Declaring Your In Deep End Dance Part 6

I am writing this to you on the morning of the 4th. You won’t get it for a day or so after but I sure hope you had the great day I wished for you. Mine looks like a wonderful hot summer day.

I have written the Declare Your Independence Series for a long time now and I am rather amused that the company that is recycling my emails to sell their products hasn’t gotten around to using the series yet.

I decided to play on the title a little bit because even though we live in the greatest country in the world, and tons of brave committed people have made all kinds of sacrifices for us, I see some signs of ennui and back door dealings, especially in terms of your healthy future.

I have never been a big conspiracy theorist but I have to admit I have personally seen and experienced some things that give me the chills in health care. Here are a couple:

1) Most doctors privately admit the health care system is broken and has been for a long time. Many if not most are very disgruntled with the way they are told to do things by the non-medical people that control the flow of money into the system. Yet most of these individuals will publicly decree the need to play along with the power of Pharmacy and the white coated rulers in the “respected institutions”. Never mind most of these people never see let alone touch sick patients any more!

And let’s remember who funds the drug studies. It is not an independent medical board, that is for sure!

2) Big Pharma has spent over 1 billion dollars in a campaign to “repair its image”. This includes bashing the supplement industry. While this is nothing new, there have been more direct and rather vicious attacks on people in the industry who have done nothing wrong.

3) Top of my list: the decision by all governmental agencies to bomb the stem cell industry out of existence. This is local, state and federal. I have seen this before and here is what happens: You the non-medical public are told what charlatans and villains people who do these treatments are. As ultimate proof you are told, “See you have to go to 3rd world countries to get these treatments. If they were real we’d be doing them here!”

Sound familiar? I famously pointed out the “Is it Low T” fiasco, where testosterone therapies were the bailiwick of quacks and charlatans until Big Pharma decided to market them.

And in the meantime, plenty of people are behaving in independent fashion and getting phenomenal benefits.

It would seem that anyone who shows some semblance of independence is targeted, vilified and persecuted to make sure there is not the slightest loss of control and power among those individuals who control the future of health care. That is not you and I, unless we declare our independence.

My entire product line is designed to do what god forbid you might achieve with the correct choices- a long, healthy and at least relatively drug free future. But, if you play along with our friends in high places you will be In the Deep End and Dancing to the tune and will of others. Lots of drugs, lots of problems and in my opinion, not much more life or health!

And when you look at the much vaunted studies that are published the cracks and flaws become all to apparent.

Ok now shifting gears for a minute (hey its been a week since I sent anything to you so I can be long winded right!?)

A client who I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with for an hour or so, Don E told me about something I have seen a few times before with various and sundry supplements. In this case it was Energy X Maxx.

Apparently, Don was noticing some the increases in strength I have been raving about, but as a result of the more intense workouts, his soreness levels increased. Of course, I don’t intend for people to have more pain taking things. Still in a back handed way it tells you this one really works.

Just monitor your body and try not to succumb to the temptation to turn back the clock too much and too soon. Don, I apologize!!!!

I know Don and others will find a happy medium but I appreciate the feedback and the chance to alert you to this possibility.


What a difference a Month Makes!

Phew!!! Thank goodness that is finally over.

It all started kinda by accident.

I repeatedly tell you that I take what I make and with rare exceptions (like Sweet Sleep Z) that is true. But there have been occasions where there are gaps… never in fish oil or telomere stuff but in other things.

Sometimes they are planned, others not.

This one was semi planned so to speak and basically, I “went” with it. I have been updating you about Energy X Maxx  and the rather dramatic improvements in physical performance both endurance and strength that I have experienced.

Well, I am here to report the acid test- what happens when you stop!

It has been about 5 weeks and surprise surprise I noticed a big difference in all parameters of strength and endurance.

Now to be honest it was a bit subtle. Just like I have been telling you all along this supplement is not a big instant impact thang!

I actually feel/felt no different. No big rush no big caffeine like high no massive pre-workout pump etc.

