammation and increased free radical damage.

And honestly I agree with that bias or I would not be on an extremely low carb ketogenic diet.

And another interesting thing emerged from the Epel Study. Non soda sugared beverages were not associated with shorter telomeres. Nor it seems was 100% fruit juice. Did anyone check soda water?

The saccharin study did NOT show increased blood sugar or insulin with the consumption of sugar! Go figure!!!

So we are left with more questions than answers from this study. The premise that sugar is bad for your telomeres is already pretty well established. Its just that this study is not scientifically grounded enough to add to what we already know.

The good news is that the authors are going to do a study that measures more than one telomere length and looks at what happens to telomere length real time with respect to sugared soda. If the study is large enough to get around the inaccuracies of the measurement they have chosen we might just have a real answer and a valuable study.

Frankly the real shocker will be if sugared sodas DO NOT shorten telomeres.

But hopefully the end point of shorter telomeres and faster aging may steer people away from sugared sodas. I was shocked to find that up to a quarter of Americans still consume 20+ ounces of sugared sodas a day.

Now while I am not in love with this study for all the reasons I mentioned I do think it should make us all look at our sugar consumption with a very serious eye!

Canned soda appears to be a candidate for “Aging in a Can” especially if Epel’s follow up study gets done.
I also want to remind you that carbs in general are processed into sugars in the body and no matter what people try to tell/sell you about “impact” levels of carbs, it is very easy to get far more carbs than I view as healthy in the daily diet. If you can pinch an inch around your waist, you are getting too many carbs, plain and simple!

And if you can pinch an inch you are probably aging your telomeres faster than you should. Fix your diet and consider telomerase activation to give your body a fighting chance to recover what it has lost. Be wary of products that make big telomere claims but don’t back them up with evidence.

I have personally gained over 1000 base pairs and the equivalent of de aging by 10 years biologically using 4 TA-65 a day. I am in my 5th year and will not stop in the foreseeable future.

Why would I if I am getting younger as the years go by!


Stay young Stay healthy and Stay away from sugar!


In the blog on artificial sweeteners and your health I mentioned I am still convinced that sugar is a much bigger problem for human health than artificial sweeteners. Now you know why.