But the numbers didn’t lie!!! Even though I felt the same there was at least a 20% difference (and climbing!) in weights lifted and times run.

A lot of that went away in the 5 weeks that I stopped. So here is the question. Do you treat this like the old weight loss dilemma- “Doc I gain all the weight back when I stop the diet!” and skip taking it because you are “dependent” on it. Or do you buck up and say, “I can take anything on a daily basis that helps me do better and is not truly damaging or habit forming.”?

I choose the later because I like doing better and I know that only good things are happening. Stronger and faster is also younger, even if you need to continue supplementing to do it.

Someday down the road when we have all the genes and gene products and cell therapies figured out you might only need a once a year treatment with an occasional tune up.

But we are still pretty far from that at least in the affordable sense. And our friends at Big Pharma have no interest in finding out about this until all the risks/benefits have been taken by someone else and they can swoop in with billions of dollars and make billions more getting you on something that, you guessed it, you will have to take every day any way.

I choose to start now!

Hope you join me!

The Consequences of Having More Energy

I wanted to share a personal story with you so you might avoid some mistakes I have made in the past.

I have been updating you on my physical advancement since taking a few of the new products. I am pretty sure I blew my own horn a fair amount in hopes that all of my not so old aging warriors would take heart and realize some performance gains of their own.

After all its always more fun to make progress especially if you feel stuck.

Well there is an old saying in Ukraine that goes something like this: Teach a donkey to pray and it will get a sore forehead.

This of course refers to the stubbornness of the breed and is often not far of the mark for certain anti-aging docs I know lol.

The signs were unmistakable. The ongoing not so subtle ache in my shoulder. I had been putting up some impressive weights overhead in a way that had not been seen by me for several decades. After all what 60 year old lifts anything overhead anymore! That is when the old “wooden racquet” injury came back after so many years.

Yes, back in my High School days I played a lot of tennis for the local team. I was pretty good too considering the way the game was played in those days. We had wooden racquets that required huge looping swings to generate any power- completely different game than the ping pong like strokes of today.

Of course, all that also required a lot of strength that came from the rotator cuff and torqued it in ways that would cause long term damage. I had pretty much forgotten about my shoulder issues until recently when I started getting stronger much faster. I thank my wonderful supplements for that.

But I had also forgotten the caveat of minding my own limits in terms of tendons and ligaments. One needs to let them catch up to the muscles.

So, if you are using Energy X Maxx be aware that you may need to exercise a little caution in terms of how fast you progress. Your body needs stress but it needs it in doses it can adapt to.

A few quick ultrasound treatments with my little portable machine and I am right as rain.

Frankly making progress fast is a nice problem to have!!! Get Some and watch how much more you get done this summer!


Minding Your Mitochondria!

There is a lot to look after in the body when it comes to healthy aging.

One of the most common yet most overlooked places for improvement is in the cellular powerhouses known as mitochondria.

Several years back I read a book written in Germany and translated into English that convinced me we are way way behind over here in understanding the role of mitochondria in health and disease.

The mitochondria are the powerhouses that determine how much energy each cell, and thus each of us has to do the things we want to do. They also determine how we “feel” about them. In other words, can we do the thing without exhaustion and do the thing to completion. I will leave you to fill in the blanks but whether its yard work or sex the mitochondria have a huge role.

They also have a huge role in determining the fate of the cell because as the cell ages certain signals (many originating from the telomere) influence how much and how well the mitochondria can participate in repair jobs, or whether they behave like a “phaser on overload” from Star Trek and blow the cell up.

They play a gigantic role in what is known as the senescent activated phenotype which is a kind of domino effect where one cell poisons another and that cell poisons another and so on and so forth making aging a self-fulfilling prophecy!

If this sounds vaguely familiar its because you’ve heard variations on this theme since 2010 when I first wrote the Immortality Edge. Nothing has changed although just like the book, things have become “more true” as the science and research has advanced.

Now for the “OK Doc what do I do about it?!” Well one thing we know happens in the mitochondria is a loss of its ability to generate power due to some key ingredients that lead to increased oxidation and free radical signaling (in this case damage!).

Key player here is COQ 10 in its reduced form. A Key anti-oxidant here is tocotrienols which also have telomerase activating ability. I have combined these 2 things into a unique, easy to use supplement called Mito QE that has everything you need and nothing you don’t

Unlike so many “latest and greatest” these supplements are not rushed to market because of a single rat or mouse study. There are human studies and some countries use CO Q 10 as a drug for heart failure and stroke.

We don’t yet but again we are way behind on applying mitochondria biology and as of yet Big Pharma has not bothered to make a drug out of the above (thank god!).

But whether its gardening or sex I bet you could do with more energy and healthier mitochondria for healthy aging!

It’s easy to forget them but the consequences are not fun.

If you are not on daily Mito QE sign up now and try it for at least 3 months!


Why we All Need the X Factor

Why we All Need the X Factor

First, let me alert you to a few emails I have gotten asking about massive discounts on certain products that may or may not be familiar to you. Some have said, “It seems too good to be true! What gives?!”

May I suggest you request the expiration date of the discounted products before you purchase them. You may be in for an unpleasant surprise. I can say no more.


You may not know this about me but for quite some time I was a personal trainer. I did not do it as a living, I did it for my own knowledge and development although I found myself in demand for this more often than you might think!

One thing that I always found frustrating was the way athletic performance books were written. Now I am NOT talking about weight loss books. Weight loss books have become extremely formulaic for the simple reason that editors and book companies are convinced they know what sells.

If you write one differently than the formula which is: problem agitate solve you usually are asked to re write it. To add some meat to those bones the problem is stated more or less like this:

The government, doctors or some other agency that we’ve allowed to usurp our ability to make our own decisions is either dumb, brain washed or deliberately keeping a secret from you that “They” don’t want you to know. If it sounds like everything ever written by Kevin Trudeau you get the idea.

Agitate: This usually involves a personal story about how everything that the author tried either didn’t work or made things worse followed by the question, “Has this ever happened to you!?” The answer for anyone who is older than 16 years old will always be “YES!” simply because sooner or later we are all disappointed by something we bought or tried. Trust me these people are anything but clairvoyant!

Prior to the solve phase it is often typical for the author to invoke some deity or higher power that “Gave me the secret but I had to promise to share this amazing discovery with YOU!” In so doing the author is now above criticism because he/she/zis/zer is doing it for YOU, and who can criticize a higher power.

I mean do you think you are better than the ruler of the universe! It also abrogates any issues of greed because again something higher was at work here. *

Solve: Ah yes! The magic elixir/diet/supplement/exercise program/sex aid etc. etc. that will solve everything that ails you and only I have it!!!

You may be wondering what all this means in terms of my experiences as a trainer, doctor, healer, athlete etc.

Well here is the rub!

Most of the athletic performance books are written by performance athletes and/or their coaches based on elite experience. After all, if it made world class sprinters, lifters, body builders, endurance athletes out of said individuals it is good enough for you. Even worse is the winning athlete who wrote a book on the topic for you.

Now why might this not be useful and why might you want to listen to a talented amateur or even some schlub who actually did what you want to do without any magic of genes, enhancing drugs or surgery or incredible coaching.

Well let me give you an example of the above argument in a nutshell. A while back the hottest ticket in sprinting was Michael Johnson. One of my friends who happens to be a world class trainer in his own right read us a chapter by a world famous trainer on the parameters every single sprinter should shoot for. He (the author of the chapter) then used Michael Johnson as an example. My friend happened to have obtained some footage of several of Mr. Johnson’s totally dominant races and showed us those films while reading off the list of “musts” the elite sprint trainer said were absolutes.

If gauged by the requirements of the book that cited him as the perfect example of all things good, Johnson did NONE of those things. Every single one was wrong according to the gospel of sprinting.

It would not surprise me if Usain Bolt showed similar “flaws” in his biomechanics.

So how did these guys win? Well genetics played an undeniable part. And that is not just heritage. Johnson was 6’1” Bolt is 6’5’ and 207 pounds. Both men are very muscular and very strong. Sprinting success boils down to stride length and turnover which gives stronger taller men a huge advantage. Then there was coaching.

But the bottom line is that both men were naturally made to do the sport they chose.

In most cases you and I are not. So, reading the book by “experts” and world class athletes has created a problem agitate solve situation for those of us less gifted and on top of that aging!

Problem: Every single program on speed, endurance, strength etc. etc. has to be written by a world class leader or someone who can make a plausible claim to being an expert or it will not sell. We have been conditioned to believe that if we just do what the experts do we will get similar results (we don’t admit this, we add phrases like, I just want to be the best I can be!). Somewhere in the justification we harbor dreams of grandeur of some sort or we would simply lay on the couch and sip lattes!

Agitate: It’s not YOUR Fault. The big secret of the industry is that most of this stuff won’t work for you even if you had personal sessions with the world class trainers and athletes at your side. Reason: The training is there to maximize an already incredible top 1% potential and you probably couldn’t do it for all kinds of reasons including- injury, biomechanics, need to work play and spend time with your family etc. Not to mention your genetic potential. And then there is the dirty secret that most of the tip top athletes just do their thing the way they do without much training influence anyway! So, Stop The Insanity!!!

Before I go on to the “Solve” part I will tell you that the above is my story and my conclusion from my personal experience and the experience gleaned from decades of taking care of people of average genetic, motivational and financial/time means.

Solve: My magic elixir has been Energy X MAXX referred to in the title as the “X factor”. I am going on 4 months of usage now and there seems to be no end to the increase in stamina and strength I am experiencing compared to pretty much everything I did in my previous life. I have not really changed my workouts as I have done the same variations for years. I am running more miles, but its because I CAN, and this is a new development to. Previously I would just get over trained or injured.

Now my expectations are pretty reasonable as I get very close to the start of my 6th decade. I will keep you posted when I achieve the goals I set forth but let’s just say it will allow me to compare my performances favorably to 20 years ago during similar training stages.

This may or may not matter to you but it is kinda cool to have the young bucks sincerely compliment you as well. Ego aside, hanging with young people is a good measure of how well you are doing and whether you are successfully anti-aging! **

The X Factor has helped me immensely in these achievements! ***



*For students of history the Problem Agitate Solve Formula along with deification, heroic journeys, and magic elixir was adopted from Aristotelian Poetics- one of the oldest treatise on writing.

**The recent clamp down on age reversal claims in spite of the fact that aging is NOT classified as a disease is a real thing. This is apparently so even if top level scientists are used and RTC studies are published. Vague terms like “accepted experts in the field” “accepted numbers of studies of the correct design” leave all kinds of leeway for attack.

***I am slowly getting around to writing down my own prescriptions for success for the genetically challenged aging individual. Keep in mind Energy X is not an “instant” reward kind of supplement. It usually takes 3 to 4 weeks to kick in and change your physiology. That is why we make

Running Away with the Runway!!!

A few weeks ago I wrote to you about a topic called sarcopenia- muscle loss, and dynopenia, power loss.


In that post I stressed the importance of taking care of diminishing CoQ 10 levels that may be associated with aging.

Now before you go, “Oh no! More science!!!” let me explain the reason behind pretty much everything I do these days.

It’s called buying runway and don’t be surprised if you find someone else stealing that phrase for their marketing! Buying runway in the anti-aging sense means you take advantage of knowledge and technologies that have a really strong chance at positively affecting your health and perhaps even your longevity, although none of this is approved by the agencies that police our society.

Mitochondrial medicine is far behind where it should be considering that every single cancer ever investigated has some form or respiratory defect. I won’t even begin to go into how the mitochondria affect heart, brain, and immune health.

I will remind you of the cross talk between shortening telomeres and aging mitochondria that leads to something you might remember from tons of other emails I’ve written- the senescent activated phenotype.

Briefly that situation describes a continuing and progressive inflammatory reaction that occurs in aging cells and damages other surrounding cells and may accelerate their aging process as well.

Normally here is where I would launch into the “shortening telomeres schpeel” but instead I want to focus on mitochondrial behavior.

This little power house has the job of using fat and oxygen to make fuel. As we age it seems to do its job less and less for some of the reasons mentioned above but also and including lower reduced CoQ levels.

This lowering may be do to mutations, protein misfolding and other modifications that are not good for generating energy and lead to “uncoupling”. Uncoupling is a complex process but for our purposes it means less energy generation and more heat (wasted energy but also probably the reason many cancer light up when thermography is used to image them).

OK 3 more things you should know. 1) There are studies that support the loss of power as measured by grip strength (and other measures) as a marker for living longer or not. 2) Co Q levels have been shown to correlate with muscular strength specifically grip strength. 3) Much like creatine, you can supplement reduced Co Q in your body.

I hope by now this would strike up an obvious correlation to “buying runway”.

Apart from the science I have been personally supplementing with Mito QE and Energy Maxx X for about 3 months. In the past week I have surpassed all recent speed records for the mile, and 5K. I have also hit new maxes in overhead pressing and bench pressing. Today I ran farther than I have in 10 years.

Put more simply I am stronger, faster, and have more endurance than I have doing the same type of training for over a decade.

I attribute this to the use of these 2 supplements which seem to have supercharged my training.

So whether you look at science, or your own personal performance- you are in my view buying runway!!!

Get some.

I really want to hear about YOUR success stories and hope I can inspire you with mine. But remember it’s no fun to play alone so please keep me posted on how YOU are doing!!!


References & Further reading:


Later is not Longer!

I have been enjoying preparing for the upcoming Longevity Now Conference.  While 90 minutes may seem like a long time to stand up and talk it goes by in the blink of an eye.

There is sooooo much I want to teach people and so much excitement over the advances in anti-aging and regenerative medicine that have happened since my last visit there I could easily talk for hours.

Answering questions is always one of the most fun things as well.  There is the usual mix of excitement and skepticism that awaits anyone who talks about changing the future.

Today I am going to give you just a little piece but an important one from that talk.

I always introduce new concepts and alert people to what to watch out for.  One of the small chunks of what I am going to talk about is mitochondrial medicine. If you don’t know what that is have no fear most people don’t either!

Probably because it does not really exist yet!  But it will so here we go.  The story goes like this. Life on planet earth started somewhere around 4 gigayears (that is a 4 followed by 9 zeros!) 2 giga years later oxygen became a major gas in the atmosphere and breathing oxygen enhanced life forms’ ability to generate energy.

Now I can’t resist telling you that what we now call fish oil were most probably there from the beginning even before fish! Those oils are essential parts of life giving membranes as well as many other critical functions.

But let’s move ahead a couple hundred millions years to a time when life was beginning to organize itself into more complex forms. Somewhere in this period the story changes big time and the mitochondria becomes engulfed by a series of other cells. But something special and strange happens. Instead of eating the mitochondria for food, a partnership developed and these new hybrids were able to make the absolute most efficient use of oxygen and energy the world had ever seen.  This gave those life forms a special advantage energetically, movement wise and reproductively so they expanded to occupy a giant niche on this planet.

A billion and a half years ago our ancestors showed up. They still had the mitochondrial energy generating power houses as do we today.

Now you would think that because of their central role in metabolism, energetic, and epigentics the mitochondria would be front and center stage in our medical efforts.

Not so.

As a matter of fact doctors and scientists are just beginning to take notice. Well at least in this country. It is my prediction that in the next 10 years or so these will be front in center in the discussion of health span, life span and multiple diseases, especially the ones there is no cure for like cancer, Alzheimer’s, congestive heart failure and so on.

Yeah all the stuff that has us stumped at the moment!

What DO we know?

We do know that there are 5 main steps in energy metabolism using oxygen and fat. We do know these are located inside the walls of the mitochondria. We do know that the very first step is dependent on something call Ubiquinol, aka reduced Co Q 10.

We do know that as we hit 40 years and beyond, the time when aging starts to really catch up with most of us, that the levels of Co Q 10 go down.

And we do know that it is pretty easy to prevent that loss with Coenzyme Q10.

Now you can wait until Big Pharma comes out with a drug for this if you want.  You can wait for science to say, “We knew it all along!”.  And you can wait for the central of Co Q and the mitochondria to take center stage a decade or so from now when you are a decade older.

Or you can do something about it now.

Don’t wait: Later is not longer in terms of your life and health!


….Continued in Later is Not Longer Part 2

Making the Most of Your Mitochondria

If you believe the science stories, once upon a time a hungry anaerobic cell (one that did not use oxygen efficiently for fuel) came across an oxygen user and decided to make a snack out of it.  Yum!!!

A short while later the anaerobe got what would be the equivalent of tummy aches and began to belch.  This was a new experience because not ever having consumed much oxygen there was no air to burp!

In the meantime, the oxygen user was so used to high oxidative stress that the belly of the beast that ate it seemed more like a home than a death trap.

Eventually through biochemical adaptation the 2 organisms lived in harmony-each recognizing strengths and weaknesses and giving up things so a perfect symbiosis was born.

The new hybrid organism could thrive in the rapidly oxygen enriching atmosphere of Earth over 2 billion years ago. Or so the story goes.  Eventually more and more of these organisms realized they could talk to each other and form more complex systems if they shared the load.

Humans came along much later but the basic symbiosis that centers around the mitochondria still lives and thrives in each of us.

Until we start to age that is.

Slowly but inexorably the dangerous friend wins the contest and the mitochondria begin to leak free radicals and become inefficient at handling energy.

We get older, slower and less efficient.

Worse, we feel it!

I have created 2 supplements to combat this age old feeling of old age.

The first is designed to give your mitochondria a leg up on free radical damage by providing it with High Potency Co Q and the fantastic oxygen scavenger, tocotrienol.  It’s called Mito QE and its unique among Co Q containing supplements.

The second is Energy X MAXX which supplies the end product of mitochondrial respiration, ATP for increased energy, increased physical performance and recovery.

Try them both together for maximum benefit and get rid of that Age Old Feeling of Feeling Old!

Here’s to staying younger longer!


Faster and Stronger- Month 2 Energy X Maxx Update

Well, this is month 2 of full on Energy X Maxx usage straight from the tap so to speak. In other words, this is the off the shelf product not the pilot stuff developed a while ago. As I mentioned before I always test the stuff we make for a while and on others to make sure it works and causes no issues.

The off the shelf stuff is often the end product that comes out of the testing. In point of fact we did change the buffered ATP and malic acid doses quite a bit during the development of the product so it is fantastic to see it working the way it is!

In spite of a nasty bout of food poisoning and a Holiday flu (that was a shocker- haven’t been sick in 10 years!) that knocked at least 3 weeks out of my training schedule, and of course the endless travel and research which occasionally dips into my work out time, I have managed to continue getting faster and stronger.

The cardio especially is coming along super well. The strength training is also improving markedly but I am not as focused on it as usual because I have decided to train for some Autumn races.

Now I will never be a speedster but when you combine my age (the older age groups have thinner herds lol) and the improvements I expect at least a few podium finishes in the local races. I’ll keep you posted.

I think the biggest thing with Energy X Maxx is the mental effects that rapid progress has brought. It’s really cool to watch and feel the improvements in fitness and not have to slave away for 6 months to see some small changes!!!

If ever there was a tool to safely speed up your performance this is it.

Just remember it will take a couple of weeks of regular usage to see the benefits- this is not a thermo/ergogenic or a steroid!!!

Now for a couple of other things:

  1. Bailey, our wonderful customer service rep has come up with a really cool skin care product. It will be ready within 2-3 months and we are testing it right now. So far- Its like MAGIC! It will most certainly be available long before the skin stem cell rejuvenation product which is proving hard to get agreement on as far as scent!
  2. The telomerase support pack (upgraded from my old Telomere Edge Pack) should be available in March. I would suggest you contact Bailey and let her know if you want some when it comes out soon. The demand is going to be huge.
  3. Our stem cell growth factor derived hair growth and support solution is in testing as we speak and we are looking for a May release assuming no glitches. Again if you want to be among the first to try this get your name on Bailey’s list as there will be very limited quantities initially.
  4. The drug/concentrated nutraceutical version of my telomerase activator (not like anything on the market currently) is in the early extraction phase and remains about a year out.

So, in summary I continue to work on stuff that will buy both of us (you and me!) runway of the healthy kind until the more aggressive and expensive therapies are proven safe and become more affordable.

If you wonder what I am doing when I don’t write quite as often, this is it!!!

Signing Out to go running!

Don’t forget your key to enhanced performance is here. GET SOME!!!


Dr. Dave

Dam age ing

If you are old enough to remember the late 60’s and 70’s band known as Steppenwolf, then you might remember a song called “The Pusher”.  If you are too young and/or not a Steppenwolf fan, the song was about how drug kingpins were destroying the youth and should be promptly expunged and sent to the netherworld. They were to be damned, in other words.  Still timely I think because, believe it or not, that song popped into my head the other day when I was thinking about aging and how we might cure it.

Frankly it’s going to take an all out war and the army is pretty small.  You and me and a few thousand people, including scientists, practitioners and just plain old people who are sick of the future full of decline and bleak prospects. The rest of the world is full of non-believers.

Frankly, I don’t think you and me are ones to wither on the vine without a hell of a fight. This, and the wisdom of my dearly departed dad, is what drives me to recruit you if you haven’t joined the cause already.

It’s always been my policy to keep you informed of everything I learn and the learning is always for both of us. After all, it’s no fun being 100 years old if you don’t have anybody to play with!

I have pretty much been on the road the past three months between Europe, Vegas, Cali, and NYC but I am always learning a ton every single day. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

So today I want to update you on a couple of things I learned while out and about in that great big world. The first was the oft forgotten Carnosine which is pretty amazing.  Cardiac disease and the sequela of excess sugar metabolism are two of the biggest aging factors and two of the biggest killers out there.  Carnosine hits them both by supporting mitochondrial function, reducing intracellular protein damage (cross linking) and of course it helps you hit your workouts hard. Bottom line: it’s one serious anti-aging secret!

And speaking of mitochondria and working out — new evidence suggests that it might not just be eating too much sugar that turns us into fat slobs with diabetes as we get older.  It might all be a pre-programmed part of the aging process combined with gluttony. Turns out the mitochondria might be getting old, crapping out energy wise and not using sugar efficiently as an energy source.  CO Q10, used as medicine for heart disease and neurologic disorders in the Far East, is one big culprit here.  Co Q levels start to sag at about age 40, robbing the mitochondria of one of its main free radical defenses at a specific spot in the energy chain. The net result is a slow steady loss of the mitochondria’s ability to maintain a bio-electrical gradient (energy gradient) that it normally uses to move fuel in and energy out. No gradient, no energy. No energy, no life!

And no energy, no repair function, which accelerates ‘damn  age’ and the slippery slide to where the party ends for good.

Stop up the flow of energy and you have the equivalent of a clogged toilet in your cells. Flush it one time too many and your cells are flooded with… well you get the picture.

I am now taking 4 of my CO Q10’s and at least as many of my Carnosine caps every day because I want to prevent this avoidable mess by limiting the damn-age.

It’s a phenomenal combo that pours on the energy we both need to stay young.  And in staying young we can tell Father Time to go to Hades and stay there. To hell with getting old and Damn ageing!


Oh Yeah! I almost forgot.  Looks like Chronic Fatigue and its attendant maladies (multiple drug sensitivity, chronic pain syndromes and brain fog, etc.) are all part of the mitochondrial sewer stop up. If you know someone who suffers from CFS, let them in on the “secret sauce”- the combo of Carnosine and Co Q in high daily doses.

PS: Have a listen to that old song, The Pusher by Steppenwolf and you will understand the link